Hello my beautiful fans out there! It's me again! And I have a new fic out! This is my first every Kingdom Hearts fic and I hope y'all love it! It's a one-shot, so don't expect any more. If you don't understand what's going on, I'll go ahead and tell you the confusing things. First, the door to Kingdom Hearts releases light on the last cut scene with Ansem. Second, Riku and King Mickey don't notice the destruction that happens and close the doors and walk on in Kingdom Hearts like they should in the game. And that's all. Happy reading!

Ironic Hopes

Sora, Goofy, and Donald hovered in the cloudy darkness, watching Ansem as he squirmed with his arms crossed over his chest and rising into view. They had just defeated their final battle and glared to their ultimate now defeated enemy. Ansem hunched over, hovering just a ways ahead of them.

"It is futile. The Keyblade alone cannot seal the door to darkness." Ansem spun around and gestured an arm toward the enormous church-like white doors, "Kingdom Hearts!" He reached toward his treasured doors, "Fill me," the foe begged weakly, "with the power of darkness . . . "

The doors boomed open and slight bit, black smoke seeping from the cracks.

"Supreme darkness . . . " Ansem rose more in the air, lowering his arms to watch.

"You're wrong." Sora countered the man's words, "I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts . . . is light!" His heart burned wildly as he watched the doors swing open, and darkness flood out.

Ansem laughed as the smoke swallowed him, filling his veins with energy and countless power. Goofy wheeled his arms around as if he was trying to catch his balance, "Oh no!" Donald grabbed his head and shook it, "We're doomed!" Sora's heart dropped as the darkness swelled and Ansem's voice grew deeper.

"But I was so sure . . . "

Donald and Goofy yelled out in terror, catching their friend's attention. Sora turned his head to where they would have been and saw nothing.

"Where . . . " Sora questioned as he looked up, only to but cut off by fear.

A large black and scaly hand with long sharp claws stretched open and shot toward the keyblade master . . .

Riku listened to his surrounding as he and King Mickey walked down a long road of darkness. Words flooded through his head as he remembered the promises that he and his friends had made on the island. Something took over his mind suddenly, showing his older self to him as the dream him looked around, maybe listening actually, with a blindfold on. Two words escaped the older Riku's mouth and echoed through the dream air:

Where's Sora?

Mwhahahahaaa! Yes, it's short. Yes, it's evil. I know it may not make much sense. But if you really think about it and watch the end of the game a few times, I really did write down what happens, just the opposite when Sora says that Ansem is wrong. I wrote this fic for a "what if" thing. It popped in my head and thought that it might be real fun thing to do. PLEASE REVIEW! Flames are accepted because I know that some of your people are going to be mad that I changed the ending. But I don't care. I just wanna know if I did something interesting. Bye, bye, now! Review!