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Chapter One- "I Suppose Not."

Raven floated out towards the entryway, barely ruffling the curtains as she passed. The moon was full and bright and the night was nice and she needed no better reason to leave the tower. Raven came to the front door, but didn't stop there. She merely phased through without a second thought, and was rewarded when a blast of cool air hit her face.

Over the years Raven had become pretty adept at coming and going as she pleased without setting of the alarm or alerting anybody. If someone did catch her she doubted they would care anyway. Cyborg however would probably update the alarm system so that her midnight outings were recorded. He hated having any of his technology out of date.

Raven glided away from the tower and over towards the water. Just like every other night, she enjoyed each and every smell from the salt in the water to the flowers and grass. It was still pleasant even with the hint of car exhaust coming from the mainland. She lived in a big city though, so it was to be expected.

Raven settled down on her usual rock by the shore and watched the small waves as they rolled in. Sometimes a particularly large one would come and crash against the beach, spraying Raven in the process. She didn't mind. As she sat there beneath the moon, her mind turned towards her most troubling thoughts. It was always easier to sort them out here in the open than within the confinements of the tower.

Life had been pretty easy over the past few years. Her prophecy had been fulfilled but somehow once again the Titans had triumphed and sent Trigon back to the fiery hell from which he came. Slade had disappeared for so long that even Robin had begun to let down his defenses and maybe even admit that he should take a break. There had been no major catastrophes, most villains nowadays were taken down easily, and life in Titans Tower was good.

How was it then that she was troubled? In fact her problem felt more pressing than ever this night. Tomorrow Raven would be turning 18. That felt like such a big number even to her. She was getting older now. The Teen Titans wouldn't be teens for much longer, and then what? Would they be just the Titans? Something in her heart told her this would not come to pass. Her teammates would eventually find that there were other things in life besides crime fighting. They would one day figure out that maybe it would be nice to have a real job and maybe even a family. They couldn't stay the way they were forever.

Robin and Starfire had been dating for years and she knew one day they were going to take things a step further. The only question was when. That descision could mean the end of the team as they knew it. Raven sighed and brought her knees to her chin. What would she do? As much as Raven hated to admit it, she had nothing outside of the Titans. They provided her shelter, food, everything that she needed. They were also the closest thing she ever had to a family. So what would happen if it all ended? Would she be cast into the streets empty handed and told to leave?

The whole thought filled her with uncertainty to the point were she felt sick to her stomach. She needed to do something to shut out this dawning realization that one day she would actually have to live in the real world. Things wouldn't be handed to her on a silver platter forever. Suddenly the world around her seemed too big and open. She tried to imagine what it would be like facing this when she knew she couldn't just turn around and walk back into the tower. She wouldn't be a Titan anymore.

A chill passed through Raven and she found herself longing for the comfort and familiarity of her home. For how long it would be her home she didn't know, but Raven decided that she best take advantage of it. Standing up, she took one last glance at the city across the water then began walking back.

She phased through the door successfully and walked back into the common room. To her surprise she found that somebody was there. From the doorways she saw there was a light coming from kitchen. This was by no doubt from the fridge, but who was in the fridge at this hour she wasn't sure. There was an angry muttering and Raven caught the words.

"God damnit, don't tell me that overstuffed tin can threw out my tofu sandwich again…"

Tofu being the magic word, Raven decided it was best to avoid the other Titan. After making sure she could cross the common room unnoticed, Raven took a deep breath and floated in silently. She made it about half way when the fridge door slammed shut and her teammate stood up with an angry expression on his face. This quickly changed to a look of surprise when he realized he wasn't the only one up at this hour.

"Hey Raven." She was caught. Sighing and floating back to the ground, Raven turned around to see Beastboy standing at the counter. Correction, a shirtless Beastboy standing at the counter.

"Uh…" Her cheeks were burning so bad now she knew her whole face must have been red. She reached up and pulled the hood over her head hoping that it would conceal most of the blush. Beastboy however noticed her embarrassment and his own face turned red in return.

"Uh, sorry. I thought I would be the only one up you see…" He laughed nervously and seemed to shrink behind the counter. Raven was finding it hard to look at him. Every time she went to look him in the face, she found her eyes wandering. 'It's not right!', she kept telling herself, 'Stop it!'.

Over the years, Beastboy had grown into a nice looking young man. That Raven couldn't deny. He was a good height of 5' 8" and his skinny form had developed a little more muscle on his arms, legs, and chest, which Raven was currently transfixed by at the moment. His hair was as unruly as ever and he still had that one fang jutting from his lower lip. His face had matured more of course, but he still had the same contagious child like smile that could brighten up almost any room. Raven couldn't help but scan his exposed body one more time, taking note of how nice he looked without a shirt. After a brief silence she found her voice again.

"Sorry I was just passing through." She mumbled and began to walk towards the door.

"Wait!" He called and Raven turned around again to look at him.

"Do you want me to make you anything, like tea or something?"

"Tea sounds nice." The words were out her mouth before she could stop them. He smiled and walked over to the cabinet to get out a mug. Raven sat down on the couch in defeat. She had her chance to walk out but instead had chosen to let him make tea. What had she been thinking? Raven sighed and laid her head back so that she was staring up at the ceiling. A few minutes later her view was blocked by a green smiling face.

"Tea's ready." He announced and his face disappeared. Raven brought her head up and saw Beastboy standing in front of her with a steaming mug. She accepted it without meeting his gaze, conscious that he was still quite shirtless. Raven blew on the hot tea and watched the steam swirl before her, then sipped it with caution. Satisfied she leaned back and closed her eyes. The couch moved as somebody sat down next to her.

"So did I make it right?" Raven grunted.

"Not bad for a beginner." She said giving him some credit.

"Well I am quite handy with a microwave." He said chuckling. Raven opened her eyes again and leaned forward to set the mug on the table. There was an uncomfortable silence and she could see Beastboy fidgeting out of the corner of her eye. He may have been older in years, but in no way had he matured in manner. He was still the same care-free video game loving, tofu eating, joke cracking, kid she had met 6 years ago. In a way that comforted her, knowing that at least some things would stay consistent.

"It's my birthday tomorrow." She blurted out. Raven didn't know why she had said that, but it seemed like the right thing to fill the awkward silence.

"Technically it's today. It's 3 am right now so it's already tomorrow." He pointed out. Then turned to grin at her. "What am I saying? Happy Birthday Raven! How does it feel to be legal?" Raven snorted then turned to smile back at him.

"I feel old." She replied truthfully.

"Old?" he laughed. "You have your whole life ahead of you! There's places to go people to meet…" he faded off and Raven caught a envious look in his eyes.

"I know, but it just seems like my days here a coming to an end." Her smile faded and she stared off in the other direction.

"Raven… You're not saying you're going to be leaving are you?" There was a hand on her shoulder. Raven sighed and turned to look back at his worried face.

"One day I will. I don't know when that will be but I can feel that it's closer than ever. We're not going to be the Teen Titans forever Beastboy."

"So we drop the 'Teen' and become the Titans. That doesn't mean you have to leave." He was beginning to look very worried now. His brow was furrowed and his eyes felt too piercing against her own. Raven looked down at her hands.

"Can't you see Beastboy, there isn't going to be a Titans. Robin and Star will get married, they'll find there's more to life than all of this," she gestured to the room around her, "They'll want a family, real jobs, a real life. And frankly Beastboy I couldn't blame them. I want to have a real life too one day."

"But what about Cyborg? What about us?" There was an unintentional influence on the 'us' and Raven found herself blushing for the second time that night. Beastboy caught the reason for her embarrassment and reddened too.

"Cyborg has been dating Bee for a while. They'll want to take it to the next step, and suddenly the team won't be as important." She sighed and continued, "As for you and me, well I don't know what you want Beastboy, but I know you don't honestly want to spend the rest of your life as a crime fighter. Surely you'll want to go out into the real world one day." She saw him swallow and his fingers clutched the edge of the sofa as if he was holding on to the past and never wanted to let go.

"What about you?" he asked hoarsely, "What do you want to do with your life?"

"I suppose," she said thoughtfully, "I would like to maybe go to college, get a career, travel. You never know what can happen. Maybe I'll meet someone…" Raven noticed his alarmed look.

"What? Don't tell me you never thought about marriage."

"Well, not really. I always thought that everyone would always be here. That we would all just live here together fighting crime, getting on each others nerves, the usual. It's like home you know?" Raven nodded sadly.

"This is our home. We're family and we always will be no matter what. Nothing could make me forget my years as a Teen Titan." She smiled but it was bittersweet.

"Are you saying you're not a Teen Titan anymore?" His hand reached out to lightly settle on top of her own. Raven felt her heart flutter briefly in her chest. Was she still a Teen Titan? The more she thought about it, the more she realized how much she had changed over the past couple days. It chilled her to the point where her hand trembled beneath that of her caring teammate's.

"I suppose not." She whispered

I suppose not….


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