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11. Morning Surprises



"Naruto, wake up!"

"Shufn... mm."

"NOW. Get your face out of the pillow idiot, or you'll drown in blood. It's everywhere. What, did you bang your head open on something again?"

"Fine, shut up, I'm awake... ugh, what are you talking about?"

"Open your eyes and see for yourself, you must have started bleeding very recently. It's still wet."

"What? But… they stitched it, see? There's… there's no blood in my hair."


"I know, I know, the damn blood. I don't know where it came from!"

"No, not… your eyes… i-it's all over your face, and hands. What did you do?"

"On my…"

Kyuubi? Kyuubi!

Hnn, I'm sleeping, be quiet.

Wake up… WAKE UP! KYUUBI! What… what did you do!

I wasn't sleeping, and you were. I was bored.

Tell me… tell me what you made me do! W-who did you hurt! Who did you... kill?

No one, no one. Well… no one important.

"Sasuke… I'm… I'm going to be sick."

"In the bathroom, idiot!"

"D-don't drag me! I'm... I can't… I..."


Hmm… well it certainly wasn't anything horrible enough to faint over.