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Tamed – Chapter 1 – Yellow, White, and Green - In which we learn the cause of Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy's apprehensions.


Robin grimaced a little as he thought about how best to proceed. "She won't do it if I don't have the answer to every question she's going to throw at me."

"But dude, you know that it's a good idea. Even if she asks something you haven't planned out yet you'll be able to come up with an answer because…well, because you can think that fast." Beast Boy said to encourage Robin with going forward with their plan. It had come to Beast Boy one night after everyone had gone to bed sore from the day's battles. They had proven victorious, as Starfire had put it, in every fight, but Beast Boy kept thinking about how best to not come home this sore and tired when they were just minor villains that they had taken down.

"All right, we'll talk to Raven, but we won't force her. It needs to be her choice." Robin thought a bit longer. "No, that won't work. If it's totally left up to her, she won't do it. It'll have to be a direct order. I don't like to do that kind of thing, but ultimately I think you're right about it, we need more fire power without expanding our numbers."

"I told you it makes too much sense to pass up. Do you want me to go get her?"

"No, I think it'll be best if I get her, but I want you there while I talk to her. Just…keep quiet until I finish telling her, OK?"

"Got it."


Beast Boy watched Robin walk back into the common room with Raven following behind him. Raven sat on the couch looking first questioningly up at Robin and then calculatingly at Beast Boy. It made him a little nervous to have her try and frighten him off like that, so he did what came naturally. He waved while smiling his panicked little smile. Robin ended her intimidation of Beast Boy when he spoke "Raven, I asked him to be here, it involves him too. So, knock it off with the look."

She looked back at Robin, keeping her face blank now. She was curious about why her and Beast Boy both needed to have a private meeting with their spiky haired leader. She decided to help things get rolling so she could find out. "So, what's all this about then?"

Robin eyed her expression hoping to get some little hint of something so that he would know how to word what had to be said. Seeing nothing, he decided to be direct. "How many times have you been able to change into the white clad Raven?"

Raven's eyes widened at this. It had caught her off guard, but her mind started to remember all the times and she simply stated, "Three. Four if you count when Starfire saw us all in the future."

"Then it's three since the future hasn't happened and that future won't ever happen." Seeing her look of mild shock he answered it with "Well, it won't. We might end up something like that, but not that exactly. Starfire bringing back herself and that clock proved that." Seeing that Raven had calmed at this explanation he pressed on. "When you change into your white clad self you have more control over your powers as well as more power, right?"

Raven only nodded at this. She wanted to see where this was going.

Catching the slight question in her Robin said his next lines as though he was laying the last of his cards on the table. "We need that to be available to the team. Today helped this decision along, but it's been on my mind since Trigon's defeat. Beast Boy is the reason I acted on it though. When he told me about what he had been thinking about it only confirmed that it was the right decision."

She looked over at Beast Boy, annoyance in her voice. "And what decision was made for me between you two?"

"It wasn't Beast Boy's decision at all, it's mine. So, if you want to be mad at somebody while you're gone then it better be me."

"Gone? Why? What did I do?" The hurt in her voice let Robin know that he was going to have to get through the rest of his explanation as quickly as he could to save her any more pain.

"You didn't do anything wrong. It's not like that. Like I said, we need your increased power that your white clad form brings. What I'm having you do is go off to a safe place where you can work on how to make your changing either permanent or so that you can call it up at will without any bad side effects like the weakness that hit you after the time you changed while Beast Boy and Cyborg were in your mind. You'll stay out there till you can do that, and when you're done you come right back here into the Titans."

Raven had calmed down, but still looked worried about all of it. "What if I can't do it?"

"Then you'll still come right back home. But, I need you to try even if it takes months, even if it goes slow. I need you to try." Robin steeled himself for what he had to say next, praying that it wouldn't hurt her. "And, it's not a request for you to go, it's an order. You'll be leaving next Monday."

Raven's head had shot up at his declaration of her leaving being an order. She was glad that she would get the rest of the week to collect her thoughts and get the details on where she was headed when a question popped into her mind. She frowned. "You still haven't said why Beast Boy is here."

Robin smiled at this in spite of himself. "He's going with you."

Raven glared over at the green young man who was smiling sheepishly at the floor to keep himself from having to look at her. "I don't need a baby sitter."

Robin's smile only got bigger. "He's not baby sitting, he's going so that he can train along with you."

"What does Beast Boy need to train for?" She said trying to give Robin a look that would get rid of that big smile on his face.

"I'm going because I can't control my powers to their fullest." Beast Boy's first words caught Raven in a wave of confusion.

"I've never seen you lose control of your powers." Was all that she could think to say.

"That's 'cause you weren't awake for most of it. I may be able to control that beast in me sometimes, but only when we're in serious danger. If we get out of that kind of threat and I'm still that thing then I lose myself. That…it takes over me. But, if I learned how to contain it and use it whenever I needed then it would help out the team a lot. Plus I need somebody to help me who I won't hurt, and you're the only one I never attack when I'm like that."

His face had never looked up from the floor tile he was staring at while his eyes showed the kind of sadness that Raven had only seen on his face a few times. He looked pitiful and she didn't like that he could feel that badly about himself. "I'll go, I'll go and train to…to…become…" She couldn't finish the line but quickly added "And, I'll help Beast Boy too."

Beast Boy's face finally looked up to her at these words and he smiled weakly. She gave him a slight smile in return and his smile turned into one of is full on teeth flashers. "We'll help each other."

Robin was glad to see the two finding confidence in one another, friendship was going to help them through the struggles they had ahead of them. "Good, get some rest tonight and tomorrow I'll fill you both in on all the details and we'll be able to have a little party this weekend before your send off." He was proud of how well his teammates were taking everything and the comradery that they showed. These were the times he felt like he had been a good leader to them.


Robin had explained all about the small island he had found for them to train on. It had natural fruit trees, berries, roots, and even some vegetables that grew wild. There were a few rivers that they could get fresh water and fish from, forests covered part of the island, and there was even a small mountain in the northeastern interior. There was some wild life, but nothing dangerous to Beast Boy or Raven. It was an uninhabited island, Robin had explained, so that if they lost control while they were there that no innocent people would be hurt. They would have shelter in the form of a couple of modular rooms Cyborg had built for them. They weren't as big as their bedrooms, but they were comfortable and had some small bits of furniture they could use to put up things that made the little houses feel more like their own tiny homes.

The party had been fun, especially when Robin had tasted Starfire's special goodbye dish that she had spent the whole afternoon preparing. Robin had had his back turned when Beast Boy switched the chip dip with Starfire's concoction. Even Raven chuckled softly at look of revulsion that froze on the boy wonder's face. Cyborg and Best Boy had played one last game to see who would hold the crown of champion gamer until the training was over. Beast Boy had won, but Robin could tell that Cyborg had not been playing his absolute hardest as a kind of present to Beast Boy before he left.

Monday morning dawned and found all the titans loading up a pair of helicopters they had been allowed to use from the local police. Their actions were quiet and reserved as they each turned introspective. This would be the first extended leave of any of the original five since they had formed. It weighed heaviest on Starfire who kept having to wipe a tear away when one would escape her efforts to hold them back.

The flight was uneventful as they glided over the ocean towards their destination. Raven, who had been deep in thought about what lay before her decided that she needed to get her mind off of that subject, for at least a little while. "You guys really think you'll be OK with just the three of you?"

Robin had been expecting this line of questions much sooner answered. "We're bringing in a couple of honorary titans until you two get back."

This shocked Raven at first, but as she thought about it, it made more and more sense. "Who?"

"Hotspot and Wildebeest." Cyborg chimed in. "They weren't really part of any group and could use the experience. They might even get in on the ground floor for a Titans North group."

"Cool." Raven didn't want to admit it, but she was glad there wasn't going to be anyone with powers anything like hers coming into the group while she would be gone. She knew her friends cared deeply for her, but it still didn't totally ease her mind when she imagined some telekinetic teen coming in that was a lot easier to get along with then she could be. She meandered through these thoughts until she heard Robin tell the other chopper pilot to follow him to the landing site on the island.

"We're here," was all he said as they slowly descended. Starfire opened up the side door and flew gently beneath each of the helicopters detaching the modular houses that were hung from cables on the underside. She placed them off to the side of the copter's landing area and waited below for the machines to finish landing.

As Raven stepped out of the vehicle to survey her surroundings she turned to see Starfire looking at her apprehensively. "What's up, Star?"

"Friend Raven, I wish to know if the placement of your dwellings is acceptable."

Raven turned to see that Starfire had nestled each of their rooms in the shade of a couple of trees slightly facing each other just off the edge of the clearing they had landed in. Raven smiled lightly as she turned back to Starfire. "It's fine Star, I'm sure…"

The end of her statement was cut off as Starfire grabbed her into a tight hug. Her next words were somewhat garbled as she let the tears she had been holding in pour out. "I shall greatly miss you friend Raven. I am deeply saddened that you must leave us for this while." She let go of the slightly frazzled Raven to say her next few words. "Also, I will be the only girl while you are gone and I will not be able to do the girl talk with you or meditate or go to the shopping." She looked down sadly. "Though, I am glad that you seek to improve yourself, it does not change the feeling that my friend and sister is leaving and I do not like that feeling."

Though a little crumpled from Starfire's hug, Raven was deeply touched by her friend's words of kindness and caring. "It's OK Starfire, I'll be coming back, I promise. And, when I do, we'll go to the mall and get all caught up on our girl talk." Her small smile brought a similar smile from Starfire who looked slightly ashamed of her outburst.

"I will look forward to that time." Starfire said allowing her smile to broaden.

They both looked over to see that the boys had finished unloading the luggage and that they were carrying it over to where the girls had been talking. Cyborg easily carried the most, but he was having trouble seeing where he was going and kept bumping into Beast Boy and Robin, causing bags to be dropped here and there. Finally finishing the clumsy little trip to the houses all three plopped their loads in front of the two small buildings when Robin spoke up. "Well, everything is in place. Beast Boy will be able to find the food and water, and we got you guys some packaged stuff in your gear for tonight or in case of…well, whatever. I think it's time for us to go."

Raven again was crushed by a hug from Starfire who beamed brightly as she gripped her friend. Cyborg gave Beast Boy some brotherly words of encouragement followed by a high five. Well, as high as Beast Boy could reach anyway. "Good luck, little green man."

"Pssh. Like I need luck."

"OK, you guys still have your comms. If you need food, send out a yellow signal, and if there's trouble send out a red signal, and when you guys are ready to be picked up, just send out a blue signal." Robin said ticking off the things they could need in his mind.

"Dude, why don't we just say what we need through the comm.?" Beast Boy said smirking.

"Because we could be fighting some bad guy and hearing a noisy little grass stain could tell him where we're hiding." Cyborg retorted with a snort.

Beast Boy's smirk slid straight into a sheepish snicker at himself. "Guess that's why you guys lead."

"Right. Anyway, don't forget what needs to be accomplished. Especially you, Beast Boy." Raven thought Robin had said his last sentence a little forcefully considering their tasks were deeply personal and not likely to ever be forgotten or ignored. She pushed these musings down as she and Beast Boy watched their three friends and teammates climb into the helicopter they had all ridden to the island on. Both waved as it lifted off and drifted away out of sight.

Beast Boy was the first to speak. "Well, guess we should unpack and then just look around so we know where things are." And, with that, they both moved off to the pile of gear and luggage that they had sitting in front of their little houses that they would call home for the next little while.


(A/N) Well, that's it for this bit o' story. Sorry if it's not how you like it. I wrote it how I like it. More to follow, though I'm kinda flakey. I wouldn't be surprised if the story was wrote up in full over the course of a week or through a whole year. Let me know what you think, and I'll tell you if it was a good enough opinion. ;-)