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The Way to a Man's Heart Isn't by Crushing His Ego Chapter 43: What Goes on During 'a Simple Game of Chess'

Where did those kids get too? Roy wondered to himself as he wandered around some buildings. They took the medical case and ran off with it. I have no idea where to look now. He stumbled around the sandy pathways, eyes darting everywhere, keeping a close eye out for the orphans and the gangsters.

Back at the office…

Havoc, Fury, and Falman are seen sitting at their desks, looking over papers and files. The sound of papers rustling and pens scribbling on paper is all that is heard in the room as everything is still and pretty motionless.

"It's too quiet," Havoc said as he laid the document he was reading on his desk and leaned back in his chair. He twirled the cigarette in his lips as his eyes stared at the ceiling.

"Stop whining and enjoy it," Falman replied not stopping from his work.

"Yeah, it is," Fury said as he looked up at Havoc. "Where has Breda gone?"

"I believe he went to General Grumman regarding Lieutenant Colonel Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye."

"Isn't Grumman Hawkeye's grandfather?" Havoc asked looking over at Falman.

"That's what I've heard," the older man replied.

This brought Fury's dark child-like eyes to the ceiling. The black orbs traced the wall, covered by the clear glass of his black eyeglasses. "Do you think the Lieutenant Colonel is alright? He has been gone along time."

"You call overnight a long time?" Falman asked.

"For someone with his skills it is, and it's been more like a day and a half. I believe they arrived around noon yesterday," Havoc replied.

"It seems longer then that," Fury said as his eyes went back to his papers.

"Yes it does. But the Lieutenant Colonel is very skilled in combat. He was a hero in Ishbal, you know. I'm sure he's fine and just waiting for someone to pick him up," Falman said still doing his work.

"Hawkeye is good, too," Havoc added, "You should have seen her in her battle with the Lieutenant Colonel."

"Oh yes," Fury said with his usual smile, "I never really got to meet her, but I heard lots of rumors that she was just as good as the Lieutenant Colonel, even when he did use his alchemy."

"Believe me…" Havoc replied and slumped forward, remembering the battle. "Hughes, Armstrong and I got a front row seat for it."

"So I heard," Falman said.

"Why did Breda go to General Grumman instead of General Haruko or Brigadier General Gran?" Fury asked out of the blue.

"Because he didn't want to waste his time with Gran," Havoc and Falman replied in unison.

"And Haruko and Mustang aren't what you would call friends," Falman exclaimed.

"Gran is so bull-headed. He is probably enjoying every minute of the Lieutenant Colonel's absence," Havoc added.

"I guess you're right," Fury replied, "He wouldn't do anything even if we did ask him about it, would he?"


Havoc sighed once more, "It's too quiet."

"HEY, HAVE YOU SEEN MY WIFE? ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL?" they heard Hughes' chiming voice sounding in the hallway.

"That didn't last very long," Fury said as his dark eyes went to the door. Havoc's attention went to the door as well.

"I told you you should have enjoyed it," Falman replied, annoyance was in his voice. He didn't hate Hughes, but he didn't really like him either. "I don't know how they expect anyone to get their work done in a room with that love bird."

"Aw, come on, he's not so bad," Fury said in Hughes' defense.

"Right…" the older man replied and got back to his papers.

Havoc was lost in thought again until…

"HEY!" the door flung open and Hughes walked in. His face held the same troublesome grin it always had. His expression changed to confusion when he saw the somewhat down faces of Havoc and Fury. "What's wrong with you?"

"They are just worried about the Lieutenant Colonel and Lieutenant Hawkeye," Falman answered.

Hughes smiled, "Don't be down about that. I'm sure Hawkeye will protect him."

"Sure," Fury replied with a reassured smile.

"Wasn't it because of the Lieutenant that they were shipped out there?" Falman asked and glanced up at Hughes.

"It was because of both of them," Havoc answered for Hughes, "And the Fuhrer said it was more of a 'bonding time' then a punishment."

"Bonding?" Fury asked as his attention went to the blonde First Lieutenant.

"The way to a man's heart isn't by crushing his ego. Especially when it comes to someone like the Lieutenant Colonel," Falman exclaimed as if he knew the answer to everything in the universe.

"That's not necessarily true," Hughes replied as his yellow eyes wandered around the room. The images of the dogs' battle came back to him. Then he paused and his expression became surprised. "You haven't fixed that window yet, Havoc?"

"No, I haven't had time to get around to it," he replied as his blue eyes went to the cigarette in his mouth. His expression was calm and dull as he watched the white material on the object being to turn black as the heat consumed it.

"Didn't the Major's alchemy fix it?" Hughes asked as he stared at the frame covered with a black garbage bag.

"Equal trade," Havoc replied, "Can't make something new if you don't have something old. We took all the remains of the window out when we first began, remember?"

"And every one that broke after that," Hughes grinned.

"Equal? Wasn't there another name for it?" Fury asked. Falman continued with his work, not paying much attention to his friends.

"Yeah, but I'm not expert. I know it means equal though," Havoc replied.

"If the Lieutenant Colonel were here we could just as him," Fury said somewhat sadly.

"Hey!" Hughes chimed, "He's fine! Don't worry about him! It's only a couple of gangs. He'll handle them no problem." He looked at the three men sitting at their desks. "Huh?"

"What now?" Falman irritability asked.

"Where's Lieutenant Breda?" He asked as his eyes searched the room for the short, fat, red-haired man.

"He went to see General Grumman. I hope they're getting somewhere. He left almost and hour ago," Havoc replied.

"Didn't want to waste his time with Gran, huh?" Hughes smirked.

They all nodded in reply.

"I wonder how Roy's doing?" Hughes wondered aloud as his eyes went back to the broken window.

"Dammit," Roy panted and slumped up against a wall. "I can't find them anywhere," he cursed and tried to push himself up off the wall. He didn't get that far before he collapsed to his knees. His expression became infuriated as he thought about how weak he was. Then his dark eyes went down to Riza. His rage subsided as his eyes traced her still pale form. "I'll take care of things, don't worry," he assured her. Then he tried to get up again.

He pushed against the wall and tried to steady his feet under him, but Riza's body was weighing him down a great deal. Once he tried lifting her, his wounded arm tensed and ached horribly. Roy flinched and scoffed at himself. He tried once more to lift his subordinate, but quickly fell back to his knees as he lost his grip on her.

"Hawkeye…" a frustrated and helpless noise escaped his throat as he stared down at her. She lay draped over his lap, the side of her face lie in the sand. He had wiped the blood away from her mouth, but the red color still tainted her once beautiful hair. What if I can't save her? A small voice lingered in the back of his mind. If I can't even support myself, how am I supposed to save her, too? He lowered his head, allowing his dark bangs to hide his eyes.His teeth clenched and he became enraged again. I can't think those things. I'm a State Alchemist; I was a hero in Isbal, my abilities measure way above this. I can't lose and die because of a couple of thugs. "And…" he jeered as he raised his head, revealing dark lively eyes, "I won't have another death to my name. Not another one, especially not hers," he growled and looked back down at Riza.

"Hawkeye," Roy started down at her gently. "I'm going to try something else," he said and hoisted her onto his back. Using the wall as support he forced himself up. It was a lot easier when all her weight was on his legs and back instead of his wounded arm. Then he stumbled forward once again, ready to continue his search.

In General Grumman's office…

"But, sir," Breda began again. He'd been at this for what seemed like forever now.

"That's enough, Lieutenant," then old man known as General Grumman interrupted. "I too, am friends with Lieutenant Colonel Mustang. I fully believe he and my granddaughter can handle anything those men can dish out."

The old General sat across from Breda, in-between them sat a table, and on that table, nothing but a simple chessboard. "Check," his old eyes went back to Breda.

"Uh…" the Lieutenant found himself backed into a corner. They were supposed to be playing a serious game, but he was so busy with his mission he wasn't paying much attention to the game. His eyes went to the General's calm peaceful face. He was a very nice man, his 'grandfather' look alone proved that. He was indeed and elder among the rest of the dogs. His head held no hair, except a strip of grey that began around his ears then went around the base of his skull. This look was not uncommon for older men. He did however have a thick mustache full of dark grey hair. His eyes were old and wise, yet he hid them behind round eyeglass frames.

Breda stared at his black chess pieces as he tried to come up with a persuasive way to get the General to go along with him. "You know, General…" the overweight man began, "Your granddaughter is alone with the Lieutenant Colonel, and you never can trust him around women. Especially the young pretty ones, who your granddaughter surpasses in both physical and mental standards."

"Go on…" Grumman said, raising his eyes from the board. Both men had serious expressions on their faces.

"I'm just saying… that maybe the Lieutenant Colonel would like it investigate in 'other' areas, while on his current mission."

The General raised an eyebrow, "You're saying he won't his pants on?"

"You never can tell with those young buck pretty boys," Breda continued shaking his head. Of course, he didn't mean what he said, not all of it anyway. This was all part of his plan.

Grumman thought about this a moment. His eyes sunk back down to the black and white pieces on the game board. "And you do know…" he began leaning back in his comfortable chair. Suddenly the tension in the room was broken with a fit of laughter. "That this is my Hawkeye we are talking about. She has good morals, and I'm sure she can take care of herself. I've known Mustang for some time now. Yes, he may do things we as soldiers don't see fit, but there is another side of him, too. I'd bet that 'other side' would keep his pants zipped and his hands to himself."

"'Other side'?" Breda asked, and thought about this a moment, "DO YOU MEAN HAWKEYE?"

Grumman began laughing again, "No, but that's a nice thought."

Breda gave a small sigh again and tried to come up with another plan. He looked at his queen surrounded by Grumman's pons and knight, and it didn't take long for him to think of something. "They have been gone along time, all things considered."

"How so?"

"Well, they were sent to take care of a few thugs. Don't you think they've been gone awhile for something as small as that? Mustang and Hawkeye are great soldiers, don't you agree their skills would have giving them a sooner return?"

"Hmmm… indeed," the old General replied.

"Wouldn't it be a good idea to at least check up on them? It's not like it affects our other missions anyway. We just got in a bus load of new recruits, so we have free bodies by the pound that we could send out there."

The General thought about this a moment, "That is true…"

Breda smiled. I love his easy-going personality. It comes in quite handy when big decisions are involved.

"Alright," he replied after a few minutes of silence, "I'll grant you your wish and send some troops out to help them."

"Really?" Breda asked happily. He was almost surprised it was that easy, "Thank you, sir!"

Then Grumman got up from his seat and walked over to his desk. He picked up the phone and gave the order to ready the troops to another officer. As he was doing so, a smile flashed over Breda's face and he congratulated himself silently.

After Grumman hung up the phone he turned back to Breda. "It's all done; they are organizing troops and will be sending them out soon. They have also been fitted with weapons incase something is going wrong over there. I've also asked a messenger to go to Mustang's office and send some of your comrades to go and assist Mustang and Hawkeye if needed."

"Thank you, sir!" Breda replied. He was very pleased with himself and what he had accomplished.

"It's no problem, like you said, Lieutenant. We have plenty of soldiers around. They need an easy mission since here it's hard to have any kind of a hobby," the old man said with a smile as sat back down.

"Yes, General," Breda nodded in agreement. Can I get out of here now? He wondered to himself as his eyes went back to the board. I can't just get up and run, can I? No, he's a higher ranking officer. That has disrespect written all over it. If Gran found out I ditched another General, he'd have my head for sure. Man, Havoc has all the fun.

"Is something wrong, Lieutenant?" Grumman asked seeing Breda's distressed face.

"Uhh… actually…" Breda began.

"HEY!" the door flung open and Hughes walked casually in. "How's it going?" his cheerful voice chimed.

"Hughes!" Breda snapped suddenly, "You can't just! He's a! Are you nut-!"

"Well hello there, Major," Grumman greeted Hughes with a smile.

"How are things going?" the family man asked again as his eyes went to Breda, "Did ya get things to work out?"

Breda sat speechless. He'd never been alone with two higher ups before. If his friends were around maybe he'd be a little more confident.

"Yes," Grumman replied, "There's nothing that can't be solved over a simple game of chess."

"I see," Hughes said. Suddenly his glasses lit up and his voice gained an excited and sly tone. "Did he tell you your granddaughter was alone with Roy?" he hissed menacingly.

"Yes, he did make me aware of that," Grumman replied.

"DON'T THEY JUST MAKE THE CUTEST COUPLE?" Hughes exploded like a lit bomb.

"Uh…" Breda didn't know what to say.

"I think Mustang would make a good husband. He's a good man," the General replied.

"I know, and he needs a wife! I've been telling him to get one for a while now, but he's to pig-headed to listen to me! I'm glad I finally found someone who agrees! We should join forces and get those two together!" Hughes went into his rambling mode.

"I think they can make that decision on their own," Grumman replied, but in his mind he was agreeing with him.

"Yes they can make it, but to get to making it I think we should give them a little push," Hughes said with his trademark expression. Little pink hearts began fluttering around his head as his glasses got even brighter and he got all gitty.

"I'm not to interfere in my Hawkeye's affairs unless I see a good reason too."

"Ah, I got ya!" Hughes replied, still in gitty mode, "But what if they did get married? You know I'd be the best man! Come on, you know I would. After all, I am the one responsible for getting them together!"

"I suppose," Grumman replied.

"Ummm…" Breda just sat quietly and watched the two men go on and on.

"And what about the honeymoon?" Hughes chimed.

"I think they can pick out a nice place on their own. They are 'young people' after all."

"I DON'T MEAN THAT?" Hughes snapped, almost climbing on the table to see Grumman at eye level, "I MEAN WHAT WOULDS RIZA WEAR?"

"What?" Breda asked confused.

Grumman raised an eyebrow, "A dress of course…"

Hughes gave him a bit of a glare then put his hand to his mouth, shielding his lips from the single Lieutenant. He leaned in close to the General then said in a sly whisper, "You know I don't mean that."

"Oh, you mean for…"

Hughes gave a serious nod in reply.

"Oh boy, it's been so long since 'that' happened to me. Let me think about what my wife wore," Grumman said and put his hand to his chin.

"No!" the Major snapped, "That was along time ago! They have much better stuff now!"

"Uh… Why are we talking about this?" Breda asked, wanting to get out of this uncomfortable conversation. "Shouldn't we be finding out when the troops are leaving or something? And this is Hawkeye we are talking about. I'm sure she'd get angry if she found out what you were discussing."

The General sat and thought about that, "Yes, it is her personal business. I'm sure she wouldn't be too happy if her old grandpa pried into her life like that. Plus she's a smart and beautiful girl. I'm sure she can pick something out for Mustang. He'd be happy with her wither she got something of 'that' nature or not I'm sure."

"BUT THAT'S THE MOST IMPOSTRANT PART!" Hughes argued almost falling over.

"Her underwear?" Breda replied.

"Hm?" both men stared at the Lieutenant in confusion.

There was silence in the room for a few moments as they continued their uncomfortable staring.

Hughes adjusted his glasses on his nose and continued to stare and the unmarried man, "….no…but…" he tried to say something witty when the General cut in.

"Well gentlemen," the General said as he stood up from his seat, "This has been a lovely conversation, but I feel I must take me leave. We should all get together again sometime," he finished with a smile and a wave and walked out of the room.

The two dogs watched as the officer left the room and closed the door.

"Did I say something wrong?" Breda asked Hughes, who was still almost on top of the table.

"Well..." he looked back at him and rubbed the back of his head with a confused yet serious expression, "Where did you get underwear from?"

Breda's face turned white as a sheet, "ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT?"

"No… we were talking about her shoes. Dancing is the best part of the whole experience aside from… and you don't want to get sore feet in classily yet uncomfortable heels. But what you were talking about… that's a nice idea, too. How would you like tell Roy you made his night perfect?" he asked with a menacing grin as he leaned in toward Breda. His glasses lit up once again.

"Uh…" Breda stared into his face uncertainly.

Before he could even reply the door opened once more. Both soldiers looked to see the General reenter the room.

He stood before then with a smile, "And I almost forgot," he said as he reached around Hughes' body and down towards the board, "Checkmate," he smiled and knocked over Breda's queen with his knight. Then he stood up straight and looked the lower ranks, "That was fun, we must do it again indeed, tootles," he said and left.

"Uh…" Hughes and Breda started at the door in confusion.

In the land of sand…

"Don't die, Hawkeye," Roy repeated over and over as he stumbled through the sandy pathways. He continued on in search of the kids, but it wasn't as easy as when he first began. All his muscles ached and his vision was now blurry.

He made his way around a corner and almost collapsed again. NO! He ordered himself to stay up. He was having a battle with his body, and he was losing badly. He fell against the wall again and used his arms to hold up his weight. He tried going again, but the poison his arms were in caused Riza to slide off his shoulders.

"Hawkeye!" Roy shouted as his dark eyes darted back to see his Lieutenant fall to the ground and lay still in the sand.

His expression was full of helplessness as he fell to his knees. His eyes still on Riza as his soul sunk into a sea of depression. His pupils quivered like they had when he was in the Ishbal war as the fear of death and the feeling of not being in control set in. Suddenly the image of himself as a young solider in the war came flooding back to him. His eyes widened as he remembered putting the gun to his head when he felt he couldn't escape from the torment his soul was enduring. He looked down at Riza again, and then he saw her pistol lying at his side. It had fallen from his waistband when he fell, and was now taunting him. He was beginning to consider his options and took the gun in his hand when …

"Lieutenant Colonel, sir. Forgive me for disobeying orders, sir," she replied. Her words spaced by her slurred breathing. "It was an order that I help you on this mission. I'm sorry; Lieutenant Colonel, but I can not leave you, not matter what." Her amber eyes fixed on Grimm. She saw Grimm's face in another flash of light. The teen wasn't exactly thrilled at Riza's response.

"Well…" Grimm began with a cold smirk. "It looks like all bets are off," she said as she raised her weapon.

The two women glared at each other for a moment or two. Riza's mind became clouded as fatigue began to set in. Her sense of reality began to drift away and the fireflies returned, though there was no one firing.

What is this? Riza wondered and scoffed as the light of the fireflies crowed her rage of sight. She could see Grimm's form, incased in the fireflies' glow. The girl smirked once more.

"Don't worry; we'll be sure you won't be alone too long. You can follow all your precious Colonel's orders in the afterlife."

Riza sneered again. The lightening flashed and a single shot was fired.


I can't do this. It's not fair to her, not after what she has done for me. Roy scolded and jeered to himself, then aggressively pushed the weapon back into his waistband. His frustrated and saddened face went back to his Lieutenant. She didn't show any signs of coming too anytime soon. How are we going to get out of here? He wondered as his eyes still remained on Riza. He felt so bad for her, she'd taken a bullet for him, and he couldn't even find some little brats with a suitcase.

"I just need to rest a bit," Roy told Riza, unsure if she could understand him or not. Then he leaned against the wall next to him and closed his eyes.

It had only seemed like a second that the Lieutenant Colonel had begun to rest when he heard a familiar noise.

What's that? He wondered and cracked open an eye. What he heard was the sound of car engines, and tires spinning in the thick sand. He continued to stare out, wondering if he was just hearing things. Then he saw it, on the horizon he saw a line of machines racing towards him.

He closed his eyes and gave a small weak smirk. "See Hawkeye, I told you I'd find a way out of here. You were worried for no reason," then without even realizing it he feel into a very deep slumber.

After a few minutes of searching and driving around a solider discovered the two wounded dogs, "I FOUND THEM!" he shouted and waved his free hand at his comrades. His other hand held a powerful rifle.

Within seconds a there was a group of men at his side. "Be careful with them now," one man said as they lifted Roy and Riza up, and then carried them away. "We have to get them back to the base, HURRY!" the man shouted to a driver of one of the cars.

"Uh…" Roy's dark eyes fluttered open when he felt his body being placed in the back of a car.

He saw a familiar face peering behind the men who were loading him in the car.

"Hiya, chief," the face said with a calm smile.

"Havoc?" Roy asked in a daze.

Not a second later he heard another voice he knew. "Lieutenant Colonel, are you alright?"

Roy's eyes blindly searched for who was talking to him. His blurry vision made it hard to focus on anything, but not long after he found Fury in the passenger seat of the car, staring back at him with his concerned child-like expression.

In middle of their conversation an explosion of gunfire broke out.

"Guess you didn't do so hot on taking care of those gangsters, huh?" Fury said as he and Havoc started into the town. They saw people running everywhere, some falling after getting shot. The sound of gunfire and screams began filling their ears. The military and the thugs were finally having a fair war.

After he was safely placed in the car his attention went back to Havoc, who had gotten in the driver's seat.

"We're going to take you back now, chief," Havoc said as he started up the car.

"Where's Hawkeye?" Roy's slurred voice asked. Now that he knew he was being taken care of, he let his guard down, causing him to become very sleepily and acting more like a wounded person should.

"Don't worry, sir," Fury replied and stared back to him, "Lieutenant Hawkeye was placed in another car, and they rushed off as soon as they got her in."

"Alright, we're going now," Havoc informed them when he got the car in gear.

The room in which Jazz lay was still, but the sounds of battle poured in from every direction.

"Ohhoooo…" Jazz moaned as she began to come too. "My head," she whined as she slowly sat up and brought her hand to her face, rubbing her aching forehead. "Roy?" she asked as she tried to rid herself of the sharp pain.

BOOM! BANG! BANG! "NUUOOOOO! LET ME GO!" the war continued to flood into her room. "DON'T SHOOT ME!"

Jazz's eyes widened with fear and confusion. What's going on? She cried to herself and hurriedly stood up and peered out the window. Her eyes widened and she subconsciously began shaking when she saw the terrible events going on outside.

In the pathways below she saw men dressed in the same outfits as Roy and Riza attacking the gangsters. The once tan sand was littered with dead and wounded bodies from both sides and gained hints of dark red as the small dirt particles absorbed the spilt blood.

"DON'T SHOOT ME, PLEASE!" Jazz watched a solider trapped up against the wall begin to beg for his life as one of the thugs evilly grinned down at him, a gun pointed at his head.

"PLEAS-!" the soldier pleaded, but it was all in vain as the gangster pulled the trigger.

Jazz watched in horror as the man's blood splattered all over the building behind him and then he fell limp to the side.

"YOU BASTARD!" another officer shouted. His enraged eyes stared at his comrade, who lay dead on the ground. The gangster just stared back at him coldly. They glared at each other as their friends were either being shot or taken under arrest.

"LET ME GO!" Jazz heard a familiar voice yell. She looked down the road and watched as Hell Fire was being dragged away by two men in blue uniforms. Her wrists were bound in silver handcuffs, and her now bloody leg dangled and dragged as she was being pulled away.

The small girl's eyes also picked up other people she knew. She saw Big Red and Dino being taken away as well. She also saw Shadow and Grimm running around here and there, killing off the military's dogs and trying to keep at a safe distance.

Out of the corner of her brown eye she saw a car drive passed. She watched it as it sped passed and towards to outer workings of the area. Her gaze followed it until her rage of sight was able to see in all the windows. "ROY!" she screamed when she saw his body in the backseat. "ROY!" she cried again and turned to the door. She started to sprint but was quickly cut off by what lay on the floor before her.

What happened to them? Tears began welding in her eyes as she started at Genki and Booker. Why is this happening? She tried to explain it in her mind, but couldn't. The young girl fell to her knees and was about to breakdown when the image of Roy in the car came to her mind.

Her eyes widened as her mind blocked out the scene before her, allowing her to dash out the door and down the stairs. The sounds outside became louder and clearer as she neared the entrance.

"ROY!" she cried again as she raced outside, almost slipping in the sand. "ROY WAIT!" Jazz cried and ran passed all the events around her, not caring about them. She ran in the direction Roy had gone. When she rounded a corner she found herself almost out of 'the pit' and in a desert area. It wasn't hard for her eyes to spot the car on the horizon.

"ROY!" she yelled again and began running after the military vehicle. "ROY! ROY!" she repeated over and over as the car got farther and farther away from her.

"Hm?" Havoc's blue eyes hit the rearview mirror when he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, chief," he began.

"He feel asleep," Fury replied with his usual smile, "It's probably for the best that he gets some rest."

Hearing this and knowing it was probably true. Havoc's mouth shut and his eyes peered back into the mirror. He saw the little girl chasing them and screaming, but if Roy was asleep there was no one to give him permission to go back, and if he did, God alone knows what would happen to him for defying the orders of a General.

"ROY!" Jazz continued to cry. Hot tears steamed down her face as she watced the car begin to disappear. When she finally realized she wasn't able to reach it she began jumping up and down and screaming as loudly and desperately as she could, hoping he could somehow hear her. "ROY! ROY! ROY!" she cried until she was horse, "DADDY!" her sore throat managed to yell, but it was much softer and cracked. "Don't leave me here…" she sobbed and fell to her knees.

Havoc's eyes became somewhat sad as he watched Jazz's attempts to be noticed. He watched the small child until he couldn't make out her form anymore, then his attention was taken back to the view of Central before them, and the thought of little Jazz was pushed to the back of his mind.