A/N: I'm going to dedicate this to Murdocs Angel who helped me come up with a title. This is a drabble/ficlet I wrote after listening to Hanson's Middle of Nowhere CD.

I would say this takes place after "Seige" Pts 1 & 2 only they evacuated the city instead of kicking butt and loosing Aiden.

He didn't tell her, but he knew she still went to the gate everyday. It had been ten years without anyone coming for them, but she never gave up and he never said anything even though he thought they were never going to go home.

She wasn't happy and that killed him inside. Not that there was much to be happy about when your stuck on a planet, exhiled from most of civilization and definately from your own civilization. But he had made the most of it for once, trying his best to be as happy as possible, even though at night he could still see the faces of those who hadn't made it out of the city in time.

So after three years he had adjusted to local life, becoming a physics teacher in one of the local high schools even though half the time he hated the kids in his class and he wasn't known for his socialabilites. She hadn't gotten a job on this planet, unsure what a women with a PHD in political science on a planet that may or may not exist anymore could do. So she stayed home and walked to the gate for an hour daily, hopeing to see it activate. It never did.

Four years he had asked her on a date. She had said yes, but they had ended up having a picnic on the hill overlooking the gate.

Five years and he had asked her to marry him. She again had said yes, but he knew she only had said yes because she had started to give up ever seeing anyone. Or that particular someone he knew she had been in love with when hell had decended on them.

Eight years and they had a daughter named Meghan. She was the most beautifil thing he had ever seen. She was also the only person under the age of thirty that he got along with. She made his world and didn't seem to notice that her mama wasn't exactly in tune with the world at the moment.

When she got home, leaning down to kiss her daughter, despite being covered with the Nari version of mac n' cheese and then looked up at him with a smile he was surprized. He knew the gate hadn't activated. He would have heard it and she would have come running instead of walking calmly into the house.

"I made peace." was the only thing she said and he nodded as if he understood, which he didn't. But then they each had their own nightmere's to work though. Her's envolved a blue circle.

His involved a man with green eyes and a slightly crooked grin who had pushed him though the gate and then shut it down before anyone else could get though. That was something he never tried to deal with.

He simply huged his wife, and went back to grading his work. There was always another trip down to the gate tomorrow.