Penalty Game

by Yami Malika

Rating: K+ for slight cursing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yuugiou, and I never will. Quit asking...;.;


text Yuugi talking to Yami through link

/text/ Yami talking to Yuugi through link

Summary: Anzu challenges Yami to a game. Slight OOC. (Yami x Anzu) COMPLETE! R&R!


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Ch 1

- - - -

"I bet I can beat you to the bus stop!" Anzu Mazaki playfully yelled over to her childhood friend, Yuugi Mutou's, darker half, Yami Yuugi.

"So I take it you are challenging me to a game, are you not?" Yami asked with a twinkle in his eye, jogging right up to Anzu.

"Well it's actually a race..." Anzu quietly said to herself, but when she looked at Yami's hopeful expression, she giggled. He always acted that way when there was a game to be played.

"...But yeah, I guess you can say it's a 'game'." She added with a wink.

"Game Start!"

Anzu started to sprint as fast as her legs could carry her, leaving Yami, and a cloud of dust behind her. Yami was stunned at her speed. He knew that she had to be fast, dancing all of the time, but...she was really fast. 'Not as fast as I, though.' Yami chuckled to himself.

You're not going to let her beat you, are you? A familiar voice yelled in Yami's head.

/Don't worry Aibou, I don't plan on losing/ Yami replied, a sly grin spreading across his face.

In no time at all, Yami passed Anzu, reaching the bus stop moments before she did.

"I win," Yami smugly said, leaning back on the bus stop sign.

Anzu was out of breath, by the time she reached the bus stop.

"I guess you are the King of Games," she puffed

Yami sneered. "Well, since I won, and you lost, there just has to be a penalty game, hm?"

Yami was now approaching the mortified girl.

"W-W-What?" Anzu stuttered, backing away.

Yami shot her an evil glare. "You heard me," he calmly stated, getting even closer to Anzu.

Mou Hitori no Boku, what are you up to? Yuugi asked suspiciously

/Playing a penalty game of course./ Yami replied nonchalantly.

Anzu, who was now against a wall, had no clue what was going on.

'Oh God, what the hell's going on with Yami? We weren't playing a shadow game...we're we?' She thought.

Anzu tried to look for any hint in Yami's expression that he was joking, but as usual, he had his poker face on.

'Damn, what is he doing? Why is he so close to me? Damn it all! Now I'm blushing.' Anzu mentally scolded herself.

Yami cupped Anzu's chin in his hand, causing her to wince. Leaning closer to her, Yami whispered "Penalty Game." He then brushed his lips over Anzu, causing her eyes to become as wide as dinner plates. She is kissing the man of her dreams, of course she gratefully returned his kiss.

.:In Yuugi's Soul Room:.

Yuugi started to blush, as much as Anzu, at the site he saw. He was aware that Anzu had a crush on Yami, but he had no idea that Yami felt that way towards anyone, let alone her. Yuugi chuckled to himself, but then grew silent.

"I guess Anzu and I don't have a chance after all..." Yuugi solemnly said, quiet enough, so Yami couldn't hear him through the link.

X, X ,X,

After their long kiss, Yami tightly embraced Anzu.

"Uhm...Yami?" Anzu questioned, staring into Yami's crimson eyes.


"Are all penalty games this much fun to play?"

Yami paused, and thought for a moment. Then, he grinned.

"Maybe." Yami replied, kissing Anzu once again.



...or is it?



This is my first fic! So please be nice. XD This story was intended to be a oneshot, but I might write another chapter depending on the reviews I get (since it left a cliffhanger about Yuugi's feelings). R&R!