Seven months later, Sango and Miroku welcomed a lovely boy named Aiden. Three months later, newly parents Kagome and Sesshomaru welcomed Sena. Every now and then, Sango and Kagome would schedule playdates until Miroku made the mistake of commenting that Sena would bear children for Aiden one day. Joking or not, Sesshomaru was not happy.

Sesshomaru had proposed to Kagome and convinced her to move out with him shortly after their reconciliation and settled in his condo up in Central park. He sold Crescent Corp and decided to take time off to be with Kagome and Sena.

Family dinners were indeed awkward. Though Kikyo and Inuyasha came to accept Sesshomaru and Kagome as a couple, it didn't help keep their insecurities at bay. Sesshomaru tensed every time Inuyasha made conversation with Kagome and if Kikyo made a flirty comment to Sesshomaru, Kagome was down his throat on the way back home, but they were working on it.

Kikyo cleaned up her life and opened a spa. The girls over at Fantasy Island were her biggest clients. Inuyasha's band never took off, he started to get into acting and got his first role in Hollywood's spoof 'Donnie Barko'.

Shurran had been imprisoned for attempted murder. Word was she formed a cult and tried to get everyone to drink the Kool-Aid, but unfortunately, she was the only one.

It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows, Sesshomaru and Kagome would still rub each other the wrong way and get into heated arguments but the make up sex was always worth it. It seemed Sesshomaru sometimes purposely initiated such fights to benefit from such consequences. But one thing they were sure of was that whatever obstacle came their way, they would never be apart because their love…was meant to be.


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