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So much time had passed since I had conquered my amnesia. It may have only lasted a few days, but after that, I started living life... the way I wanted to live it.

Kari's house, 1 year later...

"I can't believe the day has finally come!" Kari exclaimed. She was fixing Gatomon's white veil, making sure that it wasn't crooked or anything. Yes, the happiest day that Gatomon had wished for had finally arrived: She was to be married to the love of her life in less than ten minutes.

Gatomon replied, "I know. It's hard to believe myself. All this time I've waited, and now..." She really didn't know how to finish it, so she just sighed happily. Suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Kari perked her head up and yelled, "No boys allowed!"

The door opened and Sora responded, "Oh come on. Do you really think I'd let a boy get in here?"

Sora married her boyfriend for 5 years, Tai Kamiya, right after Gatomon's ordeal. They had a boy, which the two named Taro. Sora became a junior high gym teacher while Tai became the high school gym teacher and in his spare time, coached a soccer team.

"Sora, I hardly see you anymore. What's up?" Kari asked.

"Oh, little Taro takes up a lot of my time now. He's standing for only a few seconds, but it's great." Sora responded. She was in a red short-sleeved bridesmaid dress.

"That's nice. I like the dress picked out for you."

"Yes, Gatomon picked out all of the bridesmaid dresses as their crest color."

"Oh, very interesting. Well, you might as well wait in here until it's time." Kari finished, and Sora sat down on the bed, watching Kari continue to fix Gatomon's veil.

Another knock came, this time it was from Mimi. "Gatomon," she whispered, "they're ready for you."

"Thanks, Meems." Kari joked, reminding her of their childish nicknames.

Mimi became a fashion designer. While vacationing in England, she met a wealthy entrepreneur named Charles. They fell in love, and had a baby boy named Austin 2 months ago.Mimi winked and rounded up all of the bridesmaids in their order. They made their way to the backyard and the first two to walk down the aisle were Kari's two cousins Kichiro and Mitsuko, accompanied by their digimon.

Kichiro, Mitsuko, and their parents moved back to Odaiba so the family wouldn't be as spread out as they were. The two kids always went to their favorite cousin Kari's house for Sunday dinner. Kichiro, Mitsuko, and their digimon are content with their lives thus far and plan for a big future.

Following right behind the siblings were Sora and Joe, accompanied by Biyomon and Gomamon. Joe, after becoming a certified neurologist 2 years ago, paid off all of his college bills and focused on his love life. He decided to marry his colleague and partner, Samantha, who was a phlebotomist. They were married 4 months ago and she is pregnant with twins. Joe looks off to his right and spies his lovely wife and grins at her, and she smiles back. Sora nudges him in the shoulder, keeping him from stepping on her shoes. He notices and keeps walking.

The next two in line were Yolie and Ken. Ken and Yolie were married around the same time as Tai and Sora. Both parents have demanding jobs, especially with three children: an adopted 4-year-old boy named Kiyoshi, and fraternal twin girls Akako and Sakura. Yolie is a radio talk show host, while Ken is a stay at home chemist. Ken has gotten very crafty with how to keep his kids away from ruining his work. It is never a dull moment in their house. Yolie and Ken quickly looked back at their three kids, who were covering Hawkmon, Wormmon, and each other with Silly String. They rolled their eyes and chuckled softly, knowing that they will have one hell of a mess to clean up later.

Next down the aisle were Amaya and Tai, trailing behind were BlackGatomon and Agumon. Amaya became a psychic with BlackGatomon attending to the customers while they wait. On occasion, BlackGatomon digivolves into LadyDevimon adding a bit of a dark and mysterious aura to the business. In her spare time, she illustrates for local authors. Amaya adopted a two-year-old girl named Mika, which she heard from a client meant "new moon". Amaya may have a girl, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want a husband too, which she also sees in her future.

Amaya looked over to her left and saw Davis, giving everyone in the aisle a big smile. She was highly confident that he was beaming at the Kamiya siblings in particular. Davis may not have any kids yet, but he still has a great career doing what he was always best at doing: being loud and talking about soccer. He became a professional soccer announcer. In his spare time or his days off, he helped Tai with his soccer team. After interviewing some of the soccer fans, he found his old girlfriend, Emily, cheering on his favorite team in the stands. After the game, he went out celebrating and ran into her again. The once quiet Emily that he knew was still quiet; she was a librarian at Odaiba Elementary, but she was also an avid soccer fan now. They started dating immediately, and in a couple weeks, he'll work up his courage and pop the question. Hopefully, she'll say yes.

Tai snapped his head in Amaya's direction and smirked at Davis, then he looked off to his right and grinned at Izzy. Izzy became a computer technician. He has no wife or kids, but that doesn't mean that he's not looking. He's just not interested at this phase of his life.

Then the maid of honor, Kari, strolled down the aisle with the best man, who was T.K. Kari and T.K. were married a month after Gatomon's ordeal. They had a girl, which they named Haya. Kari is a kindergarten teacher, while T.K. is an English teacher. In his spare time, he is an author. His most prized work, The Digital World Chronicles, is going to be published in a matter of months.

T.K. turned to his right and saw his brother Matt taking a picture of everyone walking down the aisle. Matt and his band finally got a break; the four of them are living the rock star life. Their band, Digital Climax, has just completed their world tour with their final concert in Odaiba. They are currently collaborating on their third album. Matt may not have kids or a wife, but he'll settle down eventually. For now, he just wants to drink from the fountain of success. Matt gave a thumbs-up to his little bro, to which T.K. returned.

Kari turned to her left and saw Cody, who gave a small smile. Little Cody was not so little anymore. He had hit a bit of a growth spurt since the group had last seen him. Cody has finished his schooling and has decided not to go to college. He wants to be a kendo teacher for now. Kari smiled back at him, and took her place with the other bridesmaids while T.K. strode over to where the groomsmen were.

There, at the end of the aisle standing beside T.K., was Wizardmon. He kept his hands in his pockets and his eyes cast downward. He was obviously very nervous about this. Then, his eyes drew up to see if Gatomon was there. Under a white rose arbor stood his love. She was wearing a white veil, specifically designed for her. She had two bows on her tail: a white one and a pink one, with the white one being above the other. She was also carrying a bouquet of pink, red, and white carnations.

As she made her way down the aisle, stopping aside of Wizardmon, he turned to her and whispered, "I don't know what to say except that you look like an angel."

She giggled and replied, "Thank you."

The pastor, who was Emily's brother, took his place in front of the couple. After quieting the guests down, he stated, "Normally, I do weddings for humans, whether they be religious or not. But when I was asked to marry these two, I was a bit perplexed about how to do this. I had never performed a wedding for digimon. Therefore, I wrote what I believe could pass as matrimony."

He stopped to clear his throat as the guests chuckled a bit. "Now then, do you, Wizardmon, take Gatomon to be yours forever? To always love her no matter what obstacles life throws at you? Do you promise to give your heart and soul to her from this day forward?

"I do." Wizardmon answered through a grin, which Gatomon could see from the corners of his mouth.

"And do you, Gatomon, take Wizardmon to be yours forever? To always love him no matter what obstacles life throws at you? Do you promise to give your heart and soul to him from this day forward?

She nodded and replied through tears of joy, "I do."

"Then, by the power vested in me and by the Harmonious ones, I now pronounce you 'husband and wife.'" The two giggled a little, as did the other guests. Even the pastor smiled at his little joke. He finished, "You may kiss the bride." Gatomon put her paws around Wizardmon's neck as he kissed her sweetly, while everyone clapped and cheered. The two ran back up the aisle, along with everyone else. While holding Wizardmon's hand, Gatomon took her other paw and threw her bouquet behind her head. The lucky catcher was Amaya, who smiled to herself as she had a vision of herself at the alter with a man she did not recognize.

Gatomon and Wizardmon decided to build a home in the Digital World on File Island. They visited Kari four or five times a week, and they were always there for Sunday dinner. After deciding that they wanted kids, they went to Elecmon and adopted two eggs: One to hatch into a YukimiBotamon and another to hatch into a Mokumon. Every five years, Gatomon and Wizardmon would return to Nightmare Castle, only to be certain that Myotismon would never return. Their children were warned to never go near Nightmare Castle to ensure their safety.

Wizardmon and Gatomon remained together forever. Everything started to go their way after the amnesia episode Gatomon's experience. They were living life the way they had only dreamed of...

... and nothing could be better.

The End