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Second Love

by EzrathenNehemiah

Athrun Zala stared out the window, his deep green eyes unable to grasp the simple sight of a freshly cut lawn that lay before them, for his mind was far too deep in thought to care about such simple things as to what he was looking at.

Today had been the day of his son, Jimmy's, third birthday. It was also the anniversary of his wife, Cagalli's, death.

His two eldest children, the twins Devlin and Kilmeny, had done their best to make this a happy occasion for Jimmy and had invited his Uncle Kira, Aunt Lacus and cousin Alice over to help celebrate. But even though he tried his hardest to bring a smile to his face it just would not come. It hadn't for the last three years.

Noticing this, his worried family had cornered him that day after Jimmy had had his birthday cake and opened his presents. Alice, Jimmy's cousin, had caught her mother's eye and after a quick signal had offered to take Jimmy outside to play with the new car his Daddy had made him. After they had left the 'discussion' began.

Kilmeny, his fifteen year old daughter, the image of her mother with her short blonde hair and blazing gold eyes, started the conversation.

" Dad, I think you should go see a grief counselor." She was as blunt as her mother, too.

Lacus, his sister-in-law, had nodded her agreement at this statement, adding, " Please do not be angry with us for mentioning this, Athrun. We are just worried about you. You haven't laughed or even truly smiled since Cagalli passed away."

Athrun looked into Lacus's deep blue eyes and even the sight of the concern in them could not calm the raising flood of anger that was filling his chest at the idea that they wanted him to try and forget Cagalli. He knew that was really what they wanted. If they didn't, they never would have mentioned such a thing.

Before this illogical anger had a chance to burst out of his lips though, his son piped in, also begging his father to at least consider the idea.

Now unsure of what to say to the three pleading faces in the room Athrun turned to the fifth occupant of the room--his best friend Kira, who strangely enough, had not said a word.

" Well, Kira," Athrun asked, his voice rough from trying to contain all the emotions that were now running through him. "Do you also think I should go to a grief counselor?"

Kira raised his head from where he had been resting it on the palms of his hands and his elbows had been laying on his knees. Looking straight at Athrun his brilliant purple eyes met Athrun's light green ones as he replied.

" No, I don't think you should go to a grief counselor. I think you should get remarried like Cagalli wanted you to."