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The hallway was silent for a long moment, after Athrun's cold request stopped 's tirade from finishing.

Then breaking the silence Athrun turned to the room just to the left of them, and motioning to the door with extreme politeness said,"If you would follow me, I think we could discuss this more comfortably in here."

Glancing at the room that Athrun was motioning to, Mrs. Hawke sniffed once; and in a voice as polite as his own, replied,"No, I don't think we need to talk Prince Zala; after all you just solved my problem for me."

At Mrs. Hawke's words Athrun felt a thrill of suspicion race up his before he could ask her what she meant by that Meyrin cut in.

"You mean you are happy to see Athrun, Mother?" Meyrin's expression was that of confusion as she spoke to her mother.

Turning to her daughter gave her a falsely sweet smile and said,"Of course I am happy to see him, darling. After all if he is here, it means that he wants to get back together with you. Which means that it will only be a week or so before he remembers why he never chooses you and hopefully you will finally wake up to reality."

With these venomous words, Mrs. Hawke left her daughter's house uncaring of the tears that fell down her daughter's cheeks as she went.


Lunamaria had been having a lousy four weeks. Upon hearing that her sister had broken up with Athrun, and had then quite suddenly started dating some brainless male model, she had called up her sister, and told her exactly what she thought of these decisions. That had been the beginning.

During the course of the fight she had promised not to speak to Meyrin, until she wised up and begged Athrun for his forgiveness.( After all she was sure that whatever had happened between them must be Meyrin's fault and that if she would just stop being a pig headed idiot everything would go back to the way it should be.)

The following weeks had shown that this course of action was unlikely to occur leading to the second thing that had made this month horrible. Informing Mayu that her Aunt had behaved like an idiot, and broken up with the guy that she thought was so wonderful.

That had been a less than fun conversation that resulted in Mayu calling her Aunt and saying that she too refused to speak to her, until she stopped being such a stupid head.

Not very thought provoking or original but it showed with out a doubt that she was her daughter. Sadly the end result was the same as her own call had been.

No change in the relationship what so ever. Luna had begun to suspect her mother had secretly preformed an lobotomy on Meyrin without anyone's knowledge.

Then there was Shinn.

Shinn was sweet, kind, quick to call her an idiot, and to tell her to get over herself every time she complained about Meyrin dumping Athrun.

In fact, he seemed to think that Meyrin had made a wise decision by doing so,which aggravated her to no end.

Now at three in the morning on the last day of this horrible month; she was called out of her warm bed by the sound of the telephone;grabbing the receiver, Lunamaria prepared to give whoever was on the receiving end of it the mother of all tongue lashings for pulling her out of her warm bed when an unexpected voice reached her ear.

"Hello, can I speak to Lunamaria? This is Athrun Zala and I really need to talk to her for a moment. Hello, is anyone there?"

Shaking away the feelings of shock and sleepiness that had rendered her mute, Lunamaria said,"Hello, Athrun;it's me Lunamaria. What was it you needed to talk to me about? There isn't anything wrong with your kids is there?"

For a second a soft sigh of relief was all she got in reply. Then Athrun began to speak in a rush relating to her the events of the last couple of hours. "Lunamaria, you have got to come over here. I've tried talking to her, and I've tried holding her; but nothing seems to work. And she just can't keep crying like this. You're her sister you must know what to do to comfort her when she's like this right?"

The hesitancy in Athrun's voice as he posed this question lead Lunamaria to quickly reassure him, and to promise him that she would be down there in a moment,telling him to just sit with Meyrin until she got there.

Once Athrun had promised to do so, Lunamaria hung up the phone and, dashing into her bedroom flicked on the light, heedless of the fact that Shinn was still then began to searched through her closet for something quick to throw on.


Shinn was woken by the bright light and sitting up in bed, his eyes fell upon the sight of his wife as she threw clothes onto the floor sighing under her breath all the while.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he cocked his head to the side and in a weary tone asked,"What is going on Luna? Did one of the cadets steal a mobile suit or something?"

Turning to her husband, Luna gave him a dirty look and said,"ha, ha real funny. No, nothing has happened with the mother has just decided she needs to ruin my little sister's life some more that's all."

Raising an eyebrow at this unexpected development, Shinn asked,"I thought your mother was happy that Meyrin was dating that Saw guy,or whatever his name is."

Snickering slightly at her husband's mispronunciation of Saul's name, Luna began to explain what had happened over at Meyrin's apartment that evening, as she slid out of her pj's and into a track suit.

Running his hand through his hair, Shinn let out a groan and said,"Of all the crazy things to do. Did she actually think pretending to date a guy was going to get her mother off her back? You would think she would realize by now that nothing short of starting her life over at 15 is going to accomplish what the heck is Athrun doing over there anyway? It's the middle of the night what could he possibly have to discuss with her that wouldn't wait until the morning?"

For the first time in a month a true smile crossed Luna's lips during a conversation about Athrun and Meyrin.

Walking over to her husband, Luna bent over until they were eye to eye and then gently tapping him on the nose, she said with undisguised glee. "He's trying to win her back of course! Would you wait until morning to talk to me if you were afraid you were going to lose me to another man?"

Putting his hand to his chin,Shinn rubbed it thoughtfully as if he had to seriously consider the question before answering.

She slapped him on the arm, when he 'thought' about it for just a little to softly Shinn wrapped his arms around her waist and drawing her up against his chest tilted his head up to met her eyes,saying arrogantly. "It's practically impossible for me to even consider such a situation, since I wouldn't have been so stupid as to let another man get near you in the first place."

Laughing at this bold statement, Luna leaned down to place a gentle kiss on his lips and then stepping out of his embrace said,"I've got to go. Let Mayu know where I am, if I'm not home by the times she wakes up okay?"

Nodding in agreement, Shinn got up off the bed and walking down the stairs with her said,"Gotcha. Drive safe and go tell your sister that your mother is a witch and that she shouldn't pay any attention to what she says. After all everyone knows that all witches hate princesses; or potential princesses for that matter."

Lunamaria was still laughing over her husband's comment as she got into the car and headed towards Meyrin's apartment.


At the apartment the occupants were as far from laughter as one could get without being in mourning.

Meyrin was curled up on the couch, soft shallow breaths leaving her every so often as she rubbed her already chapped cheeks for what seemed to Athrun the ten thousandth time.

As for Athrun he was sitting beside her on the couch one hand resting limply on his knee the other gently placed on her calf, lightly stroking it as he searched his thoughts for something to say that could make the pain of her mother's words go away, or at least make them hurt a little less.

When the door had closed behind the hateful woman, Athrun had gathered Meyrin into his arms rubbing her back and promising her that he would never leave her again; and that she shouldn't pay any attention to the horrible things her mother had said.

But when Meyrin had just continued to cry,Athrun had begun to suspect that fear of Mrs. Hawke's foul proclamation coming true was not the cause of her tears. Because of this he had asked a stupid question,the sort of question you would think he would have learned not to ask a weeping woman during his many years of marriage to Cagalli. But sadly, it seems that even after all his experiences when it came to women, Athrun could not help but be ignorant, at least when it came to somethings.

Moving her away from him a little; so that he could see her face more clearly Athrun said in a gentle voice."Meyrin, why are you crying?"

This appeared to be the wrong thing to say; for in reply Meyrin simply cried harder leaving Athrun with no other choice then to call in reinforcements before she completely dehydrated herself.

So he had lead Meyrin back into the living room; settled her on the couch and then snagging her cell phone off of the coffee table, promised her that he would be right back;(not that he was sure she had heard him, her sobs were steadily rising in volume)and had skimmed through her contacts until he had found Lunamaria's number.

Athrun had then given her a frantic run down of the evening and after getting her reassurance that she would be coming to his rescue , had returned to Meyrin hoping to give her comfort. If through no other means than just being a reminder that she wasn't alone.

He had ended up on the couch next to her,and was currently feeling helpless. It was not a feeling that he particularity enjoyed. In fact; he down right despised feeling this way. It was a feeling that had lead to him to do brave and wonderful things, and rash and stupid things as well.

Right now he wasn't sure what his next course of action could be classified as,but he did know that he could no longer bear to do nothing but wait for someone else to save the woman he loved from her misery.

After he made this decision, Athrun shifted his body on the couch, grasped Meyrin's hands with his own and taking a deep breath said....


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