"Maybe one day."

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She closed her bedroom door. Taking a deep breath, with every breath she took her pain was worse. Knowing she was about to leave him, it probably was the worst feeling there was. She took the pen to the paper to write a farewell note to him; As the words poured out her pain got worse.

Dear Billy,

There is so much I want to tell you, but can't. I want to say that I am sorry for the trouble I put you threw this last month, the emotional pain is too much for me to bare. I never thought I could ever feel any of these emotions, but apparently I can.

You shown me a way of life that, I refuse to have any part in. For that I am sorry there is alot for me to know; I never wanted to love nor did I ever want somebody else to fall in love with me.

That's just something I won't do, but have done anyways weather I wanted it or not. I don't know that much about love, in that area you are smarter than me. (No matter how much I call you an idiot.)

That's just one of the many things that makes you special. You deserve better than me, that I do know. When you do find the right girl make sure she never takes advantage of you; Don't you dare make the same mistake twice. You think our relationship wasn't a mistake but I say it was.

I've never wanted to love you, don't take this the wrong way, love is just something I hate.
There is one thing I have learned out of this. I learned that; there's not that big of a difference between love and hate. I am surprised that something so opposite can turn out to be the same. Love just tears at you until you do something about it, and hate is the same way.

If you keep the emotion contained to long, it will come out one way or another. That's something you learn with both emotions. The difference is with...love there is a softer more gentle side to it a side that you have shown me. For that I thank you.

I will be leaving you now, by time you read this letter I will already be gone, I will return one day in a few years or so just until I have everything straighten out.

Don't look for me, for you won't find me. Take of Grim, for me he is just as much my friend as he is yours and, don't you dare tell him about what happened. That's something we both don't need to deal with questions. Maybe one day, I will understand what you have tried so hard to make me comprehend.

In closing, don't go looking for me...enjoy your life and everything it has to offer. I will be back one day so don't worry.

Love, Mandy.

The word "love" was smeared out so many times.

Five years later...

A four a little girl, who has inherited red hair from her father and blue eyes from her mother looked up and asked, "Mommy where's daddy?"

Mandy sighed and said, "Your daddy is not here, but you might meet him someday."

"When's that?" She had her father's curiosity.

"Diana, when you do meet him he will be very happy to meet you. When it's going to happen I don't know." There was some emotions in her voice, but not to much. Mandy's daughter could tell that her mother didn't want to talk about it.

Diana always known when not to ask her mother questions. This was always one subject that Diana, wanted to know about.

But always answered her own question with...

"Maybe one day."

The end.

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