Summary: Scully yearns for her missing girlfriend. One-Shot.

Author's Note: I advise you to read GONE-the first part in my series, before attempting to read this.

Dana Scully moved through the apartment, without turning on any overhead lights. Instead, she switched on the floor lamp next to the couch. She went into the kitchen to fill a watering can.

Scully went back into the living room and began watering the small plants that occupied each corner of the living room. She glanced over at the window-or what remained of the window. There were still bloodstains on the windowsill. It didn't matter how much scrubbing she did, she couldn't get rid of it.

After a whole month of wasted searching, her girlfriend Hannah Scout still hasn't been found. There had been no sightings and the only witness to Hannah's disappearance was dead.

Scully finished watering the plants and started to straighten up the living room. She didn't know why she was doing it exactly. It was if she wanted the place clean and in order for when Hannah returned.

Her partner, Agent Mulder, had tried to get her to move on. He kept reminding her it's been a whole month of nothing and that she should accept it and let go. Scully refused to…deep down she knew they would find her. It would only be a matter of time.

Scully didn't have anything else left to do. She sank down into the plush suede couch and flicked on the television. A movie was playing but she wasn't interested in it. Her mind kept drifting…back to the night when Hannah first kissed her. It felt wonderful to be in Hannah's warm embrace and to feel the touch of her lips on hers.

Why did I leave that night? Scully asked herself for about the hundredth time. Hannah's abduction had occurred only a few minutes after Scully left, so that meant the bastard had been inside the apartment at the same time Scully was with Hannah. If Scully hadn't left, none of this would have happened.

You couldn't have known what was going to happen. Mulder had once reminded her but this gave little comfort.

Nothing much will, unless Hannah is found. Scully thought.

Scully dozed off for a while and was startled awake by her cell phone.

" Hello?"

" Scully, it's me."

" Oh, hi Mulder." Scully sat up groggily.

" You have to get over here." Mulder sounded urgent.

" Why? What's wrong…where are you?"

" At Washington DC Hospital. Scully…Hannah's been found."