A poem told from Rhapsody's POV. Set midway throught book two (Prophecy). Reflects her feelings on Ashe and their relationship.

You hold me and you love me and you tell me that you care

But there's something between us, unspoken in the air

What is it that you hide from me, is it something in your past?

We made a promise not to speak of it, I knew that would not last

You hide your face so I can't see what's going on inside

I understand and I accept why from the world you need to hide

To me you can say anything, I hope of that you know

So possibly you'll tell me what has caused you so much woe

You seem so distant Ashe, what is it that is wrong?

Why do you feel the need to stay away so long?

You told me you had things to so, and that I understand

I still can't shake the feeling that you're mind's in a distant land

Trapped within the past, your memories swirl about

I wish that I could talk to you, help you to get out

The past cannot be changed, no matter what it is you wish

Please come and sit next to me, so I can give you a final kiss

What do you think? I love the Rhapsody books, and I hope this is up to E.H.'s standrards, and yours as well. Please review!