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"Are we lost?"

"We ain't lost, Mike."

"'Cause it sure looks like we're lost."

"All we need to do is turn around and take the turn that I TOLD Mr. Know-it-all here to take half an hour ago."

"I'm not turnin' around."

"Then how do you propose we get there?"

"Sheer willpower, perhaps?"

"Shaddup, Donnie. We'll get there when we get there. This is just a shortcut."

"Says the man who doesn't know where we're going…"

"You say ONE more thing, Mike, and I swear I'll tape your big mouth shut!"

"Unresolved anger issues, anyone?"



"AAAHHHH! Casey, watch the road! The ROAD!"

"Yeah Case, you can kill me lat- AAAAHHH!"


"YEOWCH! Leggo my damn ear, woman!"

"Then sit down and friggin' drive!"


One hour later…

The van had fallen into a somewhat-comfortable near-silence. April leaned up against her window in the passenger seat, watching as the pre-dawn grey slowly lifted. She could hear Donatello and Leonardo trying to revive Raphael in the back, then a wet splash as Michaelangelo dumped the contents of a glass of water on his brother. It didn't work.

She looked over at Casey, who was crouched over the driver's wheel, staring wide-eyed at the road ahead of him.

"Casey." He didn't react, or even seem to have heard her. "Casey!" He jumped, blinking his eyes like an owl.

"Jesh, ya didn't have t' yell."

"Well, you weren't responding. Do you want me to drive? You look dead on your… uh, metaphorical feet."

Casey ran a hand through his hair and looked at her with bloodshot eyes. "I… I guess I am a little tired, now that I think about it…"

April smiled at him, and he pulled over to the side of the road.

"Hey, are we there yet?" Michaelangelo poked his head into the front of the van.

"No, we're just changing drivers. This road has to go somewhere SOMEDAY, and then we'll stop for directions."

Casey grumbled under his breath as he got back into the car. "Stinkin' directions, we don' need 'em…" April smiled and chose not to say anything in response.

At the next gas station…

April flopped back into the driver's seat, triumphantly brandishing a road map. "I got it!"

"Shhh!" April turned around to see Leonardo holding one thick finger up to his lips. "They just fell asleep. Don't wanna disturb them." He whispered. April looked around the van. Casey was slumped against the passenger-side window, mouth open and a thin line of drool emanating from the corner of his mouth. Michaelangelo and Donatello were huddled together in the back of the van around Raphael, sharing their body heat and seemingly comforted by the body contact.

"Oops." She smiled at Leo, embarrassed. "No sleep for you?"

"Tried. Couldn't." He settled down behind her seat. "Do we know where we're going now?"

"Yes. We're pretty close, actually. Only 20 minutes or so more."

"Good." They fell silent, and April pulled out of the station and back onto the road. They traveled for the next few miles in silence.

Then Leo spoke. "April, do you think that Raph's gonna be okay?"

She looked at him in her rear-view mirror. "He's a fighter, Leonardo. He's gonna pull through, no matter what. It just may take a while."

Leo looked down. "But… what if he doesn't?"

April pulled over, then turned around to look more thoroughly at Leonardo. "Leo, don't you dare say that!"

"I told him to get out, that we didn't need him any more. I… I…"

April's expression softened and she reached over to take Leonardo in a comforting hug. He sniffed into her shoulder. "Leonardo, none of this was your fault, you know that, right?"

He pushed away from her, rubbing his eyes stubbornly. "But I sent him out there, and I-"

"Did you know that the Foot were going to attack him?"

"No…" He said, sullenly.

"You of all people should know that Raphael has a very strong personality, and if he wanted to leave, no one would have been able to tell him otherwise. It isn't your fault!" Her voice rose on her last few words.

"HUHWASZZAT?" April and Leonardo jumped. Casey moved and suddenly sat up, looking around wide-eyed. "Ugh… Wha' time izzit? Where are we?"

April kept eye contact with Leonardo as she answered. "We're almost at the farmhouse."

Casey flopped back into his seat, throwing an arm across his eyes to block out the morning sunlight. "Is there coffee at there?"

"We'll get some later, don't worry." She looked at Leo for another moment. "Leo, remember what I said."

He looked back at her with an unreadable stare. "I...I gotta go wake Mike and Don up and check on Raph." April sighed as he retuned to the back of the van without a word.

Ten minutes later they pulled up to the farmhouse, van belching huge clouds of white smoke.

"How's Raphael?" April asked wearily.

"Not so good." Replied Donatello.

Casey gave the decrepit old house a wary look. "Hey, didn't they use this place in the Grapes of Wrath?"

"Oh, very funny. I told you, I haven't been up here in years."

Everyone piled out of the van, stretching cramped muscles. Donatello leaned heavily on Michaelangelo's shoulder, limping up the old and creaky stairs and into the house. They were closely followed by Leonardo, who slung Raphael's still unconscious body over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He refused any help.

Casey kicked the side of the car. "She sounds like she's on her last legs, don't she."

"It always sounds like that." Said April, mid-stretch.

"When did' ya' last get her checked out?"

"I dunno. A while ago. A long while ago."

Casey stared at her. "You kiddin' me? You've been drivin' this pile o' shit and you never got her checked out? Please tell me y' know something about cars."

"I'm a reporter, not a mechanic." She said petulantly.

"Jesus." He rolled his eyes at her and dove into the depths of the engine, occasionally letting out animalistic grunts and mumbles about crazy broads who didn't know anything useful except for how to ruin perfectly good cars.

April waited by the side of the van, and sighed impatiently.

"Can you fix it?"

Casey stopped tugging on some foreign object, stood up, formed his forefinger and thumb into the shape of a gun, and pointed it at the engine. Then he made the sound of a gun going off. "Does that answer your question? I mean, the block's got a crack in it the size of the San Andreas."

"Wonderful." April said, exasperated.

Casey grunted in reply.

"Well, looks like I've got some walking to do." She turned and started walking up the front stairs of the house. Casey frowned and followed her.

"What for?"

"Well, our nearest neighbor is about four miles away, and I need to get to a phone, and I need to call my boss." She ran her fingers through her hair distractedly as she entered the house.

"You mean Charles?"

April stopped and whirled around, fixing Casey with a concentrated stare. "How did you know that?"

Casey scuffed the ground with a foot as he answered. "Well, he left a, message on your machine just before we got out."

"And?" April said impatiently.

Casey looked very uncomfortable indeed. "Well hey, You just saved yourself an eight mile round trip. Uh, You were fired." He tried to end happily, with an uplifted voice and a grin. He didn't succeed.

"I'm… I just saved myself" April said, disbelievingly.


"Uh-oh… " Donatello muttered from his spot in a chair next to the door.

"What'd you do, take classes in insensitivity?" April's eyes were burning with fury, hair akimbo and fingers clenching and unclenching, itching to bury themselves in a certain New Yorker's flesh.

"Hey, I was trying to break it to you easy!" Casey replied, indignantly.

"OH, well you failed, MISERABLY!" April said in a loud voice, throwing up her hands.

"Hey, broadzilla! You wouldn't even be standing here if it weren't for me, okay!" said Casey in a loud voice, forefinger out in a threatening position.

"Whad d'you want, a thank you?" April snarled.

"No, it was ME who should thank you for that privilege!" Casey said, poking himself in the chest.



"Thank you!"

"No, Thank YOU!"

They simultaneously turned and crashed though their respective doors, fuming their ways to opposite ends of the house.

And then a peaceful quiet fell about the house. They were safe. Tired, hurt, scared, and worried...

But safe.

The End.

… Or is it?

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