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Chapter 27- The Rescue

It was incredibly difficult to concentrate with Tucker so focused on her neck. She'd tried to distract him, knowing there were other pressing matters, but apparently in this case his will was stronger than hers.

The polite cough was unexpected, and completely unwelcome.

Emlyn turned her head to jokingly glare at the couple that had joined them. "Oh, so when I try to get your attention, you can ignore me, but when you want something we're supposed to just bow to your every whim? I'm not a ghost, Danny."

Danny lifted his hands in a sign of peace. "We couldn't, ah... find you earlier. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay."

Emlyn glanced back to Tucker and their intimate embrace, then back at Danny. "Clearly, everything is fine."

Danny couldn't help but laugh. "Well, now that we have each other's attention, at least, what did you need?"

"I was planning on making another trip to your sister soon, and I was wondering if you'd like to join me. It will be dangerous, so it has to be brief, but I know she'd appreciate seeing you alive and well."

His smile was warm and appreciative. "Thank you, I would like that. I can't even imagine what she's been telling our parents... they must be going nuts."

"Hopefully this will all be over soon, and you can continue your lives with some measure of normalcy."

Tucker chuckled. "Normalcy? Since when?"

"Since ever," Sam said. "Normal is relative."

"Uh oh," Tucker mumbled. "She's going into that weird, new age philosophy again." He winced as Emlyn smacked him lightly upside his head. "What was that for?"

"For Sam. She was too far away to reach."

Danny started cracking up, but Sam just smiled smugly. "Thanks, Em." She glanced at Danny, who was still trying to contain his humor, then back Emlyn. "What time will you guys be leaving?"

"Whenever you're ready, Danny."

"Okay." He leaned down to give Sam a quick kiss. "Let's go. Now that the option's there, I really just want to see Jazz."

Emlyn turned to look back at Tucker. "Finish this later?"

"Definitely." He kissed her softly. "Be careful. You too, Danny."

"Of course." Danny joined Emlyn as she backed away from Tucker, and she laid a hand on his upper arm.

"Get ready," she warned him, and they disappeared.

It was very dark, and very quiet. They were still for a few moments before Danny finally asked, "Why are we in the closet?"

"Because I couldn't sense your sister to see if she was alone. I didn't want to bring us to a place with your parents there."

"Oh." A few more moments of silence stretched. "Why are we still in the closet?"

Her sigh held a hint of frustration. "Because I still can't sense her. In fact, I can't sense anyone. Something must be blocking me... This isn't good. We should leave."

"Wait," he insisted. "Going ghost." The bright rings of light blinded them both momentarily, but in the pure darkness, it was hard to tell. Danny reached out and grabbed Emlyn's hand, then made them both intangible. Together, they floated out of the closet and into the upstairs hallway. It was almost as dark there, and in the bedrooms they flew through. Once downstairs, they found that the kitchen light was on, but nothing else. As they searched, uneasiness spread through Danny. Perhaps Emlyn was correct, and something very wrong was going on.

The only sign of activity was down in the lab. There, various ghost-hunting tools were scattered over the workbenches, as if inspected and discarded rapidly. Two of the jet packs were gone.

The pair returned to the kitchen, where Danny made them tangible again. "It's the middle of the night!" he said immediately, starting to pace. Emlyn sat down. "Where could they be? This isn't right, Emlyn, they've got to be in trouble. But I don't feel any ghost energy. Usually after an attack, there's something left behind, and everything is too clean. What's going on? This is my family! If something happens to them, and it's my fault..."

"Danny, stop it," Emlyn chided, her voice intentionally soothing. "You're jumping to conclusions. We need to find out what happened, and if they are in trouble, then we'll fix it. But you need to calm down."

"You're right." He dropped into a chair beside her. His fingers moved to his temples into a calming gesture, but his legs were bouncing up and down like crazy. "How can we figure out?"

"I know a way, but if this was ghost-related, it might not work. Hang on a second." She closed her eyes, and Danny watched as her skin flushed, and her hair shifted just the slightest little bit, as if touched by an ethereal wind. A strange calm came over him, and he realized that Emlyn must be the source, but he didn't care. It helped him focus. A few seconds later, she spoke. "Let what once was reappear. Show us all that happened here. The Ghost King's family, now lost, be found. Magic of the past, now surround. Reveal to us what led them from this place."

She opened her eyes, which were immediately drawn to the kitchen wall. Danny followed her gaze, and to his amazement watched as the air rippled to life. It showed a green haze, at the center of which was a stone room. The Fright Knight was there.

"Listen closely, for I have a message for Jack Fenton. I have in my possession two people whom I believe you would want safe." Vlad came into view. "But that isn't all." Danny winced as he saw himself chained to the wall, and then what sounded like his voice pleading for help. "Come and get them soon, or all you'll find is bones." The vision faded.

Danny's eyes filled with horror. "The Fright Knight told me that the Knight of Darkness planned to hit close to home, but this..." He shook his head. "He'd wanted all of us there when he revealed the specifics. But then the attack came, and he never got the chance. He tried to warn me! But who knows how long Knight's had my parents by now? We need to go and get them."

Emlyn was still staring at where the mirage had been. "I agree, but we need to tread carefully. This is quite obviously a trap." She sighed and stood. "Let's get back. The spells around the house act as an early warning system, but as we've already seen, with ghosts it doesn't help much. I'm not comfortable with Sam and Tucker there alone. Once we're together again, we'll plan our next step."

Danny nodded, though he was frustrated. He wanted to go right away. He wanted to race to wherever the Knight of Darkness held his family and avenge them, and save them. But Emlyn was right. Ghost King or not, the Knight was powerful, and they needed to plan so that no one would get hurt.

They came together and teleported away.

Danny and Emlyn burst into the house with a flurry of activity. Sam and Tucker nearly jumped out of their skin. The boom of sound and wind as Emlyn's magic thrust into the room was immense, and then she was running for the staircase, conjuring her weapons as she went. Danny was on the move as well, heading for the living room. "Fright Knight! The Ghost King summons you. Come as fast as you can, but don't blow your cover." As he rushed past Tuck and Sam, he motioned for them to follow. "The Knight of Darkness has my family," he explained. Tucker nearly threw himself onto the couch, too wrapped up in the sudden whirl of energy to do much else. Before Sam could join him, Danny snagged her wrist and dragged her close to him. Though Danny was already in ghost form, and he wasn't about to go human, thick bands of light surrounded them. When the glow faded, Danny's cape was back, and Sam was in a beautiful, yet battle-ready ensemble. Black pants and combat boots, as well as a form-fitting black sleeveless shirt. Low-slung on her hips, a leather belt sheathed her sword and two daggers.

Not three seconds later, Fright Knight appeared in the room. He knelt before Danny and Sam. "You summoned me," he intoned quietly.

Emlyn rushed in, having changed clothes and gathered her own weapons.

"Danny!" Tucker shouted before anything else could change. "What the hell happened?"

"The Knight of Darkness used an illusion to lure my family to him, under the premise of rescuing me. Now, we have to go rescue them. Fright Knight has been pretending to help him, but he'll be helping us from here on out." Danny's determined gaze fell on the kneeling ghost. "What's the situation? How is my family?"

"Your father is distressed, but unharmed. Your mother and sister are not with him. It seems he left in a hurry, while they took the time to prepare, and then followed. I have just left them; they found and captured me, looking for information on you. I told the Knight of Darkness that they had been spotted in the Ghost Zone, and he's gone to look for them, but they are safe. If you act quickly, you may be able to get Jack Fenton out before he returns. It will, however result in a fight. Once Jack has been taken, Knight will come after you, if you do not face him immediately. He wants you to come to him, but if he realizes that you've already come and gone, it will be the end of his patience."

"What kind of back-up does he have? What about Vlad?"

"Masters is being held in a separate room. Knight does not consider him an ally. Once the fight begins, he will summon reinforcements, but if you call upon them as King, they will be forced to join with you. Knight will be forced to stand alone."

Danny shot a look at Emlyn, who returned it with a level stare. "I am ready," she said with assurance. "With Knight of Darkness off-guard, this will be our best chance. And you are at your full power now, Danny."

"I'm ready. This needs to end," Sam agreed.

All eyes turned to Tucker. With a deep breath, he stood. When he locked eyes with Danny, his were full of fighting fire. "Let's do this, then."

Fright Knight led them to the remote castle in the Ghost Zone. As they appeared in the dungeon room, Danny had no problem finding his dad, since Jack immediately started bellowing.

"Ghost! Ghost! You dirty spook, when I get out of here, I'm going to—" He broke off as he finally saw everyone. "Sam? Tucker? What are you doing here?"

"We're here to get you out, Mr. Fenton," Sam told him as Emlyn walked forward. "This is Emlyn; she's taking you somewhere safe. Trust her."

He didn't really have much of a chance to protest, since the second Emlyn reached him, she took hold of his arm and teleported away. The chains that had held his arms swung down, empty, to clink against the stone wall.

"Okay," Danny said, turning to the others. "This is it. Sam, Tucker, head around that corner there and hold your position. I'll be invisible on the other side of the room. If Emlyn gets back before Knight, I'll tell her where to go, but if she shows up after, I'm guessing she'll have to just join in the melee. Fright, keep up the ruse for as long as you can; distract Knight with a story about Jack. If at all possible, we need enough time for Emlyn to grab my mom and sister and get them out of the Zone."

Fright bowed his head. "Of course, my King." He walked swiftly out into the hall, apparently to wait for Knight. Tucker took his position, but Sam hesitated.

"Danny," she said softly, moving to hold him close. "I love you. I needed to stay that before this began."

He kissed her, one rough embrace that left them both breathless. "I love you, too. Be safe."

She left him reluctantly and joined Tucker. In a second Danny was invisible, and then there was nothing to do but wait.

Emlyn had to smile at Jack Fenton's bewildered expression as she dropped him off at the Spirit Realm house. She rushed up to the tower and modified the protection spell, making teleportation the only means to leave or enter the building. When she walked back down the stairs, Jack hadn't moved. She approached him slowly.

"Mr. Fenton, I'd like to sit down and talk with you, but I just don't have the time. I'm sure you understand that there's a lot to do. Right now, I'm leaving to get Jazz and Maddie."

Pain flashed across his features and he dropped his head. "You're right. We'll need to arrange the... the... funerals..."

"Funerals? What do you mean?"

"The Knight of Darkness told me. He told me they're... dead! And my boy, Danny, I have no idea where he is. My family is gone."

For a few moments, Emlyn was too stunned to say anything. Then rage filled her, and she knew that the Knight of Darkness would die slowly for causing the Fentons this much pain. She rushed to Jack's side. "Mr. Fenton listen to me. Jazz and Maddie are alive. They're just fine; they came looking for you and found the right side. I'll be bringing them here when I find them. And Danny... Danny's in danger, but he can take care of himself, and I know you'll see him soon, as well. He'll want to have a very long talk with you. Please hear me, Mr. Fenton. Your family is whole and well."

Jack was clearly stunned, but his relief was clear. "They're okay? Really?"

"Yes. Please, make yourself comfortable and try to relax. We're doing everything we can to finish this."

Not waiting for his response, Emlyn teleported away from the house.

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