Author's Note: Ahhh! It is I! Do any of yu remember me? Doubtful. I've been gone for almost... what, two years? -;; Well, it's ME! T-Sama, now known as Hazeltwist because T-Sama gets tiring.

Disclaimer: Naruto not mine. Which is safer for the world, really.

This is going to be a series of dialogues… no background, no explanation of actions, nothing but dialogue. Those who have already read them have told me they're good, but I'd love for all of yu to leave me your own opinions in comments and such.

-Takes place before the time skip, but at no specific point before then.

-Main characters: Naruto/Kyuubi.

-Kyuubi speaks in italics.

-Naruto speaks in unmarked text when talking to Kyuuib, and "" when speaking outloud to people.

-Side characters: Whoever else I feel like throwing in as it goes along.

1. The River

Ahh, how nice. Lazy days, out on the bridge, sitting on the railing with your feet dangling above the water... idiot. Now we're soaked.

Well, how was I supposed to know Sasuke would push me in! That's not fair!

It's your own fault, dobe, for being such an easy target. There's something real shinobi like to call 'defense'. Look it up in one of those scrolls your kind are so fond of.

Don't use that asshole's word! And hah! Shows how much you know. I don't read scrolls!

Ah, finally, we find out the reason why It's a complete moron.

It's a moron? What's a moron?

...Just get the hell out of the river already.

Fine, fine, but when I get out I'm gonna kick Sasuke's ass and force HIM into the water!

And I'm going to sleep. I would rather not see the thing I'm forced to reside in beaten into a bloody pulp, no matter how entertaining it may be when you bleed.

Hey! I'm not gonna lose!

Goodnight. Moron.