This is my new POTF fic, No, I'm not finished with the Never Say Goodbye sequel...(still in need of a title...) I am working on it. They...still...don't beong to me.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Keely had been staying at Phil's house for the past few days, due to the fact that her mother was out of town on a buisness trip. It was around ten a.m. when she woke up on the pull out bed on the floor of his room. Sitting up, she was surprised to find Phil's bed empty, she was usually the first one up.

"Phil? Where are you?" she asked herself, walking toward the door, ignoring the fact that she was still in her pajamas. As she descended the staircase leading into the family room of the Diffy house, she spotted Phil sitting on the couch, his head in his hands. His parents were also in the room, and Pim was sitting on the arm of the couch Phil occupied.

"Dad? Are you sure we can't stay here? I don't want to leave," she heard Phil ask.

'Did he say 'leave'? Does this mean his dad fixed the time machine? Oh, no. This can't be happening! This has to be a dream!' she told herself. The Diffy's, especially Phil, were surprised to see Keely collapse to the floor, sliding down a few steps as she went. Phil was immideatly at her side.

"Keel? Are you okay? Please, wake up!" he said, relieved to see her breathing.

"Why don't you take her back upstairs, Phil?" his mother suggested. Phil nodded, gathering her into his arms. One hand under her knees, the other supporting her back. He managed to get up the stairs and into his room wihtout causing her any bodily harm. He laid her gently on his bed and sat next to her. He ran his hand through her blonde hair, praying that she'd be okay.

"Phil? What happened?" she asked, blinking herself back into reality. "Are you going back to 2121?" she asked, hoping that it was all just a nightmare.

"You passed out. And, I don't know yet, but it looks like it. Hey, are you alright? You look really pale," he told her, cupping her cheek in his hand.

She couldn't answer him. The tears just started falling and there wasn't anything she could do to stop them. Her tight red cami-top and rolled up Winnie-the-Pooh boxer shorts catching her tears as Phil tried his best to comfort her.

"You have to leave. It's your home. You don't have to stay here, not for me, or anyone else. It's your life and I shouldn't get in the way of it," Keely cried. She stood up, the tears still streaming down her face. Just as her hand touched the doorknob, Phil grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face him.

"Don't say that, Keel. This is my home now. I have more here than I did in the future, because I have you, and, that alone is reason enough for me to stay. I want you to be in my life, I don't know what I'd do if I could never see you smile again and I promise you I will do everything I can to stay here. And, it might be easier if I had your help," he explained, still holding her.

"Phil, I..." she started, but she cut herself off.

"What? What were you gonna say?" he asked, his chocolate eyes locked on her jade ones.

"Nothing," Keely replied, a little to quickly. He started at her skeptically.

"Right...You know you can tell me anything," re minded her.

She sighed. "I know, but not this. If you do leave, what I was about to say would have made it that much harder."

"Okay... if you won't tell me now. Tell me when we decide to stay," he said, trying to be optimistic.

She smiled back at him, "Deal."

They spent the day in Phil's room watching movies, while suggesting ways that would allow Phil to stay where they both wanted him to be. At the top of their list was a. Run away together. b. simply refuse to leave, but that probably wouldnt work, or c. which was talk it out with his parents, and considering he had already tried that, left them with their first choice, a, a

really good option. They would run the first chance they got.

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