Fluff and Birdie's Little Skit O' Humor!

Me, a.k.a. Fluff, ((The Author of Brought Together)), and The Lonely Bird, a.k.a. Birdie, ((The friend who let me use her account on to write my story)), have decided to end Brought Together we're going to write a cute little skit for you guys. And TAH-DAH! Here it is! Enjoy.

How we came to own Fluffy...

((Disclaimer: We do not own Sesshy-sama...well...not in reality atleast.))

Fluff : sighs I'm soooooo bored... lounges on couch in a random room and stares at the ceiling What can we do for fun?

Birdie : ponders Well, I can pound on you with my splint... But you wouldn't like that... Hey! Did you hear about my tight bruise!

Fluff : sits up Nope, I didn't. Do tell! looks over at Birdie from her chair

Birdie : jumps up then runs over to fluff, preparing to lift up her right pant leg I was taking a shower today, just after the accident. I got out and I discovered the coolest bruise!

lifts up right pants leg up to the knee See! It's purple and it's the crescent moon! Just like Sesshy!

Fluff : stares and the scar Ooooooo! That is like... AWESOME! pokes the bruise Did it hurt to get it? Does it hurt now!

Birdie : OUCH! Yes, it hurts now... Like any bruise, poking it hurts... pokes bruise But it's still fun. I didn't even know it was there until I got out the shower. I mean, I felt it, but I never saw it until the shower...

Fluff : giggles Man... it's so perfect... scratches head then jumps to her feet MAYBE IT'S AN OMEN!

Birdie : backs up and stares An omen? Like how, me destined to be with the mighty Fluffy?

Fluff : Yeah! runs in circles bowing to Birdie You are awesome!

Birdie : Hmmm... grins Now all we need to get is a little necklace thingy so I can make him obey me... Otherwise he may eat me...

Fluff : Ah...yeah... that would be a problem... scratches head again as is her habit Can't let him eat my editor, now can I! runs across the room and starts digging in a trunk Good thing I found this speciality youkai lasso for CHEAP at a Bargain Store!

Birdie : You found what! How in the heck do you find a demon lasso in a human bargain store... And how am I supposed to rope him? imitates rodeo riders and puts on a hillbilly accent I'm gonna catch me a demon lord!

Fluff : Well... I am from Oklahoma... and it IS my lasso. So how about we split him! winks and waves the lasso in the air in a perfect arc Oh yeah... I'm good.

Birdie : shakes head then throws a rubber dart at fluff You're almost crazier than me... But if it DOES catch him, we split the mighty fluffy lord!

Fluff : dodges the dart and giggles maniacally Yes! Now where to find him...? scratches head for the third time in this skit and then snaps her fingers ...Nope...brain fart.

Birdie : plugs her nose then backs away Let me know before you have one of those! Ugh! Smellllly!

Fluff : glares at Birdie It's a figure of speech! stamps her feet and tucks lasso away into her handy-dandy messenger bag Okay... we'll need a fast car and plane tickets to Japan.

Birdie : Well, my car just got totalled, but I can smuggle us into a plane! Meh dad's a mechanic! chuckles evilly

Fluff : Awesome! Just lemme pack some dog food for the trip back for the Fluffy-sama. goes off into her kitchen and comes back with one HEAVY messenger bag

Birdie : You really think he'll eat it? Looks gross... Maybe we'll need a pooper scooper too!

Fluff : cracks up Nah, let's not go so far as to do that! grins and stretches I'll rent the car for us when we get there. We'll need something rugged, and fast.

Birdie : I'll drive... You can stick your head out the window and catch him. imagines this then falls over, laughing

Fluff : Better not run me into any trees now! threatens So, let's get on the plane now!

Birdie : twiddles thumbs Now why would I do such a thing? grabs fluff's hand then drags her to the airport and onto a plane

Fluff : looks around, a bit nervous I've never been on a plane before... shivers and sits close to Birdie

Birdie : cuddles Fluff Don't be afraid. You have a higher chance of being killed by a donkey than you have of dying on a plane... And I've been in one lots!

Fluff : bobs head and continues to shiver I just wanna hurry up and get back on land. sobs

Birdie : shoves sleeping pills into Fluff's mouth Sleep. I command thee!

Fluff : EEEP! swallows pills and then is wiped out Snore...snore...snore...

On the Ground:

Birdie : Birdie drags Fluff's sleeping body to a rental car lot Oh, my, gosh... So, painful... Wrist is probably cracking more...

Fluff : being back on land makes Fluff snap back awake AHHH! WE'RE FALLING! clings to Birdie then looks around Oh...we're on land.

Birdie : smiles then pries Fluff off of self Yeah... Kinda hard to fall through the ground, Fluff ball.

Fluff : Grrr... hush up Feather Brain. dusts self off and stretches We're in Japan! AWESOME!

Birdie : muttering Feather... brain?

Fluff : giggles Okay... now where to find Sesshy-sama? stares at sign Oooooh! that could be a good place to start!

Birdie : points at bruise It's glowing. Does that mean we're close? And don't call me feather brain... It's as bad as my other nicknames... sucks thumb in fear

Fluff : nods Yeah! stares at bruise then points off at a sign before the entrance to something I think that 'Anime Safari' would be a good place to start!

Birdie : I'm gonna need some glasses... pulls glasses from pocket then puts them on Much better. Let's go!

Fluff : runs off towards the entrance Hahaha! I wore my contacts! skids to a stop when a bar comes down infront of her

Man in the Booth : 20 Yen for the safari.

Birdie : pulls out wallet That's how many American dollars? Well, here's 20 american bills, tata! runs off with Fluff

Man in the Booth : cheers and pockets the money

Fluff : Dang... lookit all those people... Let's just go off on our own and find Sesshy. He's all we're here for. And your bruise will help us locate him!

Birdie : I think we go north... walks around, staring at bruise OW! falls back after running into Sesshomaru

Fluff : catches Birdie Feather Brain... we should get a car so you don't have to walk, you cripple.

Birdie : points to Sesshy I'm not crippled! I ran into Sesshy!

Fluff : Eeep! holds Birdie infront of herself Spare me! She ran into you!

Sesshy : ... turns around and stares at the two girls You're supposed to be on a tour jeep...

Birdie : Fluff, can you possibly let me RUN FROM THE DEMON LORD!

Fluff : Oh, sure... throws Birdie behind her and puts her fists up You'll have to go through me to eat Birdie!

Sesshy : ...Eat her?

Birdie : hides behind Fluff Don't eat me! I taste bad because of the crash! Eat her! She's the one threatening you!

Fluff : What! No! Eat her instead! pulls Birdie back from around her

Sesshy : watches the girls fighting

Birdie : puts a dog collar on Sesshy There. It is done. turns to face Fluff You're lasso didn't help. I already got the doggy collar on him!

Fluff : Heh! Unfair! I still get half of him right! pouts

Sesshy : What the heck? pulls at the collar You two are the strangest humans I've ever met on this tour, and that's saying something.

Birdie : I got Sesshy! clings to him like velcro Sesshy is so sexy! He's ours Fluff!

Fluff : cheers YEAH! clings to the other side of Sesshy

Sesshy : Nope...I take it back... they ARE the tour. trys to remove himself from the grip of the two girls

Birdie : Sesshy ish ours! We're going to treat him like a puppy! Oh! I know! We should but a bright red bow in his hair!

Fluff : Hahahahha! Yeah! And we can put him in a dog show! strokes Sesshy's tail

Sesshy : I will sue you for touching me, now remove this collar and release me.

Birdie : Sesshy. Down. watches Sessy go face flat into the ground. Bad Sesshy.

Fluff : laughs harder Ooooooh! Can I do that too!

Sesshy : muffled mumbling in the dirt trys to haul himself back to his feet.

Birdie : Yeah, but be easy on him... We don't want him to have a phobia of that word strokes Sesshy's head

Fluff : kneels down We take him back to America now?

Sesshy : gets up and jerks himself free of the girls I am not a dog! My fanclub will hear about this!

Birdie : rolls eyes We're the presidents of the world-wide fan club of yours... Now, you are coming to American with us.

Fluff : hauls Sesshy up by the arm We're going to have to get him a doggy bed and everything, now Birdie, he's a real pet. We have to take good care of him.

Sesshy : glares at the girls You humans are insane.

Birdie : Sesshy, don't make me do it! pulls Sesshy along as well

Fluff : drags on Sesshy

Sesshy : tugs backwards Let...me... go!

Fluff : Okay! releases him and watches him flop to the ground

Birdie : What are dogs afraid of? watches Sesshy fall down then starts laughing

Fluff : shrugs I don't know...hmm...what?

Sesshy : growls

Birdie : Vacuums! pulls out portable vacuum then starts it Sesshy, listen now.

Sesshy : Oh no! runs behind Fluff Turn it off! Turn it off!

Fluff : Wow... He changed his tune right quick...

Birdie : turns it off Now, you will come with us to America without complaint, right?

Sesshy : Yes yes, just put the vaccum away!

Birdie : puts it away Good boy. starts dragging Sesshy to the airport

Fluff : pushes Sesshy from behind Hehehe.

Sesshy : thinking: Just you wait...I'll catch you without your vaccum some day.

In America:

Birdie : We must repel the fans! clings to Sesshy He's ours! Shoo!

Fluff : ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! turns back to Sesshy and Birdie I think that oughta do it. Hee hee.

Sesshy : stares

Birdie : Where should we take him? Your house or my apartment? hugs Sesshy's arm

Fluff : My sister might rat us out, so to your apartment!

Sesshy : tries to tug his arm free If I must go with you humans you could atleast leave me with my pride intact!

Birdie : glares at Sesshy Don't make me get the vacuum out... And no, you can't have pride! You have to be with us, so you are already prideless!

Fluff : giggles

Sesshy : pales

Birdie : To my apartment! I can even show you where our car's hovecap rolled off... starts dragging Sesshy home

Fluff : trails after, thinking of random things

Sesshy : I don't care! Lemme go! stumbles after Birdie

Fluff : Hehe. random things Whip cream... Hehehe.

Sesshy : stares back at Fluff

Fluff : What! I happen to like Key Lime Pie!

Birdie : turns vacuum on Get in the apartment!

Sesshy : EEEK! runs into the apartment and ducks under the sofa

Fluff : follows along inside Hehehe...

Birdie : turns it off Now, Sesshy. You can't eat my kitty. I'll go to Target and get you some dog food.

Sesshy : glares at Birdie and rises from behind the couch I don't eat dog food!

Fluff : Y'a do now.

Birdie : Comes back with lasagna Here. I like it and I command, by the power of the vacuum, that Sesshy likes it.

Fluff : rises from her seat on the couch she always takes over and cheers Ooooooh! I want some!

Sesshy : is seated on the floor infront of the couch ...I will eat it. If that is what you want... wrinkles his nose

Birdie : smacks Sesshy Don't insult my cooking! It was black before I forgot to turn the timer on! Hands out slices of lasagna to Sesshy and Fluff

Fluff : gobbles it down Riding on an airplane makes me hungry!

Sesshy : rubs cheek then chokes down the food

Birdie : pulls on Sesshy's tail How come you don't take your armor off, huh huh? I want you to take your armor off! And smile! You have to smile!

Fluff : finishes her lasagna and stretches, leaning forward and playing with his tail

Sesshy : pulls his tail down and growls Why would I want to remove it? I'm leaving soon.

Birdie : Says who? crosses arms and gets teary-eyed

Fluff : smacks him atop the head Be nice, Sesshy! Do what Birdie says! threatens him with a rolled up newspaper

Sesshy : looks between the crying Birdie, and the threatening Fluff and quickly removes his armor Okay! Okay!

Birdie : hugs Sesshy's chest tightly Cool! Thank you! Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute. Socute!

Fluff : dances in circles around the couch and cheers Yay! She's happy again!

Sesshy : ... sweatdrop

Birdie : hugs Sesshy tighter Mine... All mine... watches Fluff

Fluff : glares at Birdie and wraps her arms about Sesshy's shoulders Nuh-uh. He's part mine too! Sesshy : stares at the two girls


Yes, we are ending this right here. MWAHAHAHHA! There is an insight on our minds. Hope you enjoyed the pointlessness.

Love you all! And this is...truely...the end.