Author's Note I'm not familiar with the timelines so please forgive me. But Sasuke and Sakura are both 12-13 years old in this fiction.

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Chapter 1: Sakura's sick?

"What do you mean 'Sakura-chan is sick'!" an exasperated blond ninja yelled towards his silver-haired teacher as their raven haired teammate listened on impassively.

The sky hung low with big, grey clouds as Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi were gathered at the bridge, their usual meeting place. Kakashi was leaning back with his elbows resting on the rail, one hand holding a new volume of Icha Icha Paradise. His two male students stood opposite him, a very worried Naruto on his left, and a stoic Sasuke on his right.

"I mean she's sick. I didn't think that would be hard to understand, even for someone like you Naruto. You're overreacting as usual," Kakashi replied bluntly, his one eye still glued to his favorite book. Sensing that Naruto still wouldn't follow, he added, "Relax, I visited her earlier and it's nothing too serious. Well, that's what you get for staying in the rain for too long. Ninjas are humans after all."

Sasuke lowered his head to hide a sniffle. Curse the world for being human, he thought.

Sasuke shifted from his position, crossing his arms over his chest. He recalled their last mission assigned to them five days ago. They were supposed to help reinforce an old dam in a farmers' village in the outskirts of the fire country. It was a fairly simple rank-C mission, but it had been difficult to accomplish due to the foul weather that week. It had been pouring even before they left Konoha for the mission. And as their instructor had expected, the rain turned into a raging typhoon when they reached their destination. For three days straight they worked to strengthen the dam before the village completely flooded. And though Kakashi had asked Sakura to watch over the villagers instead, she insisted in helping with the rebuilding. As a result, the only female in the group was now sick.

"Since our team is incomplete, there will be no missions or training for today. Consider this your day-off. However, when she gets better, we'll be training so hard you guys will never get sick again...Hmm, that's all then," Kakashi's eyes squinted, probably smiling as he closed his book. He stood up straight and disappeared with a puff of smoke.

Naruto flinched when he heard the last phrase. Training was going to be a massacre when Sakura gets back, he shuddered. Sasuke stared thoughtfully into the water, and then abruptly turned to leave.

"Oi Sasuke, where'ya off to now? I'm gonna go visit Sakura-chan after dropping by at Ichiraku's. Wanna come along?" Naruto hollered to his retreating back.

"No. I've got better things to do," he replied coldly as he walked away without looking back. All the while his heart tugged at him to reconsider Naruto's offer. But he shrugged it off, like he did in most cases. He did, in fact, have more urgent matters to attend to.

Like buy some medicine for this cold before it gets worse.

He heard footsteps fading into the distance. It didn't help Sasuke when he glanced behind him to see Naruto happily bouncing away. He imagined he was off to the Harunos' after he had done stuffing himself with ramen at Ichiraku's. He imagined the silly grin that would be plastered on the blond ninja's face when he sees their teammate lying on her bed. He imagined her smiling back at Naruto for his kind gesture. He scowled.

Curse the world for jealousy, he thought.

Then he stopped when he realized what he had just said to himself. He kicked himself mentally.

Curse the world for being human.

Author's Note: I'm sorry if Sasuke came off a bit OOC. Please help me fix his lines. Suggestions will be very much appreciated!