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Demonic Resurrection

Chapter 7

As they reached the shop, Sugoroku offered to let them stay until nightfall so they could head home without any trouble and the group thanked him for that. The group of friends as well as the new additions sat in the living room, looking to the demons that was once raised under the care of Pegasus.

"So, do any of you know exactly why Pegasus conducted this research and brought you all back to life?" Yugi questioned softly. Seto shrugged. /We don't know. He rarely comes in except to monitor our progress. I remember only faintly how we were children. Each born the same way compared to Yami and Aqua. We were pretty much test tube subjects since he didn't create a queen until monitoring our growth process. He took care of us quite well and since we were only children, we were less rash. But once we were of age to figure out what was going on, we became a little destructive. We broke out numerous times and that when he came up with that agent to cool us down a little and prevent us from breaking out again./ Seto explained.

/But we still weren't happy. Pacing around our containment like caged animals./ Bakura gave a hiss. /It was demeaning to us all. We knew we were strong but to be held inside those cages were torture./ Ryou crooned softly and stroked Bakura's side, make the once angry demon purr in content. Ruby started up next.

/And after a few months or so, he decided our growth process was doing quite well so he created the queen. She was separated from the rest so he could monitor her actions and see if she was capable of children. When she was, he made the special serum that would let her birth children and that's where Yami and Aqua came in./

/But of course, that's where the research ended since he's dead now and the last things he was able to see was that the queen could birth full grown demons./ Marik spoke. They nodded, quite enamoured by the story before they heard some knocking at the door. Sugoroku came in and ushered them upstairs before heading out to answer the door. "Hello?" he greeted as he looked to the two figures in the Game Shop doorway. Siegfried and Vivian stood there and Siegfried nodded to him. "Hello. May we come in?"

He nodded and moved out of the way and they walked inside. "So, we heard a lot about you, Mr. Motou. We have heard that you recently went on a trip to space, correct?" Sugoroku nodded. "So, tell me and my protege about what you've seen while you were there." Siegfried spoke. "Oh, it was nothing out of the ordinary. A friend of mine was doing some research there and invited me to see what it was."

"Oh? and what pray tell was that research? Nothing too unusual perhaps?"

He shook his head a little too quickly. "It's a classified matter that should be spoken with him himself." Siegfried gave a silent growl, becoming a little vexed with Sugoroku's secrecy before nodding. "Ok then. I'll guess we'll contact Pegasus himself whenever we have the time and see about his work." Siegfried spoke before standing along with Vivian. "I bid you good day then." They both left and he released a soft sigh. "That was too close. At they least they weren't too persistent to get the information from me." he whispered to himself.

Upstairs, the others were inside Yugi's room, Bakura and Marik sticking themselves to the wall to leave a little room for everyone to get inside. "I wonder what's going on?" Yugi questioned softly and stroked Aqua's head when he came over to nuzzle his side. /I'm sure everything will be alright./ Aqua replied and Yugi nodded as they stayed quiet. Sugoroku came upstairs and said everything was clear and they came back downstairs once more to relax until nightfall. What the didn't know was that Siegfried and Vivian were still nearby.

As night fell, Yugi's friends bid him and his grandfather goodnight before leaving out, one to let the demons feed before taking them home. From their hidden location, Siegfried smirked as he watched them leave. "I knew it. That old man couldn't lie for anything. He may think I know about him but I bet he never noticed I was in the surveillance tower the entire time." He said to himself. "And what about me? When will I get Yugi all to myself?" Vivian whined.

"In due time, Vivian. We must plan this out first since these demons may have a special bond with them once they decided to go with so we must be cautious unless we want to end up as their next meal." She groaned but nodded and the two of them left from sight.

Yugi was ready to head to bed when he heard light tapping on the skylight and gave a small wave which was the signal for Yami and Aqua to come on. They landed silently upon the floor and walked over to the bedside as Yugi slipped into bed. "Well, I have school tomorrow so you two will have to stay here with my grandfather, ok?" Yami frowned at this.

/But, why can't we come with you?/

"Because, Yami, you and Aqua are quite new to this world and the people don't know anything about demons except for what they hear in myths. The last thing me, as well as my friends, would want is for you all to be captured or killed. We could get a possible chance to let people see you but that may not come for a long time." Yami was still a little disappointed but nodded in agreement anyway and Yugi smiled. "Good. Now get some rest." They nodded and crawled onto Yugi's bed, curling about him and feel asleep. Yugi watched them for a moment longer before he too went to sleep.

The next day was a promising one. The demons obeyed their new landlords and stayed within the confines of their new homes while they were at school. But of course, they didn't know the dangers of leaving them alone.

Siegfried watched as Ryou and Diamond left their house, waving to something in the house before Diamond shut and locked the door. As the left, he drove up to the house in the van. "Vivian, do you have the equipment?" questioned Siegfried as he looked back to her.

She nodded. "Yes. But I'm starting to question if this stuff will do the trick to capture them. We know nothing about them except that they came from space and were created by Pegasus. If he didn't come back with the group since the demons went with them, he must not be alive. And if he's not alive, how would we know if simple human made weapons would work on them?" Vivian explained.

"Well, we're going to find out now won't we?" spoke Siegfried as he climbed from the van and Vivian gave a shrug as she followed. They entered the house without many problems and now tried to look around for any sign of Bakura or Crimson. Currently, the two were upstairs asleep but Bakura was the first to wake up when he heard sounds of shuffling downstairs. /Ryou? Is he home already?/ Deciding to see about it, he got up from where he slept and started downstairs silently.

Siegfried looked about the furnished home, trying to think of where the two demons that followed Ryou and Diamond around would be. "Vivian, you check upstairs while I look down here. If you see any of them, make sure you try and get them in the right spot to render them unconscious with the drug." She nodded to the orders and they both split up to locate the demons. Vivian quietly headed for the stairs when she saw the large form of a demon coming downstairs. Frozen with fear, she didn't raise her weapon in time to tranquilize him before Bakura spotted her.

/Intruders./ he hissed, eyes narrowing as he gazed down at her. She started to shake as Bakura continued his path down the stairs, gazing and preparing for any move that she might make. he gave a snarl and another shout was heard as he leapt back, the needle filled with the drug landing where he stood. "Vivian! Stop stalling and get him!" Siegfried shouted as he readied for another shot. She nodded, still shaking as she aimed for Bakura.

He snarled again before darting up the stairs and into Ryou's room, hearing his pursuers not far behind before the door was shut. He gave another growl before looking to Crimson. /We need to go./ he said and Crimson looked to him in confusion. /Why? Ryou and Diamond told us to stay inside the house until they come back./

/Well, we can't stay. There are intruders inside and they have weapons. I don't know what they have in them but I'm not going to sit around and find out./ he explained and Crimson nodded. "But we could easily fight them off so why run?"

/Because, I don't want to destroy the house and they have weapons so one is bound to be a good shot. Not stop asking questions and come on./ he said, opening the window and slipping through. Crimson looked back to the door, hearing someone trying to break it down and followed out behind Bakura, both disappearing into the shadows of an alley just as the door finally cracked from the pressure and Siegfried came walking in. He looked around and cursed when he saw the window open, confirming the demons' escape.

But he smirked afterwards. "But they surely can't get far in daylight so soon enough, they come out to return home and I'll be waiting for them."

During school at lunch, Yugi and the others discussed how things were with the demons so far. "Everything's been pretty well with me, Yami and Aqua. they may look like full grown demons but they're still kinda like children at heart and in mind so I'm teaching them what I'm sure the others wanted to know when we were up in the station." Yugi explained and Diamond nodded.

"That's good to know. At least you have it easy since they were only born before they decided to come with you. Crimson and the others were there for quite a while so I'm sure their trust has been shot with the experimentations Pegasus put them through. I still wonder what he was up to if he put so much research into creating demons."

They all nodded in agreement and continued to eat lunch until the bell rung and they headed abck to their last few classes for the day.

After school, they all headed home and both Ryou and Diamond waved before continuing home. From the alley they waited in, waiting for any sign that the intruders left, Bakura and Crimson watched, never seeing Ryou and Diamond walking by. Bakura looked up, ears perking up when he heard a scream from the direction of the house.

/Oh no, Ryou!/ he screeched before he dashed out from the alley, Crimson following behind him. When they got back inside the way they left, they ran downstairs and saw nothing turned over or destroyed but Ryou and Diamond's school bags were on the floor, a note resting upon Ryou's. Bakura walked over slowly and took the note before gazing over it.

I'm sure by now you see that your little friends are gone. If you have the knowlege of reading, you can understand this note. I have taken them back to my hideout and if you want them back unharmed, you'll come to me. Find your way to Domino Pier tonight at midnight and turn yourselves over and I'll set them free. Disobeying these directions will result in their deaths so make the right decision.


Bakura growled deeply, crumpling the note in hand and turned to Crimson. /We have some trouble. The intruders took Ryou and Diamond./ Crimson gasped before growling as well. "waht should we do?/

/This note,/ He brought up the hand that held its crumpled form. /Says he wants us to come to the pier and turn ourselves over to him for their safety. I'll be damned if I plan to do that. We shall ask the others for their help before we do this. We will save them and wouldn't be handed over to him whatsoever./

/But...what if he also plan to capture the others too? We can't put them in danger like that./ Crimson spoke.

/We'll tell then what's going on and they'll plan their own form of escape before this person finds out we're all there. But for now, we must wait til nightfall and then we'll go and find the others./ Crimson nodded to this and they lied where they stood, bringing the schoolbag of the one they loved close to them to inhale the scent of the ones lost to them temporarily.

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