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A great deal of time has passed since Samantha Carter first wrote the letter that would change her life. Jack Sat outside the infirmary staring at it. He was pale from the news Janet had just given him. Jack was actually crying so Daniel sat down next to him while Daniels 3-year-old sat down in front of Jack and tugged Jacks pants leg.

"Unkie Jack is Aunty Sam going to be alwight" the little girl asked obviously worried. Jack didn't reply. He couldn't reply.

"Come here linny" Daniel put his arms out for his Daughter, Linden May Fraiser. Daniel and Janet had kept their surnames when they wed a month before the birth. They had ended up getting married before Jack and Sam who got married a short while after in early spring. Now Jacks dreams could come to a sudden stop if Janet returned with nothing short of good news. A few minutes prier, Janet had briefly explained the situation before rushing inside the infirmary.

"Hypoxia Jack, if the body is deprived of oxygen too long then it's highly likely there will be brain damage or in worst case scenario; Death. We have to operate" Janet had explained

"Tell me the truth Janet, is Sam going to make it?" he had asked trying to stay calm.

"I don't know Jack" Janet had admitted rushing inside.

Daniels hand on Jacks arm disturbed Jack from his thoughts.

"I'm sure everything is going to be fine Jack. Sam is strong, she can win this" Daniel tried but Jack didn't feel any better. The time dragged on as they waited in agony. The whole base was worried. Jack could have sworn he actually heard every person at the base hold their breath when Janet finally emerged.

"You can come in now Jack" she said smiling

"It worked? The caesarean section worked?" Jack asked jumping up

"Well it's an operation not a trick Jack but yes they're both fine" she explained. Jack ran up to her and threw his arms around her overjoyed.

"Sorry" he said after realizing he had startled her

"It's ok Jack" she laughed "get in there, she's waiting for you"

As Jack walked in he sighed at the sight of his wife laying on the bed with her child her arms. She looked up to see him and smiled. She was glowing in awe as she turned back to the baby. Jack came up beside her and lightly kissed her on the forehead before looking down at his child in her arms.

"Out of all the possible outcomes, this is by far the best" he muttered as he smiled at the child

"It gets better Jack" she told him

"How could it possibly?" he asked and she grinned

"Meet your son"

THE END (for real)


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