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Leaving their only means of transportation at a club fifteen miles across town was not a very smart idea. Top that off with the fact that there was a dire emergency at home only made Rogue curse the fact she had agreed to Logan's plan of spending their first night together, completely together, in a hotel without said vehicle. To his credit, however, he had a back up black Mitsubishi Eclipse GT MT around the corner at an apartment he just happened to be renting. She made a mental note to ask him about it. Later. Right now, she was thankful for the speed of the high performance car that was taking her to the side of the only man she ever truly loved.

Logan hadn't spoken since Bobby's phone call. The unvoiced thought floating between him and Rogue didn't need verbal confirmation. A fledgling relationship that never should have been embarked upon was effectively over before it even had a chance to truly begin. If she didn't know better, Rogue thought she could hear his teeth grinding from the tension surrounding them. Ignoring whatever problem he was having right now, she just looked out the window as he sped down the surface streets that led them to the mansion. At least he understood how important it was to her to get back.

Just as they really got going and he was able to use the supe of nitrous, Logan had to pull the car out of its sonic speed because of flashing brake lights ahead. Fortunately, the small jam wasn't a dead stop and they were able to move through the problem at about fifteen miles per hour. Reaching the cause of the slow down made Rogue break out in hysterics.

The severity of serious conditions is never truly understood until looking face to face with the crisis. If Rogue thought Remy being in an accident was something horrific, the sight that awaited on her side of the road definitely brought comprehension to the situation. A beige Chevrolet Cavalier was sitting on a tow truck. It's windshield was spider-webbed, the front end was crumbled up, and there was a deeper indention in the middle, as though it had run into a light pole. Rogue knew the accident wasn't as simple as hitting a post.

Her intuition was only confirmed when she saw scattered pieces of yellow, black, and white fiberglass littered among scraps of twisted metal and torn rubber. On the ground, pushed to the side of the road, were the remains of Remy's brand new BMW K 1200 S sport bike. The only thing left of it was a bit of the front suspension, the engine, and pieces of the transmission. While the crews had picked up as much as they could, traffic was still diverted to the other side of the street because of the large amount of combustible fluids spilled on the road. The last she saw before letting her eyes slip close was scattered playing cards stuck to the asphalt by the accident's liquids. She didn't dare look to see if blood pasted any to the scene.

Tears had already shed over her lids, but when she closed her eyes to the horror, the flowing saltiness poured anew. Even Logan had been affected by the scene. He had witnessed many such tragedies in his life, but nothing so violently gruesome.

"Marie, I'm-"

"Just don't right now, Logan. Just don't."

Experts were always reporting statistics showing many deadly accidents occur within five miles of the intended destination. Rogue didn't understand why Remy had been able to make the majority of the thirty minute ride home safely before letting this happen so close to home. Why couldn't he have just made the rest of the two minutes back without incident?

As Logan pulled the Eclipse up to the front door, Rogue jumped out without waiting for him. Not that she really cared about him at the moment. She ran into the mansion and took one of the hidden express elevators to the lower levels, coming out right next to the Med Lab. Everyone was already present and waiting anxiously in the metallic Observation Room. The large window that allowed occupants to look in on the medical facility had its interior light defuser activated, creating a black wall between the two rooms. Rogue was about to rush past the waiting lounge and into the medical area when Kurt grabbed her before she could reach the door.

"Nein, schwester. Hank and Jean are doing ze best zey can for him. You must wait until zey are finished."

"Let meh go! Ah have ta see him! Ah have ta tell him Ah love him!"

She was crying hysterically again, thrashing about wildly in Kurt's strong grip. As much as Rogue loved her step-brother, she was trying her best to not drop the control she had over her mutation and knock him out with a touch. If Remy died in there beforeā€¦ Well, there was no point in thinking about the rest of that 'if' because she knew she'd never forgive herself. Scott came up to help contain her, snapping her back to a semblance of sense.

"Rogue! They're doing everything they can right now. He's in the best possible facility and under the care of the most qualified surgeons. We all have to just wait and see right now."

Realizing what he said was true, she slumped in Kurt's arms, trying to slide out of his grasp down to the floor. He kept his hold tight and wouldn't allow Rogue to fall. The support he gave her was better than any other consolation any one could possibly give her at the moment. It wasn't until someone pulled a chair closer that Kurt finally let go. She didn't know if the Professor had been there all along or if he suddenly came down himself, but she only acknowledged his presence when he reached out for her ungloved hands. Her only response was stunned silence from the shock.

"I know that you cannot find solace at a time like this, but perhaps I can provide you with some peace. It is possible to make contact with Remy on the Astral Plane. Though with his condition, you may only be able to speak with him for a moment."

Rogue looked into the somber blue eyes of her mentor. Even though he had not spoken the exact words, she knew he was telling her this was her opportunity to say good-bye.

"Ah'd like that a lot, Professah."
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