Writer's notes: I have to admit, if it wasn't for the few people who chose to review "Soulchanging", I may have never been inspired to even start this continuing trilogy. Yes, a trilogy. If all goes well, there will be a third installment to this ongoing fanfic. I have no idea where all this inspiration came from. I sure loved the movie "Jeepers Creepers" and its sequel, but I suppose I had a hard time accepting the Creeper was really evil (or at least he had a good reason for being the way he was) so I had to write a story which explains just WHY he became a ruthless killer. And then I had to give him a happier existence, with Ami, someone he could truly love. And now, he will also know the extreme joy that comes with being a parent. I hope you are all prepared for what comes next. (And a warning, this story might be a bit more gory then my last, but it IS rated mature, after all.)

Chapter 1 : Longing

The dream started out the same. A field of dried corn husks, a strange, lightning-strewn sky, and a ghostly image of Darius Jenner perched in a sitting position in a tree. Weird, a tree? Here? Obviously a lot of this was symbolic, but it sure was hard to unravel. A winged being with bluish-grey skin sat in the middle, as always. And he waited for the conversation to start. Here was where things always differed. One never knew what the boy Darius would say next. Sometimes it was good, was not.

Hey. So how are things?

The creature known as Goliathus looked over to the side and up, the pupils of his reptilian eyes widening as they became transfixed on the spirit.
All right. I suppose.

Hm. Good, I guess.



Have you visited your sister? Why did he choose to ask him that? He almost regretted it right away.

The teen frowned but he did answer, scratching an itch or something behind his ear, even though things such as itches probably didn't even exist here at all.
I...I tried. But...

Goliathus sighed. It was a really stupid and mean thing to ask.

Nah, it's ok. Darry replied, reading Goliathus' mind easily. I mean, it's a tough question, but it's fine. Like I said, I tried, but it didn't work out too well. Most people freak when they see ghosts, ya know. And my sister was traumatized. She hasn't been the same since that fateful day. She never believed it was actually me, thought she was dreaming.

The heradus sighed deeply. I do not suppose she could ever forgive me. just take things one step at a time. Getting your victims to forgive you, or the family of said the least of your worries. I told you, you have a seriously powerful demon still crawling around in your head somewhere...a great and terrifying opportunist that will waste no time if it finds a way again.

Howcome I have never seen this demon?

Because it can take any form it wants. It's true form? Believe me, you DON'T want to see that. Anymore then I'd want a video tape of you tearing my eyes out with your bare claws. Ok?

Goliathus felt something sink within his heart. Darry could be harsh with him, but he knew why. Even if the boy did forgive him, he still had a lot of resentment. His death was horrible. He could remember it...didn't want to...but remember the way that Darius screamed as he chose to use one sharply pointed thumb, get it under his eyeball, and...he shuddered. Stop it. Just STOP thinking about it...dammit...

Yeah, it was pretty horrible. I'm actually glad it bothers you, though. Shows you care a little.

I care more then a little...

Good. Good. Darry actually smiled at him. I might actually like hangin' out with you, ya know. You're kinda a nifty guy when you're not killing people and leaving blood everywhere you go.

If you say so.

Gee, don't be so modest. And then, Darry looked over to his left and stared. And kept staring.

What is it?

You have a visitor. The ghost spoke softly, and kept staring into the distance.

Not the...demon! Goliathus didn't feel prepared for this. He shot up to his feet, but he felt oddly heavy. And he felt something else. It wasn't possible, was it? That he felt fear? Could this be the only thing he truly feared, this demon?

Chill out, Bat-man. It's not the demon. Go take a look. Darry turned back and smiled, but faintly enough that it almost looked like a smirk.

He nodded, and began stepping forward slowly. What was out there? It was strange enough being here and talking to Darry, but even stranger that this was his own mental plane and it felt like he was really on some other planet...or dimension. As he looked on, it felt like he could walk for miles. It was endless, the dried corn husks...why all the corn husks?...and he kept wishing they would just clear away.

And they did. Suddenly he was on what looked like a field of sand...but it was hard like a wooden floor...this was just getting weirder by the second. When he looked back, he could still see Darry sitting up in that one big, gnarly-looking tree, but he was fading in and out like the light of a firefly. The sky was no longer a gray mass of clouds and was clear like on a perfect Spring day and the sun was high and full. At least it seemed to be the looked more like a great, glowing jewel, and it was close.
No heat though. He didn't feel things physically as much as he simply saw them here.

Daddy! There was a sudden happiness in the air. It almost felt like when Ami saw him after a long day of him gone with his hunting...she'd be so happy to see him again. But this was one hundred times that happiness.


Goliathus looked around, his keen eyes darting back and forth, but he saw nothing. There was, however, a mirror that had appeared out of nowhere. It was a giant mirror, like some kind of gateway, and it had a border that looked like bright, blue, glowing metal. What in the world-?


The singing voice was so cute, so full of energy. It sounded like a very young girl, perhaps no more then age three or four. He wanted to find it. He felt he really, really needed to find it.

Who are you? Where are you? He asked, almost demanding.

Tee hee... The little voice sounded close, somewhere near that mirror. He walked up to the giant wall of glass and looked in, but all he saw was the same as if he had looked past the mirror. His own reflection wasn't even there...


Why are you calling me that? Do I know you? For certain he had never had a child, he knew this. He wondered if perhaps some poor, lost, spirit of a child...maybe one whose mother or father he killed, thought of him as its father. How sad and wrong that would be. He'd have to be sure to direct the little soul back to where it belonged...back with its family...

And then something appeared in the mirror, standing back a few yards. A tiny form, but he could have sworn he saw...

He stepped closer to the mirror. Some immense and unbearable feeling of longing grabbed his heart. It couldn't just couldn't be...

He he! Suddenly the little form ran up the the mirror. Hi!

You...who... Goliathus lost all coherent thought. The child was not human, or at least did not appear so on the outside. She had dark blue skin, and her eyes were like little round sapphires...and she had wings...little wings not fully developed...but for certain there was no mistaking that's what they were...


Yes? Yes? He sank to his knees slowly, clawed hands running down the glass as if trying to get through it. His heart started to pound, so many feelings rushing to his very soul.

She held up four fingers, then giggled, trying to hold up the fifth but bending it halfway. This much time, daddy.

Four...? He squinted his eyes and concentrated on that fifth little finger and what it could mean. Four..and...a...ah.. that was it ...a half?

She nodded.

Years? His heart sank. That would be a long time, and very hard to wait.

No! She squealed, still giggling.

There were very real tears brimming his alien eyes now. Months?

She smiled, showing sharp little teeth. I will hurry for you. Help mommy.

And with that, she disappeared.

He felt it happening, felt the dream ending, and he cried out. He didn't want it to end. He wanted to stay and talk to his future child, who was there and actually talking to him before she was even born.
But even though he begged and begged, it ended, and he awoke.


Ami was tossing and turning, not fully awake yet, but she was clutching her belly. And then, she was awake in an instant. Waves of nausea plagued her and she got up quickly and ran to the bathroom only seconds before losing the entire contents of her stomach, holding tightly to the porcelain throne. Breaking out into a sweat, she swore and looked at the clock hanging up on the wall near the tub. It read 6:01. She was almost never awake this early in the morning, and certainly she had never been sick like this either. In mere seconds it happened again, but there was nothing in her stomach and she only managed a few pitiful dry heaves."Shit." Food poisoning, maybe?
At that point she heard Goliathus coming down the hallway, she knew it was him, and he stopped dead in front of the bathroom doorway.
Are you...ok?
Not really. My stomach is very angry right now. He came in and sat next to her. Ami didn't mind. She hardly liked being alone when she was sick, it felt kinda scary to have no one around to help you. He was quite a welcome presence, perhaps even a distraction...maybe if she didn't think about it.
I do not like to see you ill.
Ami managed a weak chuckle, which only managed to make her stomach hurt more. I don't like BEING ill. I can assure you, silly.
He had the thought to rub her back, maybe it would help. But she only pushed him away. "Ungh, don't do that. I think if I even move I'm gonna puke again."
He said nothing, only looked at her solemnly. And then he thought of something...about the dream...but it wasn't real, was it? He had woken up with tears in his eyes. But what said this dream wasn't just something he longed for deep in his heart? This was Ami. And Ami was sick. That was all. A thing the humans call the "stomach flu" perhaps. Nothing more.

Whoo...okay I think it's passing a bit. Can you help me get to the bed?
He nodded and helped her slowly lift to her feet.
And bring a bucket, would you?

Goliathus stood vigil the whole morning. He ate the food that Toby brought to him as always, but Ami stayed in his bed and he wanted it that way. She eventually fell back asleep, and by the time it was high noon, she was up again...and oddly enough...feeling much better. " I could use some lunch, I actually feel hungry." She smiled at Goliathus, who returned with his famous grin, and as she got dressed he went to his easel and continued on some project he had started the night before. Ami had just finished putting on her pants when she heard someone coming in the front door past the Atrium. She hoped it wasn't Michael or somebody...that was the last thing she needed to deal with right now. But as she hurried and rounded the corner, there stood Julie, a wide smile on her face. "Hey, girl, wassup?"
Ami smiled even wider and ran to her friend, embracing her. "You're back! I'm so glad!"
From up on his chair, Goliathus heard the noise and came down himself. He knew who it was already, by scent alone. Julie. It made him smile, he had hoped the dark-skinned woman would be all right.
Ami held Julie for a long time, before finally pulling back. "You had me so worried. But somehow...I knew you'd be ok."
"I always tell worry too much!" Playfully elbowing Ami, Julie walked past her and then found herself face to face with Goliathus, who stood there and looked at her warmly. She hugged him instantly, tightly. At first it surprised him, but after a few moments he returned the hug, putting his own clawed hands around her. "You saved my life. And I owe you one."
He blinked, then looked down at the floor. "You owe me nothing. I deserve nothing. I only did what was right...for once."
Julie shook her head. "Don't be ridiculous, pal. One good deed deserves another." She smirked. "Might seem strange, but...look what I got for you." She handed him some kind of small zippered bag made of very thick plastic. It reminded him somewhat of a body bag, he knew those. He had used them before.
He sniffed, and it smelled wonderfully of something very edible. "Yeah, thought you'd like that." Julie smirked.
He grinned, he could get used to this.
Ami only laughed, it didn't matter what was in the bag...she saw the expression on his face and wished she had a camera. "Huh...bringing him little treats, eh? You're gonna spoil him, Jules."
"That's the point. It's YOUR fault I'm getting attached to him, anyway." Julie chuckled and went right to work.
Ami just shook her head. She gets kidnapped by a master vampire, nearly has the life sucked out of her...then comes back and just goes back to work. That's Julie all right. It was great to have things getting back to normal...whatever normal could possibly be in THIS place.
Ami heard Goliathus purring slightly. He was making short work of whatever was in that bag.
"Er...what did she bring you anyway?" She raised an eyebrow at him.
Bullock hearts. Thick and chewy. Delicious.
Why did she even ask?


Later that night, Ami watched as Goliathus climbed up the roof as usual and spread his magnificent wingspan, ready to fly the night skies and go on the hunt. He most certainly loved what he did, it could not be helped. He was designed to want to kill. He HAD to kill, or it would cause him to become short-tempered and anxious. But at least he could do so without taking any innocent lives. Vampires were nothing but cold, evil killers, and even worse then Goliathus had once been as the infamous "Creeper". They thought of humans as nothing but living containers of blood, free for their taking. They had no mercy whatsoever, and even if they did spare someone, it was to use them, keep them as prisoners and unwilling "feeders" until their abused bodies could take no more.
Goliathus had told Ami that they felt like some kind of negative air to him, something he needed to clear away...eliminate. And it no longer made him feel guilty or like he was doing something wrong. It was amazing that he could have even suffered so long with such feelings, just forcing them back and pretending he felt nothing all those years when humans had been his choice of menu.
Then again, everything about him was amazing. And not just physically (though Ami smirked about that very physical and amazing part of him that could give her such pleasure), but emotionally, mentally...everything. He was so intelligent, knew so much...and at the same time he could be so naive. He had an atmosphere around him that she could hardly describe in any satisfying way.
All she knew was that she loved him. Loved him so much...that sometimes it made her heart ache to even see him fly away. She felt like some stupid, overly-possessive, love-sick teenager sometimes. But truth be told, she really didn't care.
I love you, too. Do you want me to stay? I will, if that is what you wish. Goliathus had turned around, still clinging to the bars with his talons, and was looking at her with softened eyes. He read her mind with hardly any effort, so powerful were Ami's emotions.
She blushed. Weren't there SOME things she could keep to herself? Sheesh, it's like I don't have any privacy. But she smiled at him. go, you magnificent beast. Go do your thing. I can always have you later on. You're all mine then, you got it?
He grinned widely and winked before taking off into the sky.

Marcus Valiant had been brooding for days, so much so that even Elsie, a powerful female vampire, decided to keep her distance from him. He was sitting at a small luncheon table in the huge, old and gigantic castle, staring at nothing and clenching his hands together.
He had lost one of his sub-clan to that wretched creature. Watched as a mighty clawed hand just punched into the chest and tore the heart out.
Just like that. And the damned thing ATE it.
Running both hands through his dusty-blonde hair, Marcus sighed loudly and then yelled out angrily. The entire clan would still be enjoying their luxurious lives without interruption if it had not been for those bastard Dark Mages...and their even more bastard creations. Most of them had been failed experiments, or easy to kill even if they were effective, but nothing...absolutely NOTHING had been like those blasted heradus.
It had all started when Maniel, the most powerful and the leader of the Dark Mages, had lost his first child...a little Donovan, leader of the clan. Marcus grinned at the thought. They had actually managed to steal the whimpering little child from right under Maniel's nose. And they laughed as she screamed and writhed, with each bite she suffered. They laughed even more when Donovan finished her off, by peeling her skin off little by little.
But when Maniel discovered what had happened, he had gone into a rage, and Marcus swore that he saw a tinge of fear in Donovan. He would never have believed it, especially now given how strong and ancient Donovan was, but there was no denying the dangerous look in that mage's eyes. Then Miles, a clever spy who had pretended to be one of the mages, told them how Annabelle, his love, had gotten pregnant again. But it was a very purposeful pregnancy...a plan. It took Maniel longer then he had expected, Miles had told them...but when the baby was already five months along Maniel finally finished some kind of strange potion. And with little hesitation, Miles had watched in disbelief as Annabelle had drunk the potion, gagging and forcing it to stay down, then screaming as her belly writhed and twisted...something was happening to that baby, and very quickly. In only one more week, Annabelle went into sudden labor. It was unlike any birthing Miles had ever witnessed...and he had seen hundreds of births in his lifetime, both human and vampire. There was lots blood, and Miles thought that for certain Annabelle would perish. Maniel was worried, but he kept circling her and uttering some kind of incantation...until finally with one last push that utilized all her strength...the thing was born.
Grey...covered in her blood...tiny talons already there...everything.
And the first thing it did, was cry and cry loudly...DEMANDING to be fed.
Marcus remembered what Miles said then. That how he watched as Annabelle became like a skeleton, losing weight rapidly as the thing nursed her into practical submission. It could never eat enough, and even started nipping the breast, sucking down blood as well as her milk.
Maniel knew he had to do something, so in order to save his love's life, he said that the baby needed to be weaned, and now. He started by taking animals, slaughtering them, and grinding up the organs into something like baby food. Annabelle's inhuman child needed no convincing to be weaned. It ate everything it was offered, in fact, it showed much more interest in the food its father brought to it. Rapidly the new human-born heradus grew, and despite everything, despite how Annabelle had many sleepless nights tending to the cursed hunger her baby suffered with, she cared for her child.
She named him Goliathus.
She gave him love.
Marcus spat on the ground. Love? Who could love an ugly son-of-a-bitch like that?
He didn't understand, but he had accepted the fact that he probably never would. Humans and their pathetic emotions. They were so weak.

Marcus shot to his feet and stormed out of the room. All right, so he had lost one of his own. So what. He had lost them before. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to do anything about it.
Goliathus would pay. Oh yes... he would.

And then he heard screams from outside the castle walls.


Elsie's teeth were bared and full-length, and her eyes had turned red and fierce. She looked like a black panther with a diamond collar ready to launch at her attacker at any second. Eyes glued to the sky, she kept ducking and whipping out of the way as something swoop-dived at her again and again. Marcus came bursting out of the front door, and nearly fell over as he stopped dead in his tracks.
That thing was back already!
She didn't look at Marcus, but hissed loudly. And then as Goliathus came near in another swoop-dive, she spat out some kind of green and foul-smelling liquid right at his eyes.

Goliathus howled in pain. He had been blinded. Temporarily disoriented, he fell to the ground...more like slammed into it, causing a large crack to form in the stone walkway he landed upon.

"YES!" Marcus could have danced. She actually brought it down! "Elsie, you're a genius."
The vampiress calmed down, her teeth shrinking back to normal size, but she watched the figure on the ground closely. Marcus stared, almost daring it to move.
It did get up, finally, but its eyes were no more. It was completely blinded.
Grinning wickedly, Marcus decided to take a chance, and he lunged. He landed on Goliathus full-force, but did not manage to knock him down.
But without wasting any precious opportunity, Marcus took action, grew his fingernails to full length, and then plunged the now blade-like fingers into the burning holes that were once eyes.
The heradus shrieked its strange and eerie howl, and upon hearing it, Elsie knew Marcus had hit the mark and she too lunged on their attacker. She used her own fangs and sunk them into his back as hard as she could manage.

The pain was incredible. Goliathus had to fight hard to concentrate and not lose his bearings. He could not see now, and had to rely on his other senses. Growling savagely, he swung up a taloned foot and slashed, hoping to catch something. He sure did, and it was now Marcus who howled in agony as his right side suffered four huge and gaping wounds, blood pouring out profusely. Elsie managed to pull Marcus away and avoid another slash, and the two stepped back a few yards. Still hissing, she circled Goliathus, trying to think of someway to further injure him. If they could take him down, they could get him locked up somewhere...and perhaps find a way to destroy him for good...just maybe...especially if the Shadow vampires decided to help. Even as she thought this, she knew Donovan was there already, having a meeting with their leader. If only they would come.
Elsie grinned, seeing that Goliathus was suffering more when Marcus leapt again, and once more caught his weakened point, his eyes. He made sure to dig those claws in far and deep, and the howl that filled the air told her that the heradus certainly wasn't enjoying this.
Marcus then blasted him with black magic. They knew it wouldn't harm him, Donovan had said so, but the force of the blast hurled the heradus through the air, causing another hard landing. They heard a crack, and this time it wasn't the ground. Did they manage to paralyze him! Oh gawd she hoped his spine was broken! He'd survive it, but he'd be unable to move!

Goliathus strained to move but he could only get his upper half to do anything. His lower half had gone numb. The fcking little blood suckers had managed to break his back. He was now experiencing being a paraplegic. Suddenly he saw Elsie going in for another attack.
This wasn't good. He had been really careless, and it wasn't like him at all. Well...this was strangely reminding him of a time when he fought with a very determined farmer. He'd been a bit careless then, too, hadn't he? Got himself harpooned more then once, then stabbed nearly forty times near the end.

The timing could not have been worse when he felt a familiar and gentle tingle in his head. Gollie? Are you all right? I'm having this bad feeling that something is wrong.
The heradus managed to roll out of the way, miraculously avoiding the leap as Elsie missed and landed mere inches from him. She once again fired her nasty green liquid, and it landed on his hand, burning it to a useless stub.
Marcus roared in triumph. He ran past Elsie and straddled Goliathus, holding him down and punching his face over and over, trying to turn it into a bloody, pulpy mass. The heradus angrily raised up his only one good hand and slashed the vampire across his face, then managed to throw him off.
GOLLIE? He could feel it now, Ami's worry, her sadness. She was probably crying.
Elsie, determined as ever, spat more fluid, and more of his face burned away. He was starting to black out, but it didn't last long. Ami lost her contact, but he still felt her worried and desperate emotions.
Oh, damn. How could he have been such an idiot? He kept striking out with his hands, but with no eyes and no nose, he could hardly tell where they were. He felt them, however, felt them kicking, punching, biting...and more burning.
And he could still hear.
"Gettin' too old or somethin', ain't ya?" It was Marcus, reveling in his chance to mock him. Even they knew he had been a little too eager, and had made a mistake. Just big enough to cause everything to go all wrong.

But then...there was a sound that had caused the vampires to stop their attack. It grew and grew in volume.
"What the-?"
He could hear Marcus and Elsie stepping back rapidly.
What was going on?
He strained his ears. Was that...cawing?

Marcus couldn't believe his eyes. Suddenly they were there. Some one hundred or maybe even more crows coming out of nowhere, cawing racously, seeming angry and determined. Was there no end to these cursed surprises?
The crows came down, landed on both of the fleeing vampires, covering them both, pecking and tearing with their little clawed feet. And then Elsie screamed...then gargled...made the strangest muffled sound.
Marcus could have nearly been sick at what he saw, but being a vampire, he was not capable of vomiting. He just stared in horror as he watched a crow force its way down Elsie's mouth, even though she tried desparetely to burn it away, the green fluid seeping around the edges of her widely forced open maw. It did nothing to effect it, and the crow suceeded into worming its way down her throat, the lump slowly dissapating as it went down.
Marcus struggled to take in breath, but he could barely recover from what he had witnessed. He still felt like vomiting. A bit of blood did manage to come up, but it was more bile then anything else. Elsie stumbled and fell, but she was wide-eyed and still conscious.

Slowly dragging himself along the ground, Goliathus followed the sound of the screeching crows, whose sound was almost deafening. He knew he had nothing to fear from them, for some odd reason, but he still wondered what was happening. He had heard the female vampire make these awful gagging noises and then a thud as she fell. Finally, he seemed to get close enough. Marcus cursed, and he heard him step back.
"What the hell is this, heradus? One of your sick powers? WHAT ARE THEY?"
What were they? He certainly didn't know. They sounded like normal crows...and then he heard Elsie gagging, writhing...some wet-sounding noise like tearing flesh, then all went quiet.
Marcus made a choking sound, still swearing at what he was seeing.
Goliathus could smell the scent of the female vampire's blood. And then he felt something near his mouth, or what was left of it anyway. Something wet and warm. A feeling told him to eat it, whatever it was. He simply accepted whatever the heck was being offered to him, and down it went. One eye reformed and partial vision returned. He saw a crow standing on his chest, and it held another eye in its beak.
He ate that too, now blinking in utter astonishment at the bird.
It cawed and flew back over to Elsie. On her stomach was a blood-saturated crow...standing near a gaping hole of a wound in her abdomen and preening its feathers. She barely moved, just had her head tilted skywards, her now hollow eye sockets transfixed above.
Marcus was there, too, but he was too shocked to even bat an eyelash. And on top of that, he was surrounded by the other crows. He had his mouth tightly shut, as if they might do the same thing to him at any moment. He was actually afraid.
Goliathus moved, hoisting himself up onto his arms and wasted no further time. He had to get himself repaired. Elsie was certainly weakened, so she would have to do. Marcus snarled at him, but there was nothing he could do now as Goliathus devoured her legs in order to get his bottom half working again. He finally stood up once more, and faced Marcus with a malicious glare.

They stood that way for several minutes. And then Marcus turned and bolted, took off as fast as he could muster. The crows just watched.
Goliathus didn't follow him. He was weary, and things were getting so very odd that he still could not make any sense of what he was witnessing. The crows suddenly all turned their feathery heads and looked at him.
Then they all took off to the air, and just like that, were gone.


Coming home, Goliathus was lost in thought. How in the world would he tell Ami what had happened? Upon landing on the roof, he found it open already. He heard Ami crying into a pillow, and it broke his heart.
She had really been worried about him.
Lifting her head, her eyes widenened, and then she ran to him, grabbing and refusing to let go.
"What happened to you! Dammit, why didn't you ANSWER ME!"
I ran into a bit of trouble. But I am ok now.
But what happened?
Ami was looking up at him with her sad, puppy eyes.
You would not believe it if I told you.

Try me.

And so he spent the next half an hour telling her everything that happened. After he was done, Ami's expression told him she was just a little bit dumfounded.
"Crows? A bunch of crows came and they helped you?"
Not just helped...they managed to take Elsie I said, before leaving I took her heart, watched her burst into flames. She was a powerful vampiress, there was no doubt in my mind. But she had never expected the crows and their gruesome attack. It is probably the only reason I was able to defeat her this easily.
Ami was trembling a little still, but she seemed at least satisfied with the fact that he was all right. Geez. Things are getting very weird indeed. Like the time I knew you could teleport through dimensions, but you never told me. And then like the time Darry goes and starts visiting you in your dreams. And now a bunch of seemingly bloodthirsty crows come out of nowhere and help you fight vampires. Boy, and I thought YOU were strange. She smirked.
Believe me, I thought I was strange myself.Now I realize there are far more oddities in this world then even I. He sighed. But I am tired now, weary, if you would believe it. This battle has really worn me out.
Then get some sleep, old man.

He snorted. I am old man.
So what do I call you then? An old bat? Would that be better? Her smirk was slowly forming into a grin.
Another snort. Goliathus walked over to his bed and plopped down, almost instantly closing his eyes.
Aw, poor tired widdle hewadus. Ami teased, coming closer and lying beside him. Are you sure everything is fine?
As far as physically? Yes. Just tired.

She sighed, and ran her hands through his long white hair. Too tired to even let me give you another lesson in love?
He couldn't help but smile. I do not know whose worse, you...or me.
It's YOUR fault. You have a tongue from heaven. She grinned almost mischievously. Among other things.
Goliathus growled, grabbing her into a hard kiss. Leave me be, woman. I am VERY tired.
She huffed and elbowed him. Well fine. Get your beauty sleep then...old man.
Ami got up, giggling, and walked away before he could do anything. He grunted but there was an obvious smile on his lips. And there was something about Ami that was making him wonder. But he could hardly think about it now. Yawning, he turned around, pulling covers over him and needing desparately to sleep.
A little while later, he was rejoined by Ami.
She hugged him from behind.
He loved it, the way she held him. Loved everything about her.
But then he heard her crying again, and instantly he turned around to his other side. His expression fell, he expected to see her sad litte face. But she was still smiling.
She spoke out loud, but her voice was low, soft.. "I don't know what made me do it. Take the test... I really don't." She whispered, stroking his face.
What do you mean? His eyes were wide now, he hardly felt tired anymore.
"I suppose it might explain why I've been so emotional lately...well, more then usual." He waited...looking into those beautiful blue eyes that were moist with tears.
She didn't say anything for a few minutes, so he returned her earlier gesture and stroked her face, his clawed fingers delicately tracing the lines of her nose and mouth. And finally, Ami seemed assured enough to get it out.
"Goliathus I... I'm pregnant."


End of chapter 1