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Sasuke's Bedside Story



"So?" A tiny voice asked excitedly.

"Hn?" The reply meant to tease the other, and did so very well. The tiny voice asked again, nearly screaming its head off, "SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?"

"Yeah. You never tell us the ending." a second person chimed in, in a half-irritated tone, strangely reminding the man that he was no doubt, like himself.

Unable to snap out of his short musing, the smaller voice cried out impatiently, "Hmp! You're unfair!" At that, he saw the little thing pout, cheeks inflated, as if it threatened to suffocate itself if he didn't bend to it's will.

He simply shrugged and smirked. Two can play this game, all be it a little too silly to be picking on someone almost one-sixth his age, and knowing he'd get in trouble for this later.

Hey, if your kids were this cute, wouldn't you?

It was well into the evening, and the three of them sat on a familiar bed, in an even more familiar room.

Sakura's old room.

Except for the new wallpapers that decked the walls, not much has changed at all, surprisingly. The yellow lamp was still there. And so was the small wooden table at one side of the bed. And that one window.

That would always be there, he thought as he looked at it thoughtfully.

The two children were already under the covers—the girl half-tucked in and half-ready to sleep, and the boy sitting up straight, his jet black hair a little more messed up than usual. The brooding father sat next to his daughter, his back facing them as his eyes swept across the room and rested on a dim corner.

Being ignored again by his oddly nostalgic parent, the girl crawled out from under the covers to shake his dad's shoulder gently. "Argh! Oto-chan teba, tell us what happened already! Please?" It would seem her daughter had dropped her mock-anger and decided to charm her way to get him to talk.

She really takes after Sakura, doesn't she? He was rather proud of himself at realizing this.

The man shifted to face them, the mattress squeaking lightly. He asked, "Where were we?"

"The part where you pick up the blankets." The boy answered, rather quickly. Usually he was good in hiding his thrill, but when it came to stories about his parents…well, he may be their parents' ultimate fan.

He had heard every legend, comedy and tragedy: from the start of Team 7 to his father's stories about Hidden Sound, to how her mother once cured the Rokudaime, the Sixth Hokage, from a rare poison. (Her mother had told him the Rokudaime was actually his godfather, but he found it hard to believe from the way his dad sneered, saying 'your mom said that, not me.')

He admired his parents. And he was proud to be the son of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura—two of Konoha's strongest nins; and with his sister, they were his most cherished treasure. (He was also proud to be Uzumaki Naruto-sama's godson…if her mother really was telling the truth about the Rokudaime being his dad's best friend.)

After a long moment, the girl whined again, "So?"



Sasuke burst into laughter. "Alright, alright. But let's keep it quiet or your mom's going to kill me." He gently pressed a pointing finger to her daughter's wide forehead, "You should be asleep right now, you know that? It's way past bedtime."

"But I don't wanna sleep." She retorted consciously, quickly reaching out in an attempt to swipe his hand from her forehead.

Too slow.

She missed, and Sasuke's hand now rested on her little head. He smirked, giving her a look that meant to say 'in your dreams, kiddo.'

The girl ended up raising the covers up to her beautiful green eyes, hiding the embarrassment in her defeated expression. Her father consoled playfully her with a few pats on the head, slightly raking his fingers along her short black tresses, smiling fondly.

"So," he started again while gesturing the little girl to lie down, "when I was nearly done, she suddenly rolled over and I got stuck under her arm. And she was as heavy as a rock for someone so thin."

"Aha! I'm gonna tell Oka-san about that!" The boy quipped mischievously, smiling reticently.

"But that's true!" a small muffled voice interjected from under the bed sheets. "Oka-chan eats way too much, especially those itty-bitty creamy strawberry cakes that Oto-san buys for him when he comes home after his missions."

"Hey, that's even worse! I'm telling your mom on you." Sasuke taunted.

"Oto-san, you eat too much, too, y'know!"

Sasuke's face fell. "…w-what?"

The girl revealed a smile from under the covers as she spoke, "you and Uncle Naruto, I mean, Oto-san and Rokudaime, ate grandma Haruno's dinner today like there was no tomorrow." The son nodded contemplatively at the words 'you', 'Rokudaime', 'dinner' and 'no tomorrow.'

Sasuke uttered something between a sigh and a scoff.

Blame it on Naruto and his eating habits.

Earlier this day, here at her old house, Sakura and her mother held a small welcoming party for him: a simple family dinner to celebrate his return after his mission in Water Country.

It was just another A-rank mission for him (all his missions were A-ranked these days). But it was so like Sakura to do these little things for him whenever he would be gone for long months on these assignments, and he expected these little things quite pleasantly.

She always made him miss home all the more.

He was relaxing on the living room sofa at around seven p.m. talking with his guests Kakashi, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji about their last mission when he looked out to see Sakura shuffling across the hall towards the front door a second time. He was not surprised to see Naruto and his son at the doorstep, along with two of his staff.

Oh, how sweet. The kind Rokudaime had graced the Haruno residence with his presence…or more like, 'graced their dinner table with his presence,' he thought.

Old (freeloading) habits die hard.

It was at the dinner table that night, while he sat opposite the Hokage wide-eyed and everyone watched in awe, that Naruto began gulfing down Sakura and Grandma Haruno's beautiful dinner like it was junk food! Even when Sakura had bonked him on the head (which earned a few gasps from the newer acquaintances), his pace was unstoppable. Inhuman even.

His body must have acted on reflex, due to anger and hunger, when he quickly picked up his chopsticks and started eating hurriedly without saying anything.

He wouldn't let him gobble up everything his wife made especially for him…that's just absurd!

The famished guests seemed to understand his action instantly. They huddled over the table, leaving little room for the kids or the Harunos (who actually cooked everything, if he may add.)

"Gods, they just started a feeding frenzy!" Sakura thought loudly. Her mouth hung after she spoke, dumbstruck by the turn of events. She was glad they were enjoying the meal, but she was pretty embarrassed by this entire chaos happening at her mother's house.

"Maa…There's enough for everyone." He heard Grandma Haruno saying repeatedly in the background while restless chomping and eager munches filled the room.

To say the kids were scarred for life by what they saw…that would be an understatement.

But their effort was no good! Naruto was making dinner disappear in front of Sasuke's eyes!

Finally Kakashi, perhaps because he couldn't eat with that silly mask, saw an opening between the dumpling in Naruto's mouth and the chicken drumsticks he held in each hand, and with his juunin stealth, clapped a hand firmly over his open piehole. Everybody stopped.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru muttered.

"Da…I mean…Naruto!" Sasuke seethed. It was good he had caught himself or he could've cursed while the children were listening.

Naruto replied feebly, "Ch..Ckk…C…"

His face was turning blue!

"OhmygodtheHokage'schokingonthedumplinghesgonnalikedieSomeonehelphimquick!" one of the female subordinates screamed hysterically.

Kakashi sweatdropped. "Oops."

Naruto's entourage began to panic.

Then out of nowhere, a hand slapped Naruto on the back, sending a piece of dumpling across the table. Sasuke turned his head and dodged the projectile as it flew out the door behind him and went "SPLAT!" in another room.

"Whew! Thanks!" Naruto drew a long breath, and grinned impishly. Suddenly, the hand that had slapped his back glided up and dug its fingers into the Rokudaime's shoulder.

"Uh-oh." Naruto squeaked.

There was a long, deathly silence.

"Naruto…!" It was raining veins on top of Sakura's red head. Her pink hair had turned white, just like her knuckles. They could've sworn there were flames behind her! She looked scary. Really scary.

Instantly, she pulled him up with one hand as if he were weightless (when he had consumed enough for ten people) and flung him across the table and out of sight, much like that piece of dumpling. "YOU HAVE NO MANNERS!" She fumed, and then threw a rag at him, "AND CLEAN THAT UP!" she added.

Everyone was frightened to speak afterwards. Even grandma Haruno was surprised at her daughter's reaction.

And then, Kakashi and Ino started to laugh. It caught Sakura off guard, and suddenly she felt red creep up her face. She went to her husband's side, rather flustered and near tears, and as if seeking protection.

Sasuke pondered what to say for a few seconds, and finally stood up. He turned around to face Sakura and wrapped his one arm around her waist.

"Sakura, dinner was fun."

Everyone laughed. That was good, he thought. Even Grandma Haruno was laughing.

The people started to clean up the mess while the others went to look for the Hokage. Grandma Haruno found himin the next room talking passionately with the children about the 'fire that burns inside Konoha-nins' and about him not having an 'eating disorder.'

"Ok, never mind about dinner, tell us the rest of the story!" the girl begged.

"Alright. Well, I tried to pull myself free, but then I didn't notice that she was having this sort of nightmare, and she started throwing punches at me."

"Did you get hit?" The boy asked, now completely drawn into the story.

"Yeah, right here." Sasuke pointed hesitantly to his cheek. He was slightly embarrassed.

"NO WAY!" The two of them yelled in chorus. Both of them started to speak frantically about him being invincible, and about his Anbu status, how their mother could do something like that. They couldn't believe it. Their mother could hit their father in her sleep?

Right then, the door creaked open and they all swung their heads to the person who stood at the entrance.

"What's all this ruckus? I said time for bed." She approached them and looked warily at her husband. With a groan, he proceeded to tuck them both into bed.

"Aww, Oka-san, not yet! Oto-san's telling us a story!" But she didn't put up much of a fight, because she was in fact, very sleepy, now that her father had stopped talking.

She raised a curious eyebrow at her daughter, but decided bedtime was more important than asking. "No, Miyako. I said sleep." Sakura's voice was firm but motherly. "Now." She placed a soft hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "Besides, I need Daddy downstairs. Grandma Haruno's house is a mess."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. Darn that Naruto, he thought.

After turning off the lamp, she leaned over and kissed them. "Naosuke…you too. Eight-year olds should get lots of sleep or they won't grow up."

"Hai." After saying their goodnights, Miyako and Naosuke watched as their parents exited the dark room.

"Mom looks kinda mad." Whispered Miyako.

"Yeah. Too bad Oto-san couldn't finish the story again. He'll be gone next week."

"Another mission?"


"Then let's ask him tomorrow, then."

"Hm, sure." He yawned. "Miyako, it's cool isn't it? This is the same room where it happened."

Nobody answered. And so, Naosuke closed his eyes .

Later that evening the guests went home, but not after Naruto apologized again and Sakura smiled and forgave him.

With only the two of them left at the kitchen as she washed the dishes and he dried them quietly, Sakura stared at Sasuke warmly until he finally caved and asked, "Yes, my mistress?"

Her stare lightened up when she laughed. "You enjoy talking to them like that, to Naosuke and Miyako...In private, I mean. You never play with them like that when were out on a picnic or when there's someone else around. Why is that?"

He hid a sigh. He stared at his reflection in the ceramic he was holding. "Because it could be dangerous. I have too many enemies." He added in the end, "You know."

"Oh." She smiled pleasantly. "Is that it? You're so sly."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Come on…"

Inner Sakura: Come on, you snuck into my room that day because you have too many enemies? Give me a break, Sasuke-kun!

"…nobody would dare try doing anything to us." She smiled.

He smirked. He was happy that his family felt so secure, in spite of his unsafe profession.

Minutes later, as she dipped her hands into the sink, absently swirling the soapy water, she spoke softly, "Sasuke-kun, You said dinner was great. But that isn't what I wanted to hear," She pouted, and gave Sasuke a playful but irked little bonk on the head as well, leaving soap bubbles on his raven hair. "Besides, it wasn't fun, it was a disaster."

Moving closer to pick up a wet plate beside the sink, he whispered to her ear "I know." Her eyes opened in surprise. He kissed her softly on the cheek and added, "but you made it for me."

He gazed intently at her, making her gasp as he brushed his lips against her ears to whisper her name, "Sakura, Arigatou."

At hearing this she smiled sweetly. And despite the dish he was drying and the soapsuds that were up to her arms, they manage to hug and kiss.


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