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Regarding sequel stuff: I'm working on it right now (well, not right now as I'm writing to you, but you know what I mean) and it's coming along vaguely. It's hard trying to keep him in character. Anyways, it's called "Keep on Trucking" and it's going to be more uplifting than the past two stories have been. You guys rock so much! Thank you!

Kenzimone: Thanks hon! I appreciate comments on the small touches cause I was afraid they were going to detract from the story as a whole! No worries, a sequel's coming soon (I hope)! Thanks for always jumping on my stories, I love that!

Goddess Artemis: Wow, what a compliment! Thanks so much! This is probably just a one-shot deal so probably no second chapter to this story. But! There will be more stuff soon, I promise. As for someone finding him, well the ambulance is there so they've definitely found him by now. Thanks so much for your constant reviewing!

WarrinPeace: Aww! (Big blushing) You are so sweet! Get going on your fics as well, I love "My Biggest Fear"!

Riderazzo: Hey! Thanks a lot! Yeah, I'm not much for length, am I? Most of my stories tend to be one-shots. If I were going to add chapters to this story, it would definitely be from one of the other kid's viewpoints, trying to cope with the fact that their friend was suicidal. If I get to it, I'll definitely let you know! Thanks!

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Succumb: I DEFINITELY know what you mean. I was sitting there staring at the computer and trying to figure out whether or not I should have Warren attempt suicide in this story or not. It seems a bit out of character because the people that I know that even come close to his situation are the ones who plug away the most. That's what the theme of "Keep on Trucking" is going to be; about keeping on when the way is rough. I wanted him to have this moment of sheer insecurity for me to build on later. Plus, the fact that I'd already hinted at it in "Sorry's Always Hard To Say" (something I sincerely regret) made it kind of hard for me to get out of the situation. The next one will be more upbeat, I promise! Thanks so much for commenting on the first-person thing because I tend to shirk at that stuff as well!

Silver-midnite: Thanks so much! I agree, his character is very versatile and you can put the poor thing through just about anything (a privilege I'm really trying to take advantage of…putting him in sweet, uplifting, and angsty situations all). Sequel's on it's way, thanks so much for reviewing!

Stargazingirl: Wow, thank you! I agree that the more normal, grittier world gets overlooked not only in superhero fanfictions but in most stories altogether, so that's what I was sort of getting at; I love you for catching it! And oh yes, he's cute ;) Thanks hon!

Un jour or l'autre: Yay! Thanks so much! I'm glad you think it's all those things  Dynamics are really important in fanfiction so it's awesome that you like seeing it! I'll try not to make him too complicated (well, there's only so much you can do with a Disney character, after all…or is there?). Thanks so much!

Yucina101 Thank you! I don't know if people really do THIS to each other (the premise is a bit ridiculous: A supervillain father and deceased mother). Technically Warren would be in foster care or at a children's hall, but it didn't serve my purposes. But yes, to a degree, this stuff happens. People shirk other people in hallways for no real reason, and make fun of each other, and judge each other without cause, which is sort of what I was going for in this story. Thanks so much, I love you!

Victoria Wolf ;) Maybe the ambulance fixed him up. I agree that it might be nice if Warren's father showed up. Maybe one day I'll do a fic between the two of them. I think for this story the dad will stay out of the picture for now, though. Haha, what do you mean, "the stupid stuff"? Just kidding ;). Yay! Someone commented on the song. It's definitely not our best lyrics, but the Streetlamp Band thanks you from the bottom of our hearts ;).