I've finally finished this letter but haven't a clue how to end it.

Sincerely Major Samantha Carter

No not this letter

Yours sincerely Major Carter

No, that's no different. Maybe I should just sign it?

Major Samantha Carter

No he will think its stupid

Regards Samantha Carter
Regards Carter
My regards Major Carter

This is pointless. I drop my head in my hands in an act of frustration. My eyelids are heavy and I close my eyes as I realize just how tired I am. A knock on the door makes me jump and I turn to see Colonel O'Neill in the open doorway of my quarters.

"What you working on?" he asks stuffing his hands in his pockets and dawdling over to see. I minimize the letter and bring up a document that shows a series of equations that explain the changing magnetic field generated by the changing electric field in space. O'Neill takes one look at the equations and mouths 'oh' and I can't help but smile.

"Physics at 3 am Carter? Shouldn't you be sleeping right now or at least off base and on your way home?" he asks sitting beside me and I glance at my watch astonished by the hour.

"I didn't think it was that late," I admit yawning and O'Neill smiles

"How's your foot feeling?" he asks concerned and I stare at him blankly "you were limping on it earlier?"

"Oh I just rolled on my ankle, it's fine I mean it's a little sore but i'l live"

"What did Fraiser say about it?" he asks nodding and I sigh

"I haven't been to see her" he shakes his head disapprovingly

"Can I see?" he asks pointing at my foot with his gaze

"Sir?" I query

"Your ankle, can I see how bad it is Carter?" he says this as if it were a request he normally made. I nod and carefully begin untying my right boot. O'Neill stops me midway and lifts my leg to his lap and gently takes the boot off followed by the sock. My ankle is slightly swollen but not very bad and I go to pull it away but he doesn't let me.

"Sir?" I ask confused

"Just hold up Carter" he says softly placing his hand on my foot and begins rubbing it

"Sir its not that bad, really" I say defensively but he just raises his finger of his free hand hushing me and then starts using both hands to massage the foot "sir it doesn't hurt" I point out and he smiles

"It's working" he grins and I laugh and role my eyes slightly. He soon stops massaging and just strokes it tenderly and I eye him inquisitively.

"Relax Carter" he smiles and starts tracing the foot with his fingertips, still stroking with the other hand. After a while he abandons the stroking and just traces the foot dazed. The feeling of his fingertips brushing over the skin taunting the senses is both intoxicating and exhilarating, my leg trembles slightly under the intimate touch and simple tickling sensation as his fingertip's brush over the ball of my foot. Only for a second I let a whispered moan slip out but he picks up on it and smiles as though he has achieved what he set out to do and I catch myself blush. He catches contact with my eyes and gazes into them intensely. We hold eye contact without fail and his fingertips wonder off path. He slides his hand up through the base of the pants leg and begins caressing my lower leg. I shudder slightly and a wave of Goosebumps comes over me as he leans in closer and places his free hand around my waist and pulls me forward. His hand ventures away from my calf and slides along my thigh from outside the pants. I remove my foot from his lap and pull myself closer to him. I whisper in his ear and he smiles almost blushing. His hand slips under my shirt and slides up my back as I place my arms around his neck and lean in to kiss him. A kiss, a gesture I'm familiar with yet never tire of. It isn't like its not our first but yet I feel a desire for it. A desire for the perfection of the intimate gesture that we crave so much. We are breathing heavily as our lips begin to touch. Oddly I feel a hand on my shoulder shaking me. I try to ignore it but it pulls my attention away and I turn to see a blurry figure standing over me. The blur fades and to my shock its O'Neill.

"Sir?" I ask confused and he smiles

"You were talking in your sleep" he grins

"I was?" I ask glancing around the room to see I had fallen asleep in front of the laptop "what did I say" I ask embarrassed

"You said 'go for it, Jack'" he smiles "what were you dreaming about?"

"Oh just saving the world from a goa'uld that had taken over the base" I laugh

"Haven't you already done that?" he asks grinning

"Doesn't mean I cant dream about it" I grin

"Yeah well you should go dream about it in that bed over there, I hear pillows are more comfortable than keypads" he jokes and lifts me up from the chair then leads me over to the bed. I crawl in and wait until he leaves before getting up and bumping the screensaver off the laptop. I glance at the letter and smile as I type the end.

Love Sam.