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You can't make me.

"Move it, Lets GO, get out of the way!" Rosethorn's Dad yelled.

"Out of the way Kile! Coming through" She said, carrying a tray full of Food to a table. Their café just opened a few weeks ago, and things were hectic. DING! That annoying sound! She turned to Kile, who was still annoyingly close and gave him the food tray.

"Table three K, alright! Try not to spill anything" She said rushing to the front. There where 6 teens waiting for her/Oh great/ she thought

"Hi, welcome to Café Drake" she said in a sickly sweet tone, "table for, six?"

"Ya" The patriotic boy said.

"Okay, wait here a second, and I'll see what I can do" She said walking off. She found a both big enough and motioned for Kile

"there are Six teens in front, bring them here, alright?"


With said teens

"Will. Maybe we should go some place else? It looks busy" Layla had said, looking at the small café.

"This is the only place around here that's not Chinese," Will complained, "no offence" he added when he caught Warrens glare

"I don't know why I'm here" Warren said, rolling his eyes

"you're here because, you love us" Layla said cheerfully

"You have to much energy" Kile said to the hippie, "your table is ready, if you would follow me" she said, leading the teens to the Both Rosethorn indicated

"Please be seated, Rosy will be with you in a moment" Kile said, turning on the TV near the both. Suddenly the TV said Breaking News

"We will return you to your program the old and the tired as soon as I'm done telling you this. There is a giant Robot terrorizing downtown. We have just received word that the Mayor called The Commander and Jetstream" by know every one in the Café was watching, Will rolled his eyes at the mention of his parents, because a small cheer went up for them in the caf. Rose thorn waited patiently, trying not to roller her eyes at the cheer, " and they did it again folks! We now. . . " and he droned on. Rosethorn noticed the teens were stiff looking at the screen

"their probably in on it" She said, absently

"what?" the patriot, Will /I think Kile said his name is Will, said

"the 'Commander' and 'Jetstream' their probably in on the robot thing. Wouldn't surprise me, they'd be out of Business." she stopped they were all looking at her like 'what are you on?', "what? Hero's don't exist. What can I get you?" she asked, changing the subject suddenly.

"Um. . . I want a cheeseburger, medium well, and french fries" Will said, Rosethorn nodded, writing it down, "layla?"

"A salad, please" Layla said.

"I'll have the same as Will" said the blond

"me too"

"Me as well, but with ketchup" the gothic girl said

"and you?" Rosethorn asked the other boy, the one who looked like a Biker

"Do you have stake?" he asked

"I'm not sure" Rosethorn said

"I want stake, medium well, with fries" He said

". . . okay" she said, glaring at the biker boy. Then left.

"The nerve of her, saying the Commander and Jetstream were bad" Ethan said, looking at will

"'Hero's don't exist' what is that?" Zack said

"just leave her alone" Layla said, leaning her head on wills shoulder, "I'm sure she has her reasons"

After they ate.

"Are you finished?" Rosethorn asked

"yes, it was good" Will said

"of course it was, I cooked it" Rosethorn said, sarcastically

"really?" Zack said, Rosethorn had learned their names during the course of the meal

"no. here's the bill, have a good day. And a tip for you?" she started, they all looked at her, "Stop living in your fantasy worlds, hero's don't exist, never have, so wake up and smell the coffee" then she walked off.

"She's mean" Magenta said, giving Will her share of the bill.

"She's the one who's living in a fantasy world" Will agreed leaving the money on the table.

"Can we go now?" Warren said, obviously frustrated.

"Ya" Will said and they left. Rosethorn watched them go and shook her head, opening her poetry book to where she left off; not knowing she was being watched:

The Child's First Grief

Oh, call my brother back to me,

I cannot play alone;

The Summer comes, with flower and bee,

Where is my brother gone?

The flowers run wild, the flowers we sowed,

Around our garden tree;

Our vine is dropping with its lode-

Oh, call him back to me.

He wouldn't heat thy voice, fair child,

he may not come to thee;

His face that once like summer smiled,

on earth no more thou'lt see.

A rose's brief, bright life of joy,

Such unto him was given.

Go, thou must play alone, my boy,

Thy brother is in Heaven

And has he left his birds and flowers?

And must I call in vain?

And through the long, long summer hours

Will he not come again?

And by the brook, and in the glade,

Are all our wandering o'er?

Oh, while my brother and me played,

Would I have loved him more.

by: Felicia D. Hemans