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Koriand'r looked up at the old broken down school that she was supposed to be going to. She looked back down at the small piece of paper that had the address.

31 Huro Lane The school between the white house with a red roof and the green house with a brown roof.

Koriand'r looked back at the school. It was between a white house with a red roof and the green house with a brown roof. She just didn't understand. But then, she really didn't understand many things.

Koriand'r was a tall girl, about five feet, with beautiful red hair that lay down her back, emerald green eyes that shined almost every time she opened them and skin that had an orange tint to it. She wore a purple dress with short purple gloves that had little jade jewels on them. Her boots were almost up to her dress and were purple as well. She was also an alien. She had come to earth from her home planet, Tamaran. For half a year, she had learned its earthly customs, but didn't exactly fit in with children her age. She was different and many people didn't feel comfortable around her the first time she had arrived. Over the six months, she had lived at an orphanage that taught her English and mostly everything she needed to know about earth, but only the caretaker was friends with her, and nobody would really talk to her unless they're saying "Please pass the milk" or "Can you hand us our ball?" But before she left Tamaran, her Knorfka (AN: Spelling?) Galfore had told her in Tamaranian: "You may feel different when you arrive at earth, my little Bumgorf (AN: More spelling?). But you will always be special, and other people will figure that out soon." Koriand'r had always lived by those words and it was those words that kept her cheerful and happy.

One day at the orphanage, Koriand'r had gotten a strange letter that said:

Dear Koriand'r,

You have a gift and need to mature it within a place where people understand you. Follow the following address to the place that will help you be happier on Monday, September 1 at 7:00 a.m. If you choose not to, nobody is forcing you. Once you get there, you will know what to do. If you do not, then you are not chosen to have an education at the mentioned schools below.


Mr. Bat & Mr. Slade

Principals of the School of Heroes & Evil Educate

She thought of Galfore's kind words again and determinedly walked through the doorway of the school. (The door seemed to be broken off.) She started looking inside and saw the old desks that no one bothered to keep and the chairs that were used presently for a place for spider webs. Koriand'r looked within the room with a look of worry. She was sure she had gotten the right address, or did her naive ways get the better of herself again? She had to admit she was a bit naïve, but only because she had only been here for half a year.

She looked up at the chalkboard. It had the words HERO or VILLAIN written in big letters across the board. Hero. Koriand'r had known about this word the first time she had gone to the orphanage. Her caretaker, Miss Ray had been surprised when she had seen her float into the building. She had asked Koriand'r what else she could do. Koriand'r demonstrated her other powers, which were shooting green blast of energy from her hands and having super strength. Miss Ray had used the word super hero. She had asked Koriand'r to demonstrate some of her power other than flight and she was so amazed that she didn't get angry when Koriand'r had accidentally shot a very beautiful fern and destroyed it. She seemed to lack much control. She only had full control of her flight and bits of energy blasts and super strength. (Sometimes she couldn't move something she could have if she had control over her strength at the time.) Koriand'r's powers astounded Miss Ray so much that she had adopted the nick name: Starfire. S he had called her blasts of green energy 'starbolts' as well, and used the name Koriand'r when she talked to Tamaranians.

Starfire thought about what the note said. Once you get there, you will know what to do. That was quite puzzling and Starfire automatically touched the word HERO. The moment she had touched the word, the place on the board where she was leaning on started sinking through the wall. Starfire looked horrified and started trying to lift her hand from the board, but it was stuck! Starfire's body was soon incased in the black board and fell through. (Back in the old school, the board looked the same.)

Starfire had her eyes closed and she felt like she landed on something that smelled like earth. She opened her eyes and saw that she was staring at countless blades of grass. She stood up, dusted herself off and looked up. She saw an amazing sight.

There were two gigantic buildings in the back; the one on the left had clean golden yellow bricks, a wide and tall door and many windows. The one on the left had pitch black bricks and had an equally large door and countless windows as well. In the front of the two buildings was a tower building that looked like it had seven stories. There was a red dome over the large buildings that looked like a shield that stopped anyone from going inside the buildings.

The thing that startled Starfire the most was how many kids were here. Some looked her age and a lot of them looked even older. There must have been thousands of people here and Starfire saw that most of the people in her age group were either going into the house-like building or looking completely out of place.

Starfire decided to go to the taller building because it wasn't blocked. She flew so she would get there faster and opened the large door.

Inside were ten women were lined up seated at desks, four elevators, benches where approximately fifty kids were piled up onto and a wall where older people's pictures were. Starfire walked up to a desk and opened her mouth to speak.

"Take a card and pencil, fill it out with the name you will be using if you are to save or destroy a place, write the word you touched on the black board, write your power or powers, and take a bench, we will contact you shortly," the lady said in a voice that showed no emotion. It was clear that she had practiced these words many times.

Starfire sighed, took a small card and a pencil and wrote down: Starfire HERO Bolts of green energy, (starbolts) flight, super strength. She set it on the pile of cards and squeezed herself onto the edge of a bench. She was sitting next to a boy who looked her age and looked normal. He had black spiked hair and a mask covering his eyes. The rest of his clothes were pretty normal; a red T-shirt and jeans.

Starfire tapped him on the shoulder and said, "excuse me, may I ask what power you possess?"

The boy looked at her oddly. It was probably the way she spoke.

"Forgive me for my English. I am not from earth and I have only been her for six months," Starfire explained nervously.

The boy smiled. "Hi, I'm Robin. It's the name I want when I'm a super hero," the boy said cheerfully.

"I am Starfire. And may I ask you to answer my earlier question?" Starfire said.

"Oh, I don't have any powers, but I'm good at Martial Arts and my guardian says that I'm ready for this school. I've always wanted to go here ever since I was six when I got to go to work with step dad," Robin explained.

"I see. I am new here, and I may require assistance around this school. Will you assist me?" Starfire asked.

"Sure. I can help you and you can meet a lot of people here that I've met earlier," Robin said enthusiastically.

"I would love that," Starfire smiled.

"Okay, let's go now," Robin suggested as he stood up and drew his hand out to help Starfire up.

"What about—?" Starfire started as she gestured toward the lady at the desk.

"Nah, don't worry about her, she has like fifty kids to go through until it's your turn. Besides, most of my new friends are probably somewhere around here," Robin urged. "You'll hear your name be called."

"Alright, if you say so," Starfire said as she took his hand.

"Great! I think I see two of my friends over there!" Robin said as he pointed to two boys at the end of the room. He took Starfire over to them and she got a better look at them. One was short and skinny and had green skin, green hair and pointed ears. He was wearing red. He looked like a Christmas elf. The other one had dark skin and was half robot.

"Hey, guys. I'd like you to meet Starfire," Robin smiled, gesturing to Starfire.

"Hey, my hero name will be Beast Boy. What's up?" the green boy grinned.

"I suppose the sky is up," Starfire said.

Beast Boy laughed, though Starfire didn't see what was so funny.

"I'm Cyborg; at least, that's what my hero name will be. Nice to meet you." Cyborg put his hand out.

"I am happy to meet both of you," Starfire smiled and took his hand. It wasn't cold like she thought it would be, because of it being metal. It was actually warm.

"Have you guys seen Raven?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, I think she's in the school, since she already passed," Beast Boy answered.

"Then we'll just have to see her later then," Robin shrugged.

"Robin, what are those pictures on the walls?" Starfire asked.

"Oh, those are the graduates from the School of Heroes and Evil Educate. They also have top students who had graduated in the schools, we can see them once we get admitted in," Robin said.

"Starfire, come to desk four," the lady called in her still emotionless voice.

Starfire floated over.

"You have touched HERO on the black board and you have three types of powers. You will go to the elevator and press the five. Go to the room on the right and from there you will be given further instructions," the lady said and got back to work without another word.

Starfire silently floated over to the first elevator and pressed the button with an arrow on it and walked into the elevator. She pushed five and waited. As Starfire listened to the soothing elevator music, she felt a sensation in her stomach that felt like her insides were sinking down. She had never ridden an elevator before. The elevator came to a stop in a few moments.

Starfire walked out and discovered a hallway that looked completely deserted. She walked to the right and into another door. There were about ten kids in this room, seated on benches, bean bags, chairs, tables and the carpet. They looked like they were waiting for something. Many were staring out into space. Starfire sat next to a girl with violet hair and matching eyes who was reading. She wore a navy blue sweater with a hood and black jeans.

"Hello, my name is Starfire," Starfire asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Charmed," the girl simply said.

Starfire couldn't help but think this girl sounded like the lady at the desk.

"What are you reading?" Starfire asked.

"The Book of Azar," the girl answered.

"What is your name?" Starfire asked.

"Raven," the girl replied.

"Raven? Robin has told me that you are his friend!" Starfire said suddenly.

"That depends on what he means by 'friend.' I suppose I had a conversation with him," Raven said.

"So, he is not your friend?" Starfire asked disappointedly.

"I guess I am. He was the only one who seemed not to be either agitated or a jerk who thought they had the greatest power. His friends are alright too…I guess," Raven shrugged.

"What power do you have?" Starfire asked.

"Telekinesis," Raven replied, finally looking up from her book. She seemed interested in Starfire right now.

"I have heard of such a word. It means that you can levitate objects or people with your mind, am I correct?" Starfire said.

"Most people don't get it right, only Robin and Cyborg have gotten it right and I've gone through at least ten people," Raven remarked.

Starfire had noticed that Raven had never smiled throughout the whole conversation. "What do you think of Robin and his friends?" Starfire asked.

"Like I said, they're okay. Beast Boy is kind of…unwise sometimes and Cyborg is pretty smart. I suppose Robin is alright, too, though I haven't spent much time with them," Raven shrugged again.

Starfire nodded.

Raven turned back to her book and for what seemed like hours, she didn't talk much and more people had come into the room. Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg had come in and sat next to the girls. It had become livelier then.

"Hey, Raven, I got another joke for you," Beast Boy said as he sat down next to the quiet girl.

"Super," Raven said dully.

"What time is it when a whale sits on a clock?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven didn't say anything.

"Time to get a new clock!" Beast Boy slapped his leg and chuckled. When Raven didn't speak, he nudged her. "Come on, Rae! Show a little enthusiasm!"

"Ha, ha, ha," Raven said, eyes on her book.

As soon as the room was full, a man walked into the room. He had a black mask covering his eyes and hair and a black cape. He had a gray jumpsuit and a belt to go with it. He wore short black boots and a black bat was on his chest.

"That's my step dad," Robin whispered to Starfire.

"Hello, future heroes. I would like to introduce myself as Mr. Bat. I am the principal of the School of Heroes and I hope you all will get a good education and learn how to control your powers. You will be tested of your skills of working problems out, working solo and having team work.

"I have to say that there is no one who can slip away from any punishment once you break the rules unless I say so. The rules are: 1. Nobody is allowed out of school grounds after 11:00 p.m. 2. You will do what your teachers tell you to, no exceptions. 3. You are not allowed to hurt any student outside or in the halls with your powers.

"Now, I divide you into teams of five so you can learn how to cooperate with each other. Tomorrow you will get your periods so you can get ready to start your first real school day.

"Let's see….The first team will be Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, Mas, and Menos. Second team will be Terra, Hot Spot, Shadow, Clover and Stretch. Third team will be Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg. Fourth team will be Meriwether, Solarbeam, Hurricane, Bolt, and Specter. You will all have rooms that connected with your opposite genders. There are four buildings in the back and each team will go into a building with their number on it. I will give each of you cards that will give you access to go into your building. There are older heroes that are sharing the same building, so get along and have a great day!"

Mr. Bat had finished, given the newcomers Access Cards and sent them off to their new school homes.

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