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Rain On Me


The rain.

It stings.

I blinked away the tears.

Yet the pain wouldn't go away.

I cried.

My hands shakily ran through my auburn locks. My emerald eyes glistened and my legs numbly walked away from the teahouse. A sob escaped my pale lips.

I hugged myself to emit more heat.

But the coldness wouldn't go away.

My knees went weak and gave way to a fall. I found myself wandering the dimly lit streets of Tomoeda. My cheeks flushed as I touched it, flattening my palm against its soft, wet skin. The droplets of rain mingled with the salty substance of my tears.

I welcomed it.


My chest tightened painfully.

It doesn't matter.

He loves another.

I tried to plaster a smile on my face. Happy. Be happy that he at least knows your name, I thought to myself. I whipped my head towards his direction and smiled at him. Agonizing, painful… it hurts.

"Yes, Li-sempai?" I asked, my voice wavering.

He frowned concernedly but it didn't matter to me. Because if he loved me, he wouldn't frown. I didn't want to see him frown. "What's the matter, Kinomoto?"

I choked on my sobs. "N-nothing, Li-sempai."

He shook his head, droplets of water flying all over the place. "You're crying."

I turned my head away from him, wiping away the tears in the process. "No."

"No?" He echoed, not in the least amused. "Did I say something wrong?"


My eyes produced more tears. It wouldn't stop coming. I recalled he had said earlier and my heart tore slowly.

His voice wavered but he said calmly, "—I wanted to ask you about… about—" He paused thoughtfully. "—About… Tomoyo. Yes! Tomoyo—"

"No." I murmured sadly.

He arched his eyebrows in concern and curiosity. "Then why are you crying?"

"I'm not crying," I muttered defiantly. "It's the stupid rains fault."

He chuckled softly, taking my small hands in his manly ones. His palm felt so warm on my cold, shivering one. I tried so hard not to swoon.

"Yes, now, let's get out of the stupid rain's reach and get inside the teahouse." He whispered softly. "You'll get sick."

Tomoyo. He wants Tomoyo.

I nodded my head sorrowfully. "Okay."

But I wasn't.

I was below okay.

We stepped inside the teahouse, wet and shivering. The waitress hastily gave us warm thick blankets and Syaoran gratefully took them from her. He smiled at me and covered me with both of it. I shockingly looked at him.

"You're shivering," he murmured. "You might get sick."

I smiled at him, my eyes watering.


"Finally!" He said cheerily. "You said my name… without the sempai."

I blushed.


He smirked. "Let's eat."

I numbly nodded my head, still blushing.

My afternoon had been quiet but relaxing, indeed.


The next morning, my first class had started quite late. I looked around the classroom and my eyes landed on Syaoran's seat yesterday.


I sighed and stared at the seat through half-lidded eyes. Then, a particular paper on the seat caught my attention. I looked around and noticed nobody was looking. I grabbed the paper and read it silently. My eyes widening at every word.

It read:

I couldn't look at her.

She's too good to be true. Her silky auburn locks… her bright, beautiful emerald eyes… her lips. Oh, sweet God, please restrain me from pouncing on her.

She's perfect. Her skin, porcelain alabaster… how I yearn to touch her… caress her… kiss her. I looked at her sideways. She… she's looking at me! Oh, wait… she's sleeping.

Sigh. Sakura Kinomoto…

It stopped right there.

And I was hyperventilating.

Syaoran Li… likes me!

Not Tomoyo… Me!

Oh, crap.

I gasped.


There, stood in front of me with a shocked expression on his face, was Syaoran Li. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh," he uttered. "I thought I threw that already."

I smiled at him—

—and inevitably, I pounced.

I hugged him tightly.

"I like you too," I murmured.

He chuckled.

"I already found that out yesterday."

I playfully slapped him on the arm. I huffed.

"Wanna go out with me later?" He asked, squirming.

"As in a date?" I beamed.

He nodded his head, leaning towards me and he kissed me on the cheek. "Yes, a date."




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