Camp Terror

Kagome & Inuyasha are both from rich families and are popular at their schools but what happens just in one summer they meet will they fall in love or hate...

Boy's private school

Today is the last day and a certain silver hairedhanyou,Inuyasha

is lovingit along with the perverted monk, Miroku.

"Finally I thought I wouldn't survive for another fuckin day",yelled Inuyasha.

" I know man did you see those girls privite school next door I mean wow!",said Miroku

in a very perverted way.

" Hay monk can't you last one fuckin day without girls in your damn perverted brain of yours last time I agreed with you 20 girls were after you so I had to cover you and almost got fuckin killed!",screamed Inu.

" But hay it's not my fault that they loved me so much..", replyed Miroku.

" Feh Love? they were out to rip you alive", said Inu.

'Not my fault...', said miroku mentally.

Then all of a suddan Miroku got beaten up by Inuyasha.

$Girls's private school$

Today was also the last day of school for Kagome and Sango the cousins.

"Hay Sango did you feel like some one stared at you?",asked Kagome.

"Yah I did but it feels like it's being trampled",replyed Sango.

" Yah talk about weird...",said Kagome.

Inuyasha's house


"Oh you mean this",after Sesshomaru showed Inuyasha the eaten bowl of ramen.

"That was mine..."growled Inu.

"But I ate it ha ha..",whileSess went upstairs.

"Plan A is in contact", grinned Inu.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..."INUYASHAAAA!",yelled Sess.

Then after he came down stairs it seemed that he was covered in pink nylon die and he was only wearing a towal then slipped on banana peels and tacks then came crashing to his feetand he slipped into the closet where Inuyasha closed it and left him in there for 4 hours.

$Kagome's House$

" Do I feel a vibration must be in my amaginanation",replyed Kagome.