Between Heaven and Hell

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Writing-past memories

Last Chapter:

She was walking around in halls when a demon came up to her "Hey!" Cagalli turned around. There was demon, but somehow this demon wasn't a demon and Cagalli felt something familiar about this demon. Cagalli walked up to the demon, and she was shocked!

"Kira! What are you doing here?"

Chapter 9

"Shhhh, quiet down Cagalli. Look we need to get you out of here" said Kira. "Whoa, you're a demon now?" Cagalli stated in shocked. "Yeah it's a spell but we have a time limit." Kira replied. "What happens if Athrun finds out? He's going to kill all of us!" Cagalli panicked with the thought of people she cared about getting slaughtered by Athrun.

"Don't worry about it. Shin said he got it covered. We need to get out of here as soon as possible" Kira stated again. "But if I don't come back, then Athrun will know!" Cagalli said. "Awww damn it Cagalli, it's night time and he's sleeping in his room, he won't even know you're gone unless he comes and checks up on you!" Kira said. "Well, ummmm, you see…….that isn't the case here brother" Cagalli said nervously. Kira's eyes widen, Cagalli closed her eyes to prepare her for what's coming. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I THINK YOU MEAN……….YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?" Kira yelled at the top of his lungs. "Holy crap Kira, you'll wake everyone! Kira breathe….." Cagalli reassured Kira. Kira took a deep breath but his eyes were still twitching like mad.

"Okay, okay, I didn't SLEEP with him. We didn't do anything, you sick minded idiot!" Cagalli said hitting Kira on the head. "I wasn't thinking of anything sick, stupid. I was just worried!" Kira snapped back. "Yeah whatever Kira," glared Cagalli.

In Athrun's Mind

"Huh? What is this…where am I?" Athrun said, trying to move but he was chained to a cold brick wall. Athrun looked up and saw…himself. "No! That's not me, it can't be me…can it? He has my hair, body, face, but his eyes…his eyes are not mine!" A cold chuckle came from this…thing, it filled the room and Athrun can feel his hair standing on its end. "Oh, but I AM YOU" said the voice. "No, that's not possible" Athrun kept telling himself. "Keep telling yourself that Athrun, but I am not going anywhere…so enjoy trapped in our mind" the evil Athrun chuckled again. "You're not getting away with this!" shouted Athrun. "But you see, I already have…Heaven will soon fall at my feet since both their king and prince has fallen and their princess lets just say she wont be going back to heaven anytime soon , and 'our' father I had just killed, yup life is all good" smirked the evil Athrun.

Back to Cagalli and Kira

"Okay Cagalli, I need you to drink this for me" Kira held up a little bottle to Cagalli's face. "What exactly is it? I don't want to go drinking some yucky water up" stared Cagalli into the bottle with the ocean blue liquid inside the bottle. "Since you're so worried about Athrun finding out that you left, this potion will make a copy of yourself so you don't have to worry" stated Kira in a "mater of fact" voice. "Plus it won't taste as bad. It's strawberry kiwi" smiled Kira. "And how would you know?" asked Cagalli eyeing her brother. Kira laughed nervously "Uhh Lacus…told me…yeah Lacus told me. Hurry up and drink it!" "Alright!" Cagalli grabbed the little bottle and drank the liquid. Her body felt strange for a moment and everything started to spin and her vision blurred. Then after a few moments everything stopped. She opened her eyes and she was staring into what looks like a mirror vision of herself. "See now she's going to Athrun, and you come back with us….and everything is good, well for the moment so we can make a come back" smiled Kira.

"But what happens if he finds out?" Cagalli asked.

"He wont." Kira said.

"What about Milly?"

""What about her?" Kira had a questioning look.

"She's here too"

"What?!" Kira almost slapped himself.

"Well, I can always get her" said the Cagalli copy.

For a few minutes both Cagalli and Kira talked over a plan to get Milly out with the Cagalli copy.

Back in Athrun's mind

"I'll find a way to get though. You will not hurt heaven or Cagalli!" spat Athrun. "Hummm, heaven I might hurt, but rest assured the princess won't get hurt. Now if you don't mind I'll return to taking over your body" laughed the evil Athrun.

Athrun woke up and noticed Cagalli wasn't with him then a memory snapped back "Ah, yes she wanted to go for a walk" Then the door opened and Cagalli walked in. "Welcome back" he said getting himself up and is now leaning on the head board of the bed. "Hi" Cagalli said flatly. "What's wrong?" Athrun asked. Cagalli plopped herself beside Athrun. "Nothing" Cagalli said staring blankly ahead. "Really?" "OK FINE! I just miss home alright? Jeez, get off my case already!" Cagalli snapped. 'For a second there I thought she was an imposter' thought Athrun. Athrun reached his arms out and took her face into his hands. He brushed the tear away from her eyes and she looked at him. Their faces where inches apart. Then Athrun took her lips, but then he stop the moment he realized that this wasn't the taste of her lips. "Hummm?" Cagalli had a questioning look on her face as if she wanted another kiss.

He looked into Cagalli's eyes. Suddenly he said "You have some nerve" and strikes his claws right into Cagalli's heart. Cagalli felt a sharp pain and gasp "'d you know?" Athrun smirked…. "Because, Cagalli's lips will never taste like yours" and her body disappeared. Athrun looked at his claws that now turned back into hands which is now cover in blood, but the blood is disappearing "Cagalli, you've been a bad girl, and bad girl should be punished"

After an hour of flying Cagalli finally saw the gate to heaven and stopped. Kira noticed and looked back "What's wrong?" "He's mad. He found out it wasn't me, and…"Cagalli stopped looking pale. "…He's coming"

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