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Chapter 1- Knight of Darkness

Vlad Masters walked calmly through his home, lightly caressing the animal pelts that hung from every open place. He lowered himself to an armchair and relaxed, closing his eyes against the warm firelight.

"Everything is in place," he said quietly to himself. "Pariah Dark is out of the way, I have Jack's ecto-skeleton suit, and the Crown of Fire and Ring of Fury are in my grasp. And I've finally found Danny's one true weakness... along with that secret weapon. Nothing could possibly go wrong."

"Are you sure about that?" asked a threatening voice from the darkness.

"Ah, Fright Night! Come on out and say hello."

A knight with black armor and purple flames for a cape materialized, glaring down at Vlad. "I don't agree with your plan," he said bleakly.

"I know that. But you don't have a choice. We made a deal, remember? I free you from Pariah Dark's rule, and you give me what I need to bring down Danny Phantom."

"I still think you're making a mistake. My brother is dangerous, Plasmius."

"Glad to hear you speak so highly of me," intoned another, more menacing voice. The Fright Knight cringed, but Vlad smiled.

"Knight of Darkness! Glad to see you've made it."

"I only came because I owe little Frighty here a favor."

The Fright Knight rounded, angry. "Don't call me Frighty! I'm the Fright Knight, for the last time! If you don't stop, I'll…"

"What?" asked the Knight of Darkness. "Tell Mom?"

Fright Knight growled, but didn't respond. He turned back to Vlad. "I'm done with you. You have my brother, now let me go. It's been three years, Masters!"

"Very well." Vlad waved his hand and a piece of curled parchment appeared. It appeared to be a contract, signed at the bottom by both him and Fright Knight. Another wave of the hand and it disappeared, consumed by green flames. "It is done. You're dismissed."

Fright Knight disappeared in a blaze of fire. Knight of Darkness emerged from the shadows, showing himself for the first time. He was a tall man in dark gray armor, but unlike his brother, he had no mask. His hair was midnight black and long, tied in the back with a black satin tie. He had no face to speak of; it was hidden behind disfiguring scars. All that could be seen were two eyes, irises so dark a purple they could blend with the night sky. He glowed with a faint green aura.

"What do you want with me, Plasmius?"

Vlad smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

Sam groaned, wiping sweat from her brow. "Why are we here again? I mean, Danny can handle this, right?"

"He needs us for clean-up. This was a major invasion—five ghosts at once. If something goes wrong, we need to be here. You know that."

She sighed. "Yeah, I know. I just hate the heat. It reminds me of the sun. Goths don't like the sun, remember?"

Tucker smiled; she could see it even through the darkness. "I remember. But we're in a boiler room, Sam. There's not much we can do about it."

Just then, something flew quickly past them, knocking Tuck backward. He staggered as Danny Phantom materialized, a look of determination on his face. Not moments later, a slimy ghost soaked through the walls of the boiler room and attacked him. Danny dodged quickly, doubling back to hit the gooey specter, but his hand just got caught in the sticky mouth of his adversary. The ghost tried to eat his arm, but Danny swung around and started slamming it against the wall.

"A little—help—here—please!" he shouted between hits.

"Help… Right!" Tucker activated the Fenton Thermos just as Danny freed his arm from the ghost. It was sucked away, trapped inside the cylindrical prison. Danny floated exhaustedly back to the floor and Sam rushed over.

"Awesome job, Dan!" She kissed his cheek quickly and he swung his arm over her shoulder, still breathing heavily.

"Thanks," he muttered, smiling. "That's the last one. Man, that was the third big attack this week! We haven't had activity like this in over a year. Something's going on."

"I would agree, but there's practically no activity around the ghost portal! Usually, when things have been messed up, the ghosts crowd around it." Tucker frowned at his PDA, tapping at the picture. He had rigged the Fenton's ghost radar to flow into his equipment so they could track activity in the Ghost Zone. "Maybe my gear is malfunctioning. I hope not—my Dad will kill me if I ask him for more money."

Sam smirked. "Tucker, I think it's time for you to enter the real world and discover the novelty of getting a job."

With the expression on Tuck's face, you'd think the world had just come to an end. "A job! No way! I'll deal with it some other way."

"You're going to college next year! Yeah, you've got tuition paid, but you do need to eat. That takes money. Your mom and dad won't be there to help then."

"That's easy for you to say! Your parents are just happy you're conforming enough to go to college. They're paying your way through."

"That doesn't mean I won't get a job. Actually, I'm kind of surprised none of us have really needed to yet. I'm looking for something right now, just to get the experience."

Tucker glared. "You just have to set an example, don't you?"

"Yes." Sam beamed. "I do."

"I am the Box Ghost! With my packing peanuts of doom I shall vanquish you!"

Skulker sighed. "Shut up, already! Why don't you leave me alone?"

"Youuu are the hunter of all that is unusual. You want the phantom boy, but I cannot let you have him!" The Box Ghost spread his arms dramatically. "He is my connection to the human world, and through him I will control all the boxes of the universe! Without him my plans are foiled… Now, fight me!"

"I don't have time." Skulker pressed a button on his suit and a large plasma gun rose from his shoulder. Another press and the plasma ball launched, chasing the Box Ghost deep into the Ghost Zone. Skulker shook his head and turned around, once again working his way toward the only person who he could actually converse with.

He opened a door and entered, collapsing onto a large guitar-shaped couch. From behind him, a feminine voice floated from another room.

"Skulk, is that you? You're here early; what do you want?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just been a rough day. I'm no closer to capturing the half breed, and that Box Ghost is bothering me again."

Ember laughed as she walked in and sat next to him. "Did you blast him from here to Klemper? Man, they both annoy me so much! As for the phantom kid, you'll get him sometime. You know, my offer to help still stands. It would be great to see that boy locked in a tiny cage."

Skulker closed his eyes and breathed heavily. "No," he replied. "I need to do this myself. It's a matter of pride."

"I understand." Ember leaned back and relaxed against the metal legs of Skulker's suit. "When you win a battle it's like this high; nothing can touch you. For a few minutes, everything fades away… You're left with…"

"Victory," he finished for her.

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