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Mr. Bat sighed at his large desk. "What do you want?"

"Why, you're no fun anymore, Bruce."

"I said what do you want, Slade?"

"Quick and to the point, I like that," Slade chuckled, coming out from the shadows. "Not that it would matter."

"You've done something with my kids, where are they?" Mr. Bat demanded. "You better not have hurt them."

"I wouldn't think of it," Slade said. "You, on the other hand, I would." He held his hand out and a bright green flash of light sent Mr. Bat across the room. "I'm ending your little hero school, Batman."

Batman (A/N: I'm calling him Batman now, I know that Mr. Bat is sort of lame) sprung up and dashed behind the closest object. He put a hand to his ear. "Dianna, I'm going to need some back-up in the office."

"What's going on?"

"No time to explain."

There was a crackling sound.

Wonder Woman looked worried. She was on the field, directing the Sock-Her Team. "Keep going kids! I've got a little errand to do!" She turned to Hawk Girl. "Bruce needs help."

Hawk Girl nodded. "Let's go."

The two heroines flew into the air and disappeared, leaving the team puzzled.

Hawk Girl busted the door to the principal's office open. On their way over, the Green Lantern, Flash, and John had joined them.

"Bruce!" Wonder Woman called.

"Well isn't this nice?" Slade said. He had Batman up against the wall, gasping for air.

"Leave him alone!" Wonder Woman shouted, speeding over and throwing a series of punches at Slade.

Slade ducked and dodged. He held Wonder Woman back. "Teaching has made you all weak, there's no need for you all in the world anymore," Slade said darkly. He held his wrist up and his arm protector mechanically shifted to the sides. A blood red button appeared. "Now, do as I say or your school is destroyed…along with all your students."

"You're a sick man," Batman said, narrowing his eyes.

"Let's not resort to that, shall we? Now, I'm being generous enough to be giving you a choice. Don't want to take it? That's fine by me."

"Wait!" Hawk Girl shouted.

"Yes, my dear?" Slade said, stopping.

"What are your requests?" she demanded.

"Nothing really," Slade said carelessly. "You will turn this school into a school of villains and pledge your allegiance…to me."

"Not gonna happen," Flash said.

"Very well."

Flash sped over and held onto his wrist. "First you've gotta get past us."

Slade shot a beam of fire at Flash.

"Hi-ya!" Hawk Girl cried as she swung her silver mace.

Slade ducked and hurled a green and blue barrage of light at her. (A/N: If anyone's confused, he's using Elementa's power and Star's power at the same time.)

Green Lantern soared into the air and blasted a ray of green, eclipsing Slade in its depths.

Slade moved his hands, creating a bright light that destroyed GL's power.

"With the power to weaken yours, I'm unstoppable," Slade said.

"Not against me!" Batman shouted. He threw punches and kicks toward Slade and found that they were evenly matched when it came to sparring. But not when it came to powers.

Batman was thrown against the wall.

"Try this!" Superman said. He punched the ground, creating a small earthquake and sending a piece of the floor at Slade.

Slade put his hand up in disinterest and the earth was reflected. "It isn't much when you have the powers of all the elements." He ran his hand across the air and a bomb appeared. He hurled it at the heroes and it exploded. Fire flared. He stood in the middle of it all. "And the best thing about being able to withstand heat is that I can watch you all suffer."


The SOH students ran out of the school crazily.

"Argh! My homework!"

"Forget it!"

"Let go!"

"Move it Big Foot!"

"Stop making fun of me!"

"Shut up everyone!"

"We have to stay calm!" Aqualad ordered. "All the people with water powers come with me!"

Several people with blue skin, blue hair, gills, or tentacles followed after the boy.

Meanwhile, back at Evil Educate…

"Yo! What's happening?" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Dude! The school's burning down!" Beast Boy cried.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," Raven said. "This is definitely Slade's doing."

"Well, he won't be doing it for long," Elementa said in determination.

"Yes! We'll give him a second Ice Age," Eira said, clenching her fist.

"No," Robin said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You're too weak from his drainage. I doubt you guys can work your powers."

"But Robin, you cannot face him alone!" Starfire exclaimed.

"No, but we have a school full of heroes," Robin said. "Don't worry, Star. We'll beat him."

"He's really dangerous. I bet it'll take more than just the school to defeat him," Terra said.

Suddenly, five figures crashed through the roof of the school and sky high.

"See? He's totally out of our league! He took out the teachers! The legendary Justice League!"

"For once, I agree with Terra," Kat said sadly. "It's too dangerous."

"We can beat this guy no prob," Red X said carelessly. "This guy's got nothing on us."

"Be careful," Eira warned.

"We got your back," Morph nodded.

"We'll call you when we need you," Robin said, handing the girls each a communicator.

"Cool," Terra remarked.

"Robin," Eira said strongly. "Please, let me come with you. My mom's in there. I've got to."

Robin looked at her for a moment. "…All right, Eira."

"Thank you," Eira said.

"Okay, guys," Robin said, looking towards his uninjured friends. "Let's go!"

With that, Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Red X, Eira, and Terra set off towards their burning school.

"Leave here at once, Slade!" Ms. Valda shouted, shooting flames towards Slade. "You aren't wanted here!"

"That may be," Slade said, stopping each flame with the ice power he drained from Eira. "But I want to be here."

"Ms. Valda!"

"Kids?" Ms. Valda spun around to see Aqualad and the other water-based heroes. "Get out of here! Did you learn nothing from the fire drills?"

"We can help!" shouted Robin as he and his comrades appeared.

Ms. Valda mumbled something in frustration.

"Ah, isn't this nice," Slade said. "Come back to save your school, eh Robin?"

Robin narrowed his eyes. "You're getting out and staying out of here for good, Slade!"

"I don't think so," Slade said. He snapped his fingers and about fifty students from Evil Educate appeared.

"We're ba-ack!" Gizmo smirked.

"Oh crud," Beast Boy said aloud.

"Attack!" Slade shouted.

"Get away from them!" Ms. Valda shouted, shooting fire from her hands.

"That's not going to work!" Slade shouted, touching the ground. An ice blue aura filled the space where Slade had put his hand. An icicle sprouted from the ground and spiked Ms. Valda squarely on the back.

"Mom!" Eira shouted.

The students were battling; good against evil. Everywhere there was chaos. Robin swung a bird-a-rang. Raven shouted, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Beast Boy turned into a rhino and started charging. Cyborg shot lasers and cannons while shouting his famous battle cry. Red X was flinging red X's everywhere. Terra was trying not to lose control of her powers. Their attempts were in flames, literally.

The flames got bigger and bigger, despite Aqualad and his companions' attempts to decrease them. Water gushed ubiquitously but was soon soaked up by the intense heat of the room and battle.

Meanwhile, Ms. Valda wasn't doing so well against Slade on her own.

"I'm not done yet!" Slade shot a pack of icicles towards the defenseless teacher and pinned her against the wall. The ice melted and she landed hard on the ground.

Eira was in tears. She turned to Slade murderously. "How dare you attack my mother with my powers!" She started to glow blue and her eyes started glowing, giving her an icy stare. She touched the air and ice shot everywhere.

"What the—"

"Eira!" Robin shouted. He was sweating extremely.

The ice froze the flames, not even letting them get a chance to flicker out. The students ducked. The ice pinned the villains against the wall and froze Slade. Eira floated back to the ground and collapsed.

"Whoa, that was beyond weird," Beast Boy said, walking over. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah," Robin said, checking her pulse. "She'll be fine."

The ceiling started to fall. Raven shielded them from the plaster. "We've got to go!"

The students evacuated, leaving Slade and the other students unconscious.

"Where are they?" Batman demanded.

"Uh…funny story, really," Kat said, laughing nervously. 'They uh, went into the school and uh—"

"Robin's in the school?" Batman shouted. "They're in the school!"

"Calm down," Wonder Woman said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Robin's a smart boy, he'll be fine."

"The school is burning down and he and a crowd of students are in the school," Batman said coldly. "How can I calm down?"

"Actually, it looks like its not really burning anymore," Flash said. "It looks pretty fine to me. No flames, no—oh no."

The school was starting to fall apart.

"Robin!" Starfire screamed.

"I'm here, Star!" Robin's voice cried.

"Robin?" Starfire called, looking around.

Robin and the others were running and flying towards the teachers and many students. Raven was levitating Ms. Valda.

"Thank god you're okay," Batman said softly.

"You guys didn't have any trouble, did you?" Leena asked. "I am so sorry!"

"Again, don't be," Raven said.

"No real injuries?" Morph asked.

"Nope," Cyborg said. "We got out of there with nothin' but a scratch."

"That's putting it easy," Terra said, rubbing her back.

"At least, some of us did," Red X said, looking over towards Eira who was with her mother.

"Are you guys okay?" Kat asked worriedly.

"Of course," Beast Boy said. "No big deal, just saving the world, is all."

Kat laughed and hugged him. She planted a kiss on his cheek.

Beast Boy looked like Christmas.

"You guys totally saved the day!" Leena exclaimed happily.

"Looks like you guys are the real heroes," Phoenix said.

"Hey, how are you holding up, Par?" Cyborg asked.

"I told you guys before, I'm fine," Phoenix smiled. "Hey everybody!How aboutthree cheers for Robin and them!"

The students cheered loudly.

"Okay, enough with the hip-hip-hoorays. Now, is this all of you?" Superman asked.

The kids nodded.

"Okay, good."

Suddenly, he whipped out a small remote control and pressed the button. All the students immediately fell to the ground.

"Did you have to do that now?" Flash said, annoyed. "They were just having some fun. You could've waited till tomorrow."

"No. We can't afford to have anything else happen," Superman said seriously.

"I hate to do this to them," Hawk Girl said sadly.

"We knew it would happen," Green Lantern said. "Well, maybe we can start over and—"

"No," Batman said.

A breeze blew.

"We can't. Maybe some other heroes may do it, but we won't get into it. It's happened too many times. Slade was one of the worst."

"You're right," John said. "We cannot let this happen again."

"Then what do you propose we do?" Wonder Woman asked.

"We destroy the two schools," Batman said.

"I think Slade got our school covered," Flash said.

"This isn't a joking matter," Batman said, narrowing his eyes. "We destroy the school. We've already wiped the memories of every student from School of Heroes and Evil Educate. We'll reset their lifestyles before they came here. We'll have to try for a few years back, got it?"

"Got it," the Justice League nodded.

"What about Robin?" Wonder Woman asked, glancing at the boy wonder.

"He stays with me. Hopefully he'll find his own team later on. I can't hold onto him forever," Batman said. "Well? Let's get to work."

Done! Okay, that was a little sad. And short. I know! I'll but an EPILOGUE here! I'm a genius! Ahem, back to the story.

The former students of School of Heroes and Evil Educate continued their lives from before they ever went to their schools as if it were nothing. Of course, they still had their powers.

Some joined a school that was built a few years later called the HIVE Academy and some joined the later school Sky High.

The Justice League never told a soul about what had happened before. They had destroyed the two schools (though they didn't have to destroy School of Heroes like Flash stated) and moved into space. They later let others join the Justice League, but that's another story. Even though they retrieved each Evil Educate student, they could never find Slade.

Robin stayed with Batman without a real care in the world. He had become a handsome, athletic, young man and would soon be sent to Sky High to start over. That is, only Batman knew that he had been sent there to start over. Robin hadn't a clue.

It's incredible what had happened at SOH, though only the original JL members knew about it. But maybe…just maybe this time nothing would go wrong on Robin's way to becoming a full-fledged hero.

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