Chapter 1

Kagome and Inuyasha walked slowly threw a forest. It was summer, and thankfully it was just right out, not too hot or humid, and not to cold or windy either. Today was the perfect day to just laze around. However the pair were on a mission.

Naraku had been defeated. When he had died so had all of his incarnations. It had been a hard battle, and had taken some time to recover from. During this time Sango and Miroku had finally admitted their feelings for each other, and decided to settle down. Not to mention that Sango was already 'bearing Miroku's children'. With them settling down the group of chard hunters had been reduced to Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo. However, Shippo had decided that he wanted to stay with Sango and Miroku, he was just a kid after all, and he had a right to enjoy what was left of his already shattered childhood.

That was how it came to be that Kagome followed Inuyasha threw forest, hoping to come across a jewel shard soon.

"Inuyasha? Can we take a break soon?" Kagome asked, causing Inuyasha to suddenly turn around and face her.

The abruptness of him turning caused Kagome to get slightly confused, and she lost her footing. She started to fall at a dizzying speed toward the ground, but was caught just in the nick of time by Inuyasha.

He lifted her up and started to pull away to yell at her, but she wrapped her arms around him, not allowing him to move back.

"Kagome?" He asked, confused by her actions.

She buried her head into the junction where his neck and shoulder met and whispered, "Just on more minute, please?"

Inuyasha nodded, hesitantly returning her hold. "What's wrong?" he questioned, smelling the start of tears in her eyes.

Kagome couldn't even understand it herself. "I, I just don't know I guess. It's just that all the time we face all these demons, all these things attacking me, and I never really feel safe I guess. Except for now...I feel safe now and warm and I just don't want to move." She answered, trying to put her feelings into words.

Inuyasha stiffened for a second, surprised at her response. It was not often that anyone opened up to him, and when they did he rarely knew what to do. Hell, he barley opened up to anyone, he didn't even know how to. So his response was to blush and mutter a weak "Feh".

After a few more moments Kagome pulled away slowly, not really wanting to leave. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get all weird on you." She muttered, realizing what she has just said and done.

He also blushed and just muttered something about not minding and started to continue walking. Kagome followed him with a slight glazed look in her eyes.

--That Night—

A camp fire was light, and Kagome was already in her sleeping bag, but she was sitting up so she could stay awake. She watched the fire, and snuck little glances at Inuyasha who sat across from her.

"Out with it wench, you've been giving me weird looks all night." Inuyasha growled.

This startled Kagome out of her trance like state. "No I haven't!" She said defensively.

"Yes you have, now out with it!" He snapped, getting more and more uncomfortable by the moment.

Kagome fidgeted, and finally replied, "I've just been thinking alright?"

"What have you been thinking about that is making you give me weird looks?" Inuyasha asked, now curious.

"Nothing..." Kagome muttered, looking away so he couldn't see the blush that was spreading quickly across her face.

Inuyasha just shrugged and let it go, he wasn't in the mood for nagging right now. He had enough to think about on his own. Like what happened earlier today. 'What was that about anyway? She was acting really strange, and so was I, I guess. But for her to just hug me like that, it isn't normal, maybe she's sick?'

Kagome glared at Inuyasha. "What are you doing?" She asked, watching as he put the back of his hand on her forhead.

"Making sure you don't have a fever." He answered.

"Well, do I?" She asked, once he had settled back across the fire.

"No..." he answered, seeming to retreat back into his mind. He closed his eyes and leaned on the tree behind him.

Kagome just shrugged and lay down in her sleeping bag. It took her a while, but she finally drifted off into sleep, trying to ignore the feeling of being alone.

Inuyasha on the other hand was wide awake. He cracked his right eye open and looked over at Kagome, cocking one ear toward her to hear her breathing. It was slow and even, she was asleep. He crept over to her slowly, and looked down at her in her sleep. The top of her school uniform peaked out from underneath the sleeping bag. Her raven black hair was spread around her on her pillow, like a shimmering black hallow. Her face looked pale and innocent, her red lips standing out against her milky white skin.

Inuyasha focus was now entirely on her lips. He wanted to know what she tasted like. He loved her, and had known for a long time now. He knew that she could never love him back though. He was a low and dirty half-breed. He knew his place. But some part of him still hoped, and still wished for the feel of her lips brushing against his.

Before he knew what he was doing he was leaning over her, his hair creating a shining silvery veil to create their own little world. He watched her for a few moments, memorizing her every feature. He couldn't help but get caught up in her beauty, she was the most stunning thing in the world.

At one time he had thought that was Kikyou, and he remembered those days clearly. He had never let her out of his sight for fear that one day she would be gone. Now he knew that Kikyou was comparable to an old hag. Her beauty was nothing in comparison to Kagome, and any who said they looked they same were so sadly mistaken.

Inuyasha's breath caught in his throat as Kagome slowly opened her eyes, staring straight up into his.

"Inuyasha, what are you...?" She started to ask, but was cut off be Inuyasha placing a finger on her lips.

"Kagome, if I kissed you, right now, what would you do?" He whispered.

Now it was Kagome's turn to be breathless as she looked up into his eyes. She took a moment to just stare at him. His long silver hair was surrounding her, and she felt as if they were the only two in the world. His dog ears were slightly twitching in nervousness. His golden eyes just watched her, and she could see the hurt and hope that lay there. She knew what his past was like, and understood that he would expect rejection.

"If you kissed me right now," she whispered, "I would kiss you back."

That was all Inuyasha needed, he leaned forward, closing the gap between their lips, only lightly brushing them together. Kagome instantly knew that he was afraid she would back out, tell him to get away from her. So she kissed him harder, pressing her lips to his and licking his bottom lip begging for entrance.

Inuyasha was surprised by it, but now he was drowning in her taste, the way she smelled, all of her. He opened his mouth and felt her tongue slip in.

After a few minutes they had to come up for air. They just sat there, staring into each others eyes. After a few moments Kagome's eyes started to drift shut, and eventually she was only occasionally opening her eyes. Inuyasha gave a small laugh and started to get up.

"Go to sleep, goodnight Kagome." He whispered.

Kagome grabbed onto his arm, "Please, just hold me?" she pleaded, blushing a little as she asked.

Inuyasha nodded and slipped into her sleeping bag next to her, sliding his arms around her tiny waist. She sighed in contentment and they both drifted into the best sleep they had had in a very long time.

--End of Chapter 1—

well? What did you think? I don't think this is going to have a plot, it'll probably just be a lot of fluff, and maybe a lemon eventually...not sure, never written anything really sexual in my fics before (this is my second pen name...) so I'm not sure.

Just letting you know, I will probably only be able to get out one more update before I leave, I'm going away for two weeks in a couple of days (off to cape cod w/ my family, then Fort Lauderdale with my boyfriends family, YES!)

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