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Amulet of Torna

Chapter 1—Meet The Grangers

Harry Potter leaned on the windowsill, glancing out the window of his upstairs bedroom; he looked down at the trickling stream. He was relieved to learn that he didn't have to go and stay with the Dursleys this summer after all, more importantly he was going to spend the summer with his girlfriend Hermione Granger in Rome, Italy. He sighed, then leaned over and picked up the letters that were resting on the table.

His eyes scanned the first one; it had only been a week and a half into the summer when he had gotten this letter.


I would really enjoy it if you would accompany me to Rome to visit with my cousin Amelia. I had already contacted Dumbledore and he said it would be all right if you went with me and both my parents agree. Please come Harry, I already miss you.

Love you lots,


P.S. Owl me immediately with your response.

Harry set the letter back down on the table, he remembered going to Sirius right after reading the letter asking if he could go. Not only did he want to be with Hermione so badly, he would be able to visit another country. Sirius was only too happy to allow Harry this chance of a lifetime. Harry remembered something else too; he could see the look on Sirius's face was well, serious. (A/N: Sorry guys I resisted the Sirius jokes all through Soul Scepter, I just couldn't help it this time. hee hee)

Sirius had Harry sit down on the couch; he sat next to him in a chair leaning forward. There was a puzzled look in his eye. Sirius gave Harry a light smile, "I suppose there's no way to start a conversation like this." Sirius replied running his hand nervously though his hair.

"Well then just say it, what's on your mind." Harry asked.

"Okay, here it goes." Sirius cleared his throat. "There comes a time in every young man's life where, well..." He scratched the back of his neck. "Harry I know you've had girlfriends, and well when young people get to a certain age they start feeling, well different. And—"

Harry cut Sirius off with a tiny chuckle, "Sirius, are you trying to talk to me about sex?"

Sirius nodded, "Yes, I'm trying."

"It's all right; I think I know all I need to know." Harry said with a smile.

"How well do you know?" Sirius's eyes narrowed.

"Enough." Harry said, "I know enough."

"You do know this is not something that should be played with or taken lightly, trouble and something not necessarily planned could come of it." Sirius's brow arched a bit.

"Yes I know that, I am careful." Harry said leaning back into the cushion of the couch.

"It's just you are going off with someone you love to a very romantic city, and well, some cautions might get thrown to the winds, if you know what I'm saying." Sirius said.

Harry nodded. "Yes I realize that, there's nothing to worry about. Trust me."

"Sure Harry, I trust you." Sirius smiled as did Harry. —Harry's memory was interrupted as Sirius stuck his head in through the open door. "We'll be flooing to the Grangers in about five minutes, I hope you have all…" Sirius looked sternly at Harry, "…that you could ever need."

This look on Sirius's face caused Harry to break down into laughter. "Yes I have everything I need."

Sirius nodded and left the room, heading down the stairs.

Harry didn't really presume anything concerning Hermione and their relationship but he owled Zara in America for some more of that Orgus Root, just in case. He had got an owl from her, with a large quantity of Orgus Root. She was only too happy to send it to him. Harry looked at Zara's letter.

Hiya Harry,

Sure you can have some Orgus Root, I owled you a huge chunk much you more than I gave you before, this way you have a good supply to last even through the next school year, well I hope you make good use of it wink wink. Well enjoy Rome, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. That means you better go out and party or I'll come to Rome and give you such a pinch.

Ta ta,


P.S. Ron's coming on vacation with me. Later babes.

Harry laughed thinking that Zara was so weird, nice but weird. He couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for Ron. That was when he came across Ron's letter.


I have great news Zara's parents invited me and my whole family to go to the Bahamas with them, isn't that fantastic? I've never been on a vacation that didn't involve going to visit family members. Well I hope you have fun on your vacation and remember I want all the details, and I do mean all the details.



Harry chuckled, no. He was not going to give Ron any such details. He then heard Sirius's voice from downstairs.

"Yeah I'm coming." Harry shouted down the stairs and picked up his Muggle suitcase, since he will be staying in Muggle Rome with Hermione's cousin, he didn't want to bring anything that linked him to the Wizarding world except his wand, for emergencies. He passed by the mirror and took a glance at it. 'I wonder how Hermione will think of me without my glasses?' Harry, during the first week of summer had Magic Eye Surgery; it was a correction for poor vision. He had been wanting to find someway to be able to see without glasses that always tended to get in the way for a long time now. And when he came across this new Magic Eye Surgery he was quick to sign up. He then started down the stairs.

Harry moved towards Sirius who was standing by the fireplace, Sirius then threw some of the powder into the fireplace and shouted. "Hermione Leanne Granger's house." Within a few moments Sirius and Harry stepped out of the fireplace into the grand living room of Hermione's house.

Harry noticed there were three people two women and a man; they got to their feet when he and Sirius came through the fireplace. The two women were smiling while the man was just standing with a stern statement on his face. Harry gulped. Well it looked like it was time to meet the Grangers.

Hermione's parents came towards him, "Well you must be Harry." A woman with a polite smile a light brown hair stepped closer to him. "I'm Jenna, Hermione's mother." She then pointed to the man, "This is Kevin, Hermione's father and this is Mavis, Hermione's grandmother.

Harry nodded with a polite smile in the direction of Hermione's family. "Well I'm pleased to meet you." He said, his voice coming out a little shaky.

"So you're my little Muffin's boyfriend are you?" Kevin said, his eyes trying to stare Harry down.

Harry gulped down a breath of air; Hermione's father was downright scary. "Uh, yes sir." The room felt small, warm and uncomfortable.

Kevin stepped closer to Harry, "I trust you are respectful of my daughter." He studied the young man.

"Yes sir." Harry nodded.

"Well just in case you over step your bounds with my daughter I have a gun and a shovel, I doubt anyone would miss you." Kevin said.

Harry's eyes widened, "Uh sir, I would never. I mean—" He was cut off by Kevin's laughter. Harry didn't think this was so funny, what was he laughing about

Kevin smiled, "Ah relax there Harry." He smacked him on the back with such a force that it knocked Harry forward a bit. "I'm just playing with ya."

Jenna and Mavis were laughing as well, even Sirius was joining in on the laughs, and Harry just didn't see this as funny.

"Oh Harry lighten up," Kevin said with a smile. "We all know how much you care our daughter; I just love seeing the boyfriend's reaction when I give them the psycho, over protective parent conversation. I just couldn't resist, even with you."

"Well I didn't think it was very funny." Harry mumbled which only caused Hermione's parents to laugh even harder.

"Oh Kevin, leave the poor boy alone." Mavis said then turned to Harry with a smile. "Why don't you go up and see Hermione, then we'll get you a guest room. You both leave for Rome at nine O'clock sharp tomorrow. That's why Hermione isn't down here to greet you she's still packing her stuff up, we told her that as soon as you arrive we would send you up. Her room is the first door on the right."

Harry nodded and he moved through the hall, he found the stairs and started to climb. He reached the top of the stairs; he heard the radio on and someone singing to it. And since Hermione didn't have any brothers or sisters it must be her singing. He started towards Hermione's open door. He saw her. Her back was toward him and she was moving around, dancing a bit while singing to a catchy tune from the nineteen seventies he was sure the group was called ABBA, a Sweedishgroup that the Dursleys used to play often. Hermione was also folding a shirt at the same time and placed it into her suitcase. She was singing so loudly and moving to the tune, that Harry couldn't help but smile. She didn't even notice she had an audience.

"There was something in the air last night, the stars were bright. Fernando." Hermione sang loudly, her voice matched the pitch and even harmonized with the singers. Harry never really knew Hermione sang so lovely.

Harry leaned up against the doorjamb simply watching her, and listening to her voice. He watched her close the suitcase and set it on the floor by her bed, she jumped up to sing the grand finale of the song, she jumped towards the door. Her eyes went wide and her face flushed bright red, her mouth frozen open. Hermione just stared.

Harry couldn't help it, the look on her face made him laugh.

Hermione dropped her arms from up in the air and looked up at Harry, "Heh, heh. Just how long were you standing there?"

"Long enough." He smiled.

"You didn't see me, uh? Did you?" Hermione's face was flushing even more now.

"Yeah." Harry grinned, "But you looked really cute."

A light seemed to snap on in Hermione's head; Harry was standing in her room. "Whoa wait a minute, you're here."

"Boy, you're really quick today Hermione." Harry was sarcastic. "Yeah I'm here."

Hermione quickly went up to him and flung her arms around him with such a force that it almost knocked him over for the second time today. She held him really tightly to her. "I'm so happy you are here and going to Rome with me."

Harry smiled as his arms went around her, holding her so very tight to him as well. "I'm happy about that too."

Hermione pulled back looking up at him, she noticed something was different. "Harry you look different." She couldn't exactly put her finger on it, but something was indeed different.

"Oh really, what could be different about me? I have the same color hair I had when we met." Harry wondered how long it would be for her notice.

Hermione reached up and ran her fingers lightly through his hair, "No that's not it. It's something else." She continued to scan his face; she honestly didn't know what was different. She looked straight into his eyes. His eyes. Oh that was it, they were so bright and beautiful. Her jaw dropped "Oh, what happened to your glasses Harry?" She lightly touched the bridge of his nose where his glasses used to rest; he closed his eyes as Hermione traced her finger over his cheeks.

"Well I've been wanting to see properly without glasses for awhile now." He said with his eyes closed. He loved the feel of her fingers on his face. "Well a few days when the summer holidays started I read in the paper about this Magic Eye Surgery and I went for it." He took in a breath, "So what do you think?"

She kissed him on both cheeks, "I think you look very handsome, with or without your glasses."

Harry opened his eyes staring at her, "I am so very happy to be able to spend the summer with you, I was just going to sit at home all holiday and think about you. But now I actually get to be with you." He took in a breath, "What made your parents agree to let me go with you anyway?"

"I told them how much I needed you, and they knew what happened this past school year with Him, Salazar and Rowena. They know how much you mean to me." Hermione smiled up at him.

Harry gave her a smile, "Can I kiss you?" He asked quietly.

"Anytime you want, you don't even have to ask." Hermione said with a shy smile.

He leaned in lightly covering her mouth with his, the world melted away. It had been too long since he'd kissed her, he could do this forever. He felt her arms tighten around him, as did his. Her mouth opened underneath his, he took this as an invitation for more. His tongue touched hers, and he felt Hermione pressing her mouth harder against his and her tongue dancing against his. Harry moaned softly feeling her kissing him harder.

There was a knock on the open door and Harry and Hermione immediately sprung apart, Harry turned to find Hermione's mother standing there.

"Oh, mum." Hermione said. "We- we were just talking."

"I can see that." Jenna smiled, "Although when I was in school to talk words actually have to pass back and forth between the conversing couple."

Jenna looked at Harry "I'm sure you're hungry Harry, lunch is ready. Why don't you go down and get something to eat." She said with a smile.

Harry nodded, understanding. He knew that Jenna just wanted to talk to Hermione so he left with a smile and started down the stairs to the kitchen.

Jenna walked into the room and sat down on Hermione's bed. "So that's your Harry."

Hermione smiled, her cheeks tinting pink, "Yeah, he's my Harry." She glanced down at her feet.

"Hermione," Jenna took a breath. "I know that Harry is special to you and well I know that he loves you."

"I love him too mum, very much." Hermione sat down on the bed next to her mother.

"I can see that, but you two are just so young and will assume that you two have been well, close, am I right?" Jenna searched her daughter's down turned face.

Hermione's head snapped up looking at her mother, she was just waiting for the lecture and yelling to start about how disappointed her mother was in her.

Jenna sniggered a bit. "Hermione relax, I'm not going to yell at you. I trust you to make your own decisions and to make the right ones. Sure I'm a little disappointed but I understand. Now if your father knew that his little Muffin was already engaged in a physical relationship he would probably fly through the roof, and the psychotic, overactive parent would actually shine through."

Hermione wondered why her parents would never just use the word sex, or say sexual in a conversation with her, even when she was learning about the birds and the bees they still wouldn't use the word sex in front of her.

"Harry's just not some random guy mum, he's different. I wish I could explain it more to you, in a way that you would understand. Hey, I didn't even understand it at first."

"Well anyone who would risk their own life for yours has got to be something special." Jenna touched her daughter's cheek.

"He is, Harry is really special."

"Well I hope you have everything you need, to have a good time without worrying about pregnancy."

"Mum!" Hermione was shocked that her mother had just said that.

Jenna just laughed, "Come on, let's get some lunch before it's all gone, you know how men can get."

Hermione nodded and they started down the stairs, she told her mother about Ron the human garbage disposal.

Down stairs in the kitchen Harry was eating a nice lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with Cheetos and some cranberry juice.

Harry saw Hermione and Jenna come into the kitchen with smiles on their faces. Hermione went over to her grandmother and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey Nanna." Hermione then looked at Harry's Godfather Sirius and gave him a polite smile. "Hello Sirius."

"How are you doing Hermione, is everything okay with you." Sirius asked as Hermione took a seat next to Harry. "How have you been holding up? Harry told me about your nightmares."

Hermione smiled a little. "Well they are getting better, I mean it's not like it was. But I still get those flashes, you know." She felt a hand come down on top of hers, she turned and found Harry smiling at her, he gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "I'll get past it, I know I will." She smiled.

Kevin gave Hermione a plate of food.

"Ah Hermione, done packing already?" Mavis asked. She wanted to change the subject.

"Yes, it took me forever." Hermione said taking a drink of her juice.

"Well maybe if you did less singing and dancing you would get more packing done." Harry said with a smirk.

"Ha-ha you are so funny Harry, you should be a comedian." Hermione was sarcastic.

"You know I was thinking the same thing." Harry grinned.

"Now Muffin." Her father said very seriously.

"Dad!" Hermione's face flushed from embarrassment. "Don't call me that."

Sirius covered his mouth with his hand to try and keep in the tiny snigger. He saw Harry glare at him which made him have to fight his laughter even more.

Harry sometimes he wished that he could have a mother or father to give him a pet name and embarrass him in front of his girlfriend.

Kevin chuckled and sat down across from her. "I know you are going to stay with Amelia, now I don't want you coming back acting like her."

"Oh Dad, don't worry about that. I know my limits." Hermione said with a smile.

"Amelia is your mother's, sister's, daughter. That side of the family is a bit, oh what's the word." Kevin paused a moment thinking of the right word without hurting his wife's feelings "Eccentric."

"Dad I know how Amelia is, she's the one that said I needed a change and bought me a whole new look last year. I didn't want her too, she just did it. Although after awhile I did tend to like it."

"That's what I'm worried about." Kevin said, "Just remember, keep your wits about you and you'll be fine."

"I will dad, I will. You can trust me." Hermione said with a smile.

"Yes I can trust you, its Amelia I don't trust." Kevin felt a smack on his arm and looked up into his wife's narrowed gaze.

"My family is fine, Amelia is just a bit outspoken. Hermione will be just fine." Jenna said looking at Hermione then at Harry. "Plus if she gets too out of hand, like Hermione has been known to get, Harry there will set her in the right direction again, won't you?"

Harry turned to Hermione, "When do you get out of hand?"

Hermione's face flushed, "Um, well."

Mavis chuckled. "Hermione is a bit different when not in school Harry," She said with a smile. "She is more like her mother's side of the family in that regard."

"I'm not that bad." Hermione crossed her arms over her bosom and sat back in her chair glaring at the saltshaker sitting on the table.

"No you're not dear, you are one of the more mild ones but you still have that streak in you. And when it wants to come out, it does." Mavis turned to Harry, "So you better be ready for it." She smirked.

Now this was interesting, he just had to see this other, hidden side of Hermione. He sat back looking at the Grangers, they were all arguing about Amelia or other members of Jenna's side of the family. It was wonderful, he had never really been part of a family before, this was a glorious feeling, and one that he hoped would never go away. Tomorrow he would leave for Rome with Hermione. It was going to be a great summer holiday.

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