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Thorn started walking in some random direction. As she walked, she fiddled with the pen in her pocket. Thorn was always a pit paranoid, and her current situation was not helping. /Think positive, just think positive/ she kept repeating in her mind. /If I keep thinking 'think positive' Am I thinking positively/ she smiled slightly, and headed across a bridge.

"I know where I am" she said suddenly, looking down. Below the bridge was the east river, and across from the bridge she was standing on was another bridge, being repaired. Thorn felt like she wanted to be sick, the feeling was back. She looked at bridge again, looking for something.

"I spy with my little eye, something that begins with W" and she took off, running towards said bridge. When she reached the bridge she took out her cell and dialed the first number she could think of

"Hello?" Will answered

"back in old habits are we?" She said, "Listen, I'm sorry I threw a book at you, I'm sorry I called your parents murderers when they were in the next room, and I know you don't like me anymore, but right now seriously I need your help"

"Why?" he asked, "you can't fix what you did to Warren by your self?"

"I DIDN'T. . ." She took a deep breath, "Okay, Will, I need you to come to the east river bridge, the one that's being fixed, in about 15 minutes, not for me, for Warren" She said, and hung up, not giving him a chance to replay. /God, I hope he comes, because if this go's wrong/ she shook her head, and headed onto the bridge. The workers had the day off, so Thorn and Warren should be alone on the bridge, for at least 15 minutes /I hope/ she thought, as she neared to center of the bridge, and Warren.

"Warren!" she shouted when she caught sight of him. He looked up from his perch on the flat railing above the water.

"How did you find me?"

"Well you see, I was walking and got lost. Then I ended up in front of library, then I walked until I saw you from that bridge, over there" she said pointing

"You shouldn't be here" Thorn turned around, who ever said that, wasn't Warren. Standing behind her was a man, a very ugly man. His face was all scars, he was bald, and had red eyes.

"Whoa" Was all she could say

"I have that impression on people, but they warm up to me" he said, walking closer. Warren growled, but didn't move.

"You-you're an empath" Thorn said, backing up, "with that-that empathetic transition"

"Your good" He said, stopping

"Who are you" She said, stopping a few yards away from the empath, and a few steps away from Warren.

"I am Bronson Battle, Barron Battles brother, the only empath ever to attend Sky High" he said proudly, "We worked together, until something went wrong, he burned my face, my lab, and left me for dead."

"oh, and your trying to kill your nephew? Revenge, I guess? I just have a question" She said, starting to back up very slowly

"What is it? I'm feeling generous today." He said, not noticing she was putting more space in-between them.

"Why make him kill himself? Why didn't you just make him trust you, then slit his throat" Her back was against the railing, Warren was only a few feet from her. Unfortunately, Bronson noticed.

"You underestimate my power, girl." he said, moving his hands. "Warren, get rid on her" Thorn wished to God she didn't hear the sound of flames behind her, but she was wrong. She didn't bother turning around to see if she was right, Thorn just took off running. The feeling in her stomach came back, and she ducked, a fire ball flew over her head. She turned around to face Warren. He was standing a few yards away, off the railing, with his hands ignited. Thorn gulped and froze.

"Warren! It's me! Thorn! We're friends! Well, we used to be, but I was a bitch. I admit it! But you don't have to do this! Fight him! You're stronger than him! Better than him!" Thorn called to him, getting desperate.

"Oh for God sake," She heard Bronson mutter, "I said get rid of her, Warren!"

Thorn saw Warren pause, and look at the two of them. Bronson saw it too.

"Kill Her!" He shouted.

"No! Warren! I'm sorry! But listen to me! Don't do this! Please!" Thorn yelled, looking at him, and hoping he didn't decide to kill her. There wouldn't be too much she could do about it.

It looked to her like Warren changed his mind about killing her, which was pretty exciting.

"Warren!" Bronson yelled, angrily.

While his focus was on Warren, Thorn ran into him and pushed him into the railing of the bridge. It collapsed under their weight and Bronson started to fall off the bridge. He grabbed Thorn's hand and she started to go down with him.

When Warren saw that Thorn was falling "No!" he yelled, and ran over to try to stop her, but Bronson's weight was too much and all three of them started falling over the bridge.

About a foot or two down, time froze. Well, the three of them froze.

"Good thing Will called us, huh?" Shay said. "Look! They're falling!"

"I can see that they're falling you idiot!" Kris exclaimed.

"Well what are we gunna do?" Shay asked.

"I don't know! I can't teleport! What if I miss my mark?" Kris said, trying to think of a plan.

"You know that's your little sister?"

"I'm gunna kill you! Of course I know that's my little sister! But if I miss them and start falling, I'm not gunna be any help to anyone!"

"What's going on!" Will said, running up behind them.

"Thank God! Wonder Boy's here!" Shay said, sarcastically.

"Oh my God! Will, you can fly right?" Kris asked.

"Yeah, you want me to fly over and get them?" He asked.

"No I was thinking of pizza!" Kris said sarcastically. "Of course I want you to go save them! Now hurry up! Once you're ready, yell back, and Shay will unfreeze them."

"Ok." he said, and took off. When he got in position, he yelled, "okay!"

"He said okay, shay" Kris said

"I heard him, I'm not deaf" Shay yelled

"really? Could have fooled me"

"um, Guys? Not now okay?" Will said. Shay sighed and unfroze Warren, Thorn and the stranger. Will caught them all and landed on the ground. It took Thorn a moment to realized she wasn't falling anymore. She looked around, Warren looked as puzzled as she did, and so did Bronson /wait a second, Bronson/ Thorn jumped back a foot. Lucky for her Bronson and Warren didn't recover that fast. Thorn looked around on the ground for a weapon. There was a stray pipe on the ground next top her. She picked it up, and before anyone had a chance to react, Thorn brought the pipe down hard on the head on Bronson.

"What the Hell?" Kris screamed, jumping out of the way of the stumbling body. Warren seemed to have sobered up. He stood in front of the shaking Thorn, in a protective manner, and ignited his hands.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on!" Will said looking from Bronson to Warren to Thorn.

"He's Warrens uncle!" Thorn rushed to explain, "He's an empath, he made Warren depressed, try to kill himself, I think, and he made him try to kill me!" Then suddenly it sank it, Thorn looked at Warren

"You tried to Kill me!"

"Now is not the right time to be having this conversation" he said.

"I'm Your uncle Warren! I wouldn't try to kill you, I'd kill her!" Bronson said, after he regained his footing, "Where's your place boy? It's with your family, not with that rat behind you" he held out his hand, Warren tensed

"My place is here, between Thorn and You" He said. Thorn looked at him, then crept away.

"I could make you come" He said

"Really?" He said, buying time

"really, You remember, I almost made you jump off the bridge, I made you attack your little girl friend, I could make you do anything I want!" He said, laughing

"No you can't" Thorn said, Hitting him again, and again, "You tried to kill me! You think you can just walk away, and try to take Warren, again? I wont let you!" She hit him and hit him, until Warren grabbed her arm, and made her stop. Bronson wasn't moving. "It's okay" Warren kept saying, over and over. Kris, Shay, and Will were still confused. Thorn sighed and leaned her head on Warrens shoulders, then passed out. Warren looked down at her, then up at everyone else

"We should go" Kris said, grabbing, Warren and Shay, Will gabbed what was left of Bronson and Thorns shoulder. They all teleported To Thorns place. Thorns Mother came running out and gasped

"what happened!" She all but shouted. Looking at Thorn and Bronson.

"Well from what we gather," Kris said, " The almost dead guy is Hotheads uncle, he tried to kill Thorn, and Warren, and then Warren became all Romantic, and Thorn flipped out on him with a led pipe"

"oh" Was all she said, "well, lets put her on the couch"

Thorns power is a Sixth Sense. where she knows something bads going to happen to someone she knows, or herself, so ic can be writen off as good instincts. good guesses though.