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Now Ron Stoppable wasn't a great man, heck if it wasn't for his Jewish faith no one would even call him a man. Ron wasn't pack with muscles like other guys his age, the only thing close to a sport he played was being a mascot for his high school, he was scared of many things that wouldn't normally scare others, often times he would get a large ego and take to something so small so far, and above all that he was saved by a teen age girl, Kim Possible many times.

But despise all of that, almost day after day he went in to danger with no thought of himself and facing any fears he has, he takes his 'Loser' statutes in high school as if it was a glorious thing, he treats everyone as an equal and doesn't see a difference in anyone, and he laughs off almost any problem with his goofy smile on his face. Yes Ron Stoppable wasn't a great man, but he was a nice guy and he was just getting tired of finishing last.

Now you may be wondering why Ron would be thinking about such things? Well when you run out of things to think about like Nacos, wrestling, video games, and you hear his best friend Kim talking to her other friend Monique about some cute boy in some class it will cause you to think about things like that when your on a mission like this were you just wait to see if anything happens. Ron had a feeling the only reason Kim was talking to Monique over her Kimmunicator was so she didn't have to think about where she was, which was the lab of Dr. Bortel and every time she was doing a mission for him, something always happen to her.

All Ron could understand about what they were protecting for Dr. Bortel was that it was worse then if you combine the compliance chip, moodulator, and that electronic amplifier thingy he had made, together and turn it in to some silvery liquid you would get an idea of what he had made. Bortel had used so many words Ron didn't understand, so all he had was the basic idea other wise Ron's head would be hurting a lot more. Bortel had gotten word that someone wanted this thing he made and didn't want to take a chance, which made Ron wonder why he didn't put it in a safe, a safe would of helped wouldn't it.

That was when they hear it, a voice Kim and Ron hadn't heard in a long time "FREAKY!" before an attempted drop kick went at Kim's head which she rolled out of the way of.

"Call you back Monique." Kim said as she put her Kimmunicator away. "Long time no see Adrena-Lynn. Where have you been?" Kim asked the former stunt woman as she stood back up, that hadn't heard about her in a while they thought she had given up on crime or trying to get back her career the right way, no such luck.

"I'm glad to see you again to Kim. I just didn't think you would be here getting in the way of getting my fans back." Adrena-Lynn said with a frown as she proceeded to throw a fist at Kim who dodge it and tried to sweep kicks her on to her back. Adrena-Lynn flip out of the way and then went and tackled Kim in to a shelf spilling a gold liquid Ron had remember Bortel talking about, but what it did he forgot.

Kim and Adrena-Lynn slip around in the liquid for a bit, which Ron got the feeling of watching a oil wrestling match between to girls which Ron didn't mind even though one of those girls was his best friend. Just as Kim got her balance on the liquid a black and green boot kick her across the room. A third player had join the fight and one consider more dangerous then the other two, Shego had come to get what Bortel had made.

Using the liquid Adrena-Lynn swirled around on her back and trip Shego, so Shego went face first in to the gold liquid causing her to slosh around in it which she let out a growl to and punched Adrena-Lynn in the gut for it. Kim slid back in to the fight as she got back up.

"This would be so funny if it wasn't a bad thing." Ron said to Rufus who had jump out of his pocket and was now running to help Kim. "Were coming KP!" Ron yelled, but he didn't get very far as Shego blasted him in to a wall of the lab. Ron crumpled to the floor for a sec, the wind knock out of him and completely dazed.

"Ron!" Kim yelled in worry as Rufus slid through the gold liquid and bit Shego in the ankle which she kicks Rufus off. Ron shakes his head as he slowly got back up as he saw Shego slam Adrena-Lynn in to the shelves holding the silver liquid they were suppose to be protecting. That couldn't be a good thing could it?

"KP be careful!" Ron said as he runs to get the Silver liquid that was now in Adrena-Lynn's hands. Kim went to punch Shego and then a kick at Adrena -Lynn. "All of you stop!" Ron yelled as he tried to get them all to stop fighting before something happen. They were so lost in the fight none of them were listening to Ron. I wish they would just listen to me! Ron thought to himself as they wouldn't listen to him when he was trying to warn them.

Time almost seem to slow down as he got close and saw Shego fire another plasma blast at Adrena-Lynn and she brought up the bottle to block Shego's blast. The blast hit the bottle causing an explosion that spread the silver liquid all of the place and knocking all of them out. As Ron was knock out the silver liquid started to get absorb in to his skin, but this seemed to not be happening with anyone else in the lab.

"Master? Master are you okay?" Ron heard a worried voice ask him as he came to. Ron felt his head in someone's lap as he held his head for a sec. "Master please be okay?" Ron heard as he slowly opened his eyes and let them focus.

"AHHHHHH!" Ron yelled, there he looked up at Shego and his head was in her lap. Ron tried to crawl away from Shego in fear for his safety.

"Was that Master?" Ron heard another voice ask as his back came up against a pair of legs. Ron looked up to see Adrena-Lynn looking down at him with a smile and holding a wet cloth. "Master are you okay?"

"AHHHHH! KP! Help!" Ron yelled as he crawled away from Adrena-Lynn scared out of his mind. Ron got up and ran to hide behind a chair, he was scared and his brain wasn't even wondering why the two of them hadn't attacked him yet.

"Master? Your awake!" Ron heard as he saw Kim running through a door with Dr. Bortel. Kim ran and wraps Ron in a hug.

"Be careful he could be hurt." Shego said to Kim who was still holding a very scared and confused Ron.

"And who's fault is that? If you didn't go blasting every thing he wouldn't of been hurt would he?" Kim said back to Shego with a glare before she guided Ron to a near by chair. "Here Master sit down, you went through a lot."

Ron just had a blank look on his face, what the heck was going on, why aren't they fighting? "Excuse me… Ronald wasn't it? Could you please tell me what you were thinking before the explosion?" Dr Bortel asked Ron as he stood in front of Ron to check him over for any problems.

"I… I…" Ron stuttered, what was he thinking?

"You were yelling at us to stop fighting." Adrena-Lynn chimed in with a smile.

"I… I was… I was thinking 'I wish they would listen to me'" Ron said as he pointed at the three ladies.

"I see…" Dr. Bortel rubbed his chin as he thought of how to put this. "Um… Well Ronald… You see what happen… Uh… Congratulations you are now living most young men your age's dream."

"What?" Ron asked confused as Rufus came around and climb up Ron's pant leg. He started to look around to see what was going on confused why the three ladies weren't fighting and looked worried at Ron, that wasn't normal behavior for at least two of them.

"Um, well you see that gold liquid those girls got on them was what I created to protect a person if they were ever to get the S.C.O.W.N. Liquid on them, I have applied some to myself. You see you never got any of it on you, so the S.C.O.W.N. Liquid got in to you and based on the thought that you wanted these ladies to listen to you the S.C.O.W.N. did what it was to do and worked on the these ladies."

"Um… S.C.O.W.N.?"

"It means Slave Creation On a Whim Nano-chips. In other words these chips got in to your blood and hooked to your brain amplifying it in a certain ways and areas. When you wanted these ladies to listen to you the chips worked and turned them in to your slaves. They now serve you and are loyal to you and love you, they want to take care of you, to make you happy, to do every thing they can to please you and do what you tell them to do. You are all they can think about now and when you're happy they are happy, there is even a type of link between you to help them help you."

Ron gulped before he asked "Is there a cure?" Kim, Shego, and Adrena-Lynn looked scared at the thought of there being a cure. All three of them when they compared to their old ways, felt better, they had never felt like this before and it felt great.

"No…" Dr. Bortel said before Ron proceeded to pass out.

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