Author's note; This is the one-shot sequle to "Maybe One Day." It starts with Mandy's POV.and then it skips ahead five years to Billy's, Grim's, and Diana's POV. Anyways I was sick when writing this so sorry if dosen't sense...or If everyone is ooc...I am down bad with a cold today. Now before you began...in Billy's and Grim's POV it sounds like they're talking to Mandy but basically it's what they would say too Mandy or something like that...Sorry I am sick I have hard explaing things when I am sick.

Discliamer; I don't own this show all I own is Diane.

On with the story!

Many people may not know about this little thing that had happened.

I just hope he kept his mouth shut... Then again he never dose.

Why must things be like this? I always asked myself.

Can't I just come out and see the light? Instead of hiding...

My cold dark shell that was my cover...and he just had to tear it down.

When I look around I don't feel empty,(like I am accustom too.) no just the opposite in fact...

When all I knew was tore down, I was so full of feelings that I lost all control.

I just couldn't help myself...and he was there. Now things are complicated...

approximately one month later I found with his child...

I have three alternatives now...I could take the baby and leave, he'll never know.

I could terminate the pregnancy but I have found I couldn't do it.

Or I could just tell him. I went with my first choice...because I couldn't do the other two.

I written him a letter before I left...I just hope he doesn't come looking for me.

Five years later... (Billy's POV.)

All I have left of you now is this letter...I don't know why you left.

For the last five years you had me worried day and night.

Wondering where you are...if your alright.

I always wondered what I have done wrong...

I am just waiting for a phone call or a vist that will never come.

What can I do to make it right? I would do anything to see you again.

Just to be in your embrace...to see your face. I have done everything you asked of me.

Without any questions...anything you wanted you had it. I don't know why you left...

At this very moment in time I swear if I ever see you again I won't make the same mistake twice.

Whatever that mistake may be.

(Grim's POV.)

What has happened? Days, months and than years went by...we have never seen nor heard from you.

I can wait for all eternity but he can't. Each day I see him... A little bit of who he is goes away piece by piece.

He is always looking at his phone hoping it would ring or waiting for a knock at the door every night.

I worry for him and you.

I would go looking for you but...everytime I try Billy would always say no she'll be back. Because your gone I have to listen

to him now. Which is okay...but we both miss you.

He won't even tell me what had happened. I am in the dark. Clueless that's best word to describe how I feel about you leaving.

I wish I knew why.We all miss having you around...No matter how cruel you are to us. I never told you or Billy what I thought of both you.

At first hated the both of you...but over the years the two of you treated me more like a friend than a slave...I've have grown fond both you and Billy over so many years.

Just the two of us waiting for you…we don't know how longer we are able to handle being without you.

(Diana's POV.)

Mommy won't say anything …about you. I don't know why. Whenever I ask about you mommy always said that you would be happy to meet me. I think it bothers her… for her to talk about you . I Don't know why.

Shouldn't I know both my parents? Not just one? I guess I just have to wait for now. Maybe one day…she will tell me. Maybe one day I will get to see and meet you. The words maybe one day…those three little words give me hope.

I know I am only four years old…and I don't know much yet. I only know what my mother had taught me, and she has taught me alot over the four years I have been on this earth. Everybody I know tells me I am just like my mother…when I ask my mom she told me in many ways I am like my father.

I replied by asking; in what ways? She would always go silent and not say anything else… she acts like she doesn't want to talk about. Sometimes I hear her at night crying I only observe and not go anywhere near her.

Mommy was always strong., she would never admit crying yet she dose. There's always questions that I have about you daddy. Questions that may never have answers. So I am here waiting for that day come.

Will it ever?

Author's note; I know they may seem ooc but this takes place 25 years after the series. I was also sick when writing this. Don't flame me cc is okay but no flames okay? Just don't be harsh...I will rewrite this later.There will be a sequel in 2006 of February. The title of the sequel is called "I Know Now." It will be 12 chapters long…okay? As for Diana she seems advance for her age...but you have to think about it she is Mandy's daughter after all. Now as for Billy not knowing what he done wrong...well that's because he dosen't.

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