A Promise to Rin

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"…." Means spoken words, words in italics means thoughts

The Promise is Made

Soft, fluffy, white flakes continued to fall from the sky and land quietly on the mounds of lush white covering the ground. Every tree seemed to be weighted down with a blanket covering their bare limbs, all the world was silent and strangely at peace. The air seemed to be cleaner and crisper. All in all the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful to all who were tucked inside their nice warm huts watching the snow fall with warm cups of tea in their hands. However, the tiny being trying to navigate her way though the thick white snow bank was in hell. And hell had indeed frozen over. She stumbled and fell several times coating herself in the cold snow. She had exchanged her normal school uniform for much warmer jeans, a thick sweater and a heavy coat; however, these items were quickly becoming soaked and uncomfortable to the slowly freezing girl. She had become separated from her friends in the blinding blizzard, screaming their names had only earned her more pain. The cold air ran down her throat and into her lungs sending its fingers of ice raging through her body. Every breath brought the cold pain into her lungs; every fall brought more of the snow to her body and made her even colder. Her arms and legs had begun to hurt sometime ago and she was becoming sleepy. Finally, she fell for the last time. She could not pull herself up again and strangely she began to feel warm.

Not far off a small group trudged through the snow. A little girl sat, quite warm, in her fur lined robes, upon the back of a very large two headed dragon. She was extremely happy. She loved the snow; it was so much like her Sesshomaru-samma. The little toad was also riding the dragon after complaining his feet were beginning to freeze. The only one of the group who did not seem to mind the cold was the great taiyoukai. He walked on, just as tall and proud as if the snow was not there. He was taking his small group to a cave located slightly up ahead. While Rin was warm now, she stilled needed to sleep in a warm place and eat a hot meal to stay healthy. Sesshomaru was so lost in his own thoughts he almost missed the delicate smell to his left. Turning his head, he caught the scent of lavender and chamomile again. Something bright caught his eye, kneeling down Sesshomaru drug a brightly clothed girl from a snow bank. She was deathly pale and turning a slight blue color. Sesshomaru went to lay her back into the snow when a soft voice stopped him.

"Kagome-chan?" Rin's voice held a twinge of concern and Sesshomaru could smell her fear for the miko radiating off of her little body. Sighing, Sesshomaru stood pulling the miko to his chest. He could not leave the girl to die with Rin watching.

Rin is making me much too soft. Still the taiyoukai did not put the fragile girl in his arm down, he merely continued on with his steady gait.

Inuyasha sat inside of Keade's hut full of self loathing and guilt. He had allowed her to be lost in the blizzard. He had let go of her hand for but a moment. She was gone in a flash and he could not find her because the snow covered all trace of her including her scent and footsteps. The others were worried for her as well but for once they did not blame their hanyou companion for the loss of her. They quietly understood that what had happened was an accident and Inuyasha would give anything to switch places with the young miko. He spent a miserable night worrying over the loss of his best friend.

They had reached the cave at last. Rin was slightly concerned about Ah Un being outside in the snow but once Sesshomaru explained the dragon was content and indeed already fast asleep she went inside. Jaken was instructed to begin a fire. Sesshomaru began digging through the bags from Ah Un's saddle. He found no extra blankets and he would not take Rin's to covering the miko with. A swift glance at Rin confirmed to him that she was sleepily eating a warm meal prepared by Jaken. He knew the instant she crawled into her blankets and sleep began to take her.

"Sesshomaru-samma?" A quiet voice called to him.

"Yes, Rin?"

"Promise Rin you will take care of Kagome-chan?" The child's question ended with a yawn.

"I promise Rin." At the taiyoukai's words the little girl fell fast asleep in complete trust. If Sesshomaru told her would do something he would do it.

Sesshomaru glanced down at the girl. She was shivering and her skin was very cold to the touch. Sesshomaru quickly removed her wet cold clothes and laid them by the fire. He was slightly surprised at the strange underclothes the young miko wore but he left them in place since they did not feel wet. Quickly Sesshomaru removed his armor and untied his obi. Sitting next to the cold girl, Sesshomaru opened both his outer and inner kimonos. Moon pale skin was lit by the fire as Sesshomaru placed the shivering miko against his bare chest and then covered them both with his kimonos.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and prepared himself for the long night ahead. The girls shivering gradually subsided but she was still restless. Sesshomaru could smell a faint scent of sickness in her scent already. She would not die of the cold but she would become ill. Glancing down, Sesshomaru looked onto a pale fragile face. Her nose was slightly red but she still looked slightly angelic in repose. Closing his eyes once more the taiyoukai thought to rest while he was restrained. His rest was interrupted by the most unlikely of noises. The girl was growling deep in her throat. It was a small sound and it slightly amused Sesshomaru. He did not know what this noise meant with humans but with inu youkai it meant complete relaxation and a sense of peace.

Again he closed his eyes and sought sleep. He would rest tonight to.

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