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"Annabelle Christine Nelson!" my mom yelled from downstairs. "Get your butt down here this instant!"

I climbed down the stairs to face her mother, who no doubt had found out about her skipping day. "Yes mother?"

"Don't you 'yes mother' me Annabelle!" How dare you skip again! If you do it one more time, the school says they're going to suspend you!"

"Do you have to call me Annabelle? I hate that name! Call me Anna," I said back.

"Don't you dare try to change the subject!" my mom bellowed. "Why did you skip school this time! To hang out with your boyfriend? You know there are more important things than boys in this world!"

"For your information, I skipped school to help out a friend!" I hollered back. "And who are you to lecture me on something like that! You got pregnant when you were 16! And I'm still a virgin! If you want to lecture someone on that, lecture Chrissy!" I pointed behind my back to my twin sister and she froze. I realized what I did, and immediately felt bad. I'd snitched on my sister.

"Christina," my mom said, her voice deathly quiet, "is this true?"

"Um, well, uh," my sister stuttered, I knew she was going to kill me for this.

"Christina?" my mom said questioningly. "Explain."

"Well, you see, I was talking to Jake," she started. Jake was her boyfriend of two years. "And we were thinking, since we'd been together for so long, that maybe it was time to take it to the next level. But we only did it once."

"Just go upstairs, both of you," my mom said, "I'll talk to you later."

Chrissy and I scrambled up the stairs, we were both happy we were let off so easily, for now.

Maybe I should give you some background info. My name is Annabelle Marie Nelson, but everyone calls me Anna. I'm 15 years old. I have a twin sister named Christina Marie Nelson. I'm the daughter that causes my mom a lot of stress. I've been playing poker since I was 5, and the 5th graders taught me on the playground. I'm a rule-breaker, the intimidating girl at JFK High. I had a rep, that my mom said was like my dad's. I don't know about that, though. As I said, I've never met my dad.

Our mom is Emma Christine Nelson. She has this program called SITE that she started. It's environment crap. She's big on the environment. Anyway, SITE went national about 10 years ago. We're pretty well off, actually we're kinda rich. We live in a condo in New York City. Mom had Chrissy and me when she was 16, we've never met our father. She ran away from her home in Toronto, Canada, when she was 4 months along. We see our grandparents once in a while.

Chrissy is the good girl. She always gets straight As, (as opposed to my Bs, Cs, and occasional Ds). She's in the gifted classes at school. She's into the environment too. She's a vegetarian, like my mom. I don't think she's ever skipped, or gotten into trouble, with the exception of her night of losing her virginity. I bet my mom wishes I was just like Chrissy. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my sister. We're really tight, but she can be such a goody-goody!

Well, there we were, in the upstairs family room, just sitting in two chairs, waiting for our punishments. I turned on the TV, while Chrissy read her book. I turned to a re-run of Pimp My Ride (I love cars), and began watching. I must have fallen asleep because a few hours later I opened my eyes and some reality show was on, that I'd never watched. Then, our mom called us downstairs.

"Anna, Chrissy, come down here," our mom called.

"Great," I mumbled as we made our way down the stairs. Chrissy was nervous, she hardly ever got in trouble.

"Yes mom?" Chrissy asked, her voice was shaking slightly.

"Pack your bags," my mom said, "we're leaving."

Chrissy's eyes got wide. "No, mom! I promise I'll be better! Please don't send us away!" she begged. What a wimp.

"No, Chrissy, I'm not sending you and Anna away, we're taking a trip for a little while," my mom explained. "I called your school and told them. We'll be back in a week." Chrissy and I went upstairs into our rooms and packed. We have separate rooms. I pulled out my green duffel bag and packed it with enough clothes for a week, some magazines (not the girly ones), a toothbrush, hairbrush, toothpaste, some money, and some eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss. Hey, I may not be a girly girl, but I did like some make up. I grabbed my black hand bag, that had my cards, flip phone, and some spare make up, and went downstairs. I noticed my mom had already packed, and we waited for Chrissy to finish packing. She came down stairs and we got into the cab and went to the airport.

After about 20 minutes of silence, I had to ask. "So mom, where are we going?"

"Toronto," my mom said, and my mouth fell open, as my sister gasped. The rest of the ride was silent, and so was the plane ride. The whole time I was wondering: Will I meet my dad?

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