Starting over
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Things are not always what they seem. Here we find a boy, probably no older than thirteen lying in a pool of his own blood in a place that is aptly named the Valley of the End. His best friend in the world has just used a move called the Chidori on him and has left him for dead since the injury will kill him in a matter of minutes. The Chidori is an assassination attack created by the boy's teacher, and taught to his best friend.

Lying there with nothing left to do, the boy whose name is Naruto slowly slips into unconsciousness. It will not be long before he dies, just as he draws his final breath, time seems to stop for him and a man steps through a glowing portal. The man is wearing black cargo pants, a black long sleeve shirt, and a blood red vest. His blonde hair was almost platinum blonde bordering on white. He looked down at Naruto and extended his hand.

Naruto looked up at him and slowly took his out stretched hand. Raising to his feet he looked at the man with curiosity before asking, "Who are you?"
"It doesn't matter who I am, only what choice are you going to make concerning what happened here"

"What do you mean?"

"Simple really, you are all but dead. The moment I leave, you will die. I happen to know that you don't really like this idea, but you do have a choice. I have a means of sending you back in time to when you where five years old. You will keep all of your memories, but none of the abilities or training. Your old body will be the same."

"What good would that do me?"

"Well for starters, you wouldn't be dead, and with knowledge of the future, you will be better able to prepare yourself for the coming things. I will also give you access to something that will enable you to go farther then anyone else."

"Why are you doing this for me?"

"Simple, I have watched your life. With everything you have gone through you still care for people and have never given up. I like that and am willing to give you a second chance. There is nothing more to it than that, unless you count having someone else along for the ride."


"Oh, sorry forgot to mention that part. Kyuubi will be coming along for the ride of course, but so will another that is in the same predicament, this person has more knowledge of things than even you do. He can help you, but it will take some doing for the two of you to come together, as such, he will have to share your body as does the Kyuubi. But with a little help, you should be able to create a body for him after a few years and then you two can go your separate was if you so choose."

"What do I have to do."

"Just say yes and then the three of you will be off to the past as one. He will be able to talk to you just like the Kyuubi will be able to talk to you. And it will be up to the three of you to come to a compromise on how to handle things, but don't think that it will be an issue in the times to come. Well, what do you say?"

Taking a look around, Naruto then realized that this was the best chance he had for a new life, and he didn't want to go back and leave his best friend to face the snake. With a long heavy sigh, he agreed and time seemed to start again, Naruto feel down and closed his eyes hoping that it hadn't been a dying dream...