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Right were we left off:

Jay just shook his head and closed the bathroom door. He walked to the toilet, but froze when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, a pregnancy test.

Jay went over and looked, it was positive, but he and Paige hadn't had sex in about a year. He didn't want to believe it, but it was true. He closed his eyes, hoping the test would go away, but it didn't.

Jay opened the door, with the pregnancy test in his hand, to find Paige biting her nails nervously. "Hello hypocrite," he said.

"H-hi," she replied, not daring to look into his eyes, knowing they'd be full of fury.

"What's this!" he asked, pushing the positive test into her face.

"It's uh, um, well, uh," Paige stuttered.

"It's uh, um, well, proof that you cheated on me!" Jay yelled.

"Look, Jay, I can explain," started Paige.

"Who's the father?" he asked.

"Spinner," she said quietly.

"What a great friend!" he screamed sarcastically.

"Jay," she started.

"Save it," Jay said, "I'm leaving."

"If you leave take the kids," Paige snapped.

"Fine," Jay said. "Lauren, pack your stuff and Michael's stuff, I'm going to the airport, I'll be right back."

Jay got into his car and drove the long way to the Toronto airport. He parked his car and went inside, he was looking all around and then he say what he was looking for, three tall, slim women, one with blonde hair, two with light brown.

"Emma!" he yelled over the crowd, "Emma!"

Emma turned around, saw Jay, and kept walking. She was walking to the ticket person, he had to stop her. "Emma!" he called again.

She made no inclination that she'd heard Jay, but Jay wasn't going to stop. He ran, knocking some people over, jumping over suitcases, and getting the finger from many people, then he finally reached her.

"Emma," he said, she ignored him. "I split with Paige." She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around with tears in her eyes.

"And you came here to tell me that it was all my fault?" she asked.

"No, I came here to tell you that I love you," he answered, "and it's not your fault, Paige cheated on me."

Emma flung herself into Jay's arms, and they kissed a long, passionate kiss that you only see in movies. When they pulled away, Jay was even more breathless than before.

"I'm sorry about everything I've done in the past, but I couldn't lose you again," Jay said. Emma just nodded, so Jay continued. "I told Lauren and Michael to pack, we're moving to New York with you."

Emma smiled and she, Jay, and their daughters drove back to his house. There they helped Lauren pack, and Paige stayed in the bedroom.

"I'll send you the divorce papers," Jay said as they walked out their door, and drove to the airport to begin a new life in New York City.

The End

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