Note I don't own Harry Potter or any of its characters. This story is a femmeslash, so if you don't like that, then…why'd you click on the link? Lol, well, anyways, Cho/Fleur story. For the sake of the reader, I've decided not to attempt a French accent for Fleur. I'd probably mess up too badly. I'll attempt it only with Madame Maxime. Ew, well, Enjoy!

Eyes of Blue

Chapter 1

"We are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event that has not been held for over a century. It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year."

The Great Hall broke out into a buzz as people began whispering excitedly to one another. It was the event of a lifetime! It had been banned long ago due to an enormous death toll, but apparently, it was being brought back.

"Hey Cho, you should enter it. I bet you could do a spectacular job. You're the smartest person in the school like that Gryffindor girl, only much more pretty," said Marietta Edgecome as she nudged her in the side.

Being seventeen, Cho Chang was able to participate in the magical tournament. All she had to do was submit her name to the impartial selector and she'd have a chance at being chosen.

However, she didn't exactly enjoy the thought of being put in possible mortal danger, no matter how 'safe' Dumbledore claimed it would be. She smiled, but shook her head and decided to listen to what he was saying.

"…delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving in October and remaining with us for the greater part of this year."

Upon hearing the news of new people coming from another foreign magical school made the entire Hall light up with more conversation. There were usually never any visitors in Hogwarts besides teachers and staff. The concept of other students thrilled them.

Dumbledore flashed a big, toothy grin and then clapped his hands signaling the end of the introduction feast.

The Ravenclaw students were led back to their dormitories in the west tower and were put to bed. Two people were assigned to a room if they were fifth years in the Ravenclaw house.

Cho sighed and looked around at her room. Blue silk lined with bronze ran from all four corners of the room. The same material was draped upon the four-poster beds. Moving tapestries of previous Ravenclaws adorned the side walls. There were two beds, but she scanned the room.


"I guess nobody wanted to share a dorm with me." She tossed her bag near the foot of a four-poster bed and laid down on top of the cobalt satin sheets.

"The Triwizard Tournament… wow. I can't believe I'd actually see one in all my years in this school. Perhaps…I will participate. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all. Besides, if it does continue, I will have already graduated. Yeah, I think I will submit my name."

She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep thinking about the Triwizard Tournament and their soon-to-be visitors.

Time flew by and sooner than she had liked, the sun had already begun its ascent into the sky. Sunlight flooded through her tall windows and pooled on the floor, and her face, in yellow glowing spots.

Shielding her eyes and yawning, she dragged herself groggily out of bed. She shook her head and glanced sleepily over at the still empty, and perfectly made bed.

"It's kind of lonely in here," she said to nobody in particular. Then she laughed softly, "So lonely, that I'm beginning to talk to myself for company. Almost pathetic."

Pulling on some fresh clothes and a clean robe, Cho began walking down to the common room to meet up with Marietta. The cheerful yet snobby girl was her best friend, even if her personality seemed a tad bit fake. Almost sycophantic to her, the constant compliments were nearly unbearable.

She mumbled a 'hi' and they began walking to the Great Hall for some breakfast. Marietta continued to ramble on and on about the latest gossip that she had heard in her dorm, but Cho was only half paying attention.

When they sat down, she started to listen closer when the girl began to talk about the Triwizard Tournament and the other arriving schools.

She wagged a piece of toast in front of Cho, "You know, those Beauxbaton students, they're used to high-quality stuff. Ornate decorations, you know? They're all stuck-up and snobby with no personality whatsoever."

Cho stifled a laugh at that comment, mostly because of the person who said it. She contained her giggles and began buttering some toast, "Tell me more about the Beauxbaton people."

Looking into the air as if it held the answers, Marietta shrugged, "Well, I do know that some of them have French ancestry. They're… well, only suitable in those fancy conditions like marble floors and diamond encrusted stuff. I swear they're such high-maintenance people."

Marietta took another bite and began wagging the poor piece of toast again, "But those Durmstrang people, they're a bunch of brutes. Come from Romania or something like that. I'm not sure, but all I know is that famous Quidditch person everyone is crazy about goes to school there."

Cho took a bite of her buttered toast and looked at her, "You mean Viktor Krum? Yeah, he's one of the best seekers, and youngest ones too. He's pretty amazing."

Marietta smiled slyly, "Well, I'd bet that you could put the moves on him when he gets here, seeing as how you're both seekers…"

"What? That's gross, I don't even know him!" exclaimed Cho, nearly sputtering out her food in the process.

"No, I meant your Quidditch moves. I bet you could beat him any day. What did you think I meant?" Marietta stared at her strangely, but went back to devouring her toast.

Laughing at her own stupidity, Cho put down her food and stood up. "I think that I'm just going to go back to my room real quick before I go to my classes. I…need to get some stuff. See ya."

Of course it was a lie, but as Cho started walking back to her room for a little bit of privacy, Harry stopped her on her way out of the Great Hall.

He shuffled his feet awkwardly, "Hi Cho."

She stared at him equally uncomfortable, "Er… hi Harry."

He smiled and then walked back to Ron and Hermione, who had been sitting at the nearby Gryffindor table. She saw Ron smile sweetly and then smack him on the head and she could faintly hear him say 'you bloody idiot.'

"Adorable, but ridiculous." She continued on to the Ravenclaw tower. The O.W.L. exams were this year for Cho, and so she needed to be more attentive in class. She needed to have 'constant vigilance' as Mad-Eye Moody said.

She had heard from her younger Ravenclaw friends that he was, indeed, mad. A very weird teacher, they had said, one of the strangest since perhaps Professor Lupin, though he was considered strange only because he was a werewolf.

It was too bad that Quidditch would not be held this year though.

"Or possibly it is a good thing. I'd have time to actually study more instead of having games, no matter how much I love the sport," she said to herself.

She grabbed some extra quills from her bag just in case, and an extra bottle of ink before walking down to her class with the Hufflepuffs.

And that was how her life was like. That was how each and every day pretty much began, except without Harry's clumsy hello.

As the weeks went by, the school began to have a different air about itself. The students were more and more anxious as October started to get closer, which would mark the arrival of the guests and the picking of Triwizard champions.

Even the teachers were in a state of unrest. Filch was cleaning everything thoroughly while Dumbledore himself walked down hallways, pointing his wand and cleaning objects as he passed.

The suits of armor shined brilliantly, and the once dust-covered tapestries were now shaken down and smacked clean. All of the portraits received a cleaning, despite some shouts of pain from all the chaffing and rubbing from soapy rags.

As kids counted the weeks, those weeks eventually turned into days, which in turn led to hours.

A large sign was posted at the base of a marble staircase right near the entrance hall that stated the arrival time of their visitors. Friday the thirtieth of October at 6 o'clock was their scheduled appearance, and that day was the thirtieth of October, and it was presently 5:40.

Cho had gotten out of her class a while ago, but she was presently putting away all of her belongings along with her book bag. She tied her hair up into a high ponytail for a change, and stuck an ornamental hairpiece in it.

She looked in the mirror and realized this wasn't how she normally was. Shaking her head, she sighed, "Only for one night, only for these guests."

She met up with Marietta in the common room and then they both went down to the school's front grounds to meet the people.

It was a chilly night outside, and some late night misty fog began to roll in. After some waiting, Cho glanced at her wristwatch underneath her cloak and the minute hand struck twelve.

As if on cue, a floating carriage being pulled by winged horses built like elephants came first, signaling the arrival of the Beauxbatons.

Madame Maxime stepped out of the carriage first and strode gracefully over towards Dumbledore.

"How are you Dumbly-dorr? I 'ope I find you well. Muzt be 'n tip-top shape to go aginz uz, right?" her heavy French accent gave way as she let out a hearty laugh. She waved at her students to follow her in.

The rather short line of students in light silk robes followed her, walking in an almost equally smoothly way. Their graceful movements along with their thin and nearly transparent robes made it appear as if they were gliding along behind her.

Cho took a step to her side as the giant lady walked by and into the castle. She stared at the faces of the students who followed, and none looked too happy. They all shared the same apprehensive, and freezing look on their features.

One person however, caught her attention. Due to the shawl and mufflers wrapped around the person's head, all she could see were a pair of striking blue eyes. They shifted back and forth and then stared straight at her for a fleeting moment before the person continued walking on into the warm halls of Hogwarts.

The Durmstrang students followed shortly afterwards in their ship. Karkaroff emerged from the vessel and greeted Dumbledore with a welcoming smile, though it seemed as if it were forced through his clenched teeth.

Marietta patted Cho's shoulder, pointing at the line of bulky students in furry robes appear, "Look, it's that…Viktor Krum guy. That was his name, right? Viktor. Yes, okay. I don't suppose you want his autograph do you?"

Cho shook her head and began sneaking back to the castle, "It's cold out here. I think I'm going to head back inside where it's warmer. See you there."

Weaving through the mass of bodies, and giddy fan girls screaming for Viktor, she slipped past some prefects and teachers in order to make it inside the warm haven that was the Great Hall.

The Beauxbaton students were standing at the back of the hall behind Madame Maxime. They still had not shed their shawls and scarves, even though the Great Hall was very warm due to the floating candles and torches. Most of them were shivering still, and they were looking rather uncomfortable.

She tried to find the person with the amazing eyes, but they all looked the same in their uniforms.

A minute later, the Durmstrang people came into the Great Hall followed by the rest of the Hogwarts students.

Cho sat on the corner of the Ravenclaw table and Dumbledore clapped his hands above the clamoring of appearing plates and talking students.

"Our special guests may choose to sit where they please. I hope that you'll find that all of our houses are particularly welcoming to all."

Marietta made her way through the crowd toward Cho, but let out a silent shriek of annoyance as a student in the thin silk took the space next to her.

She stood behind the Beauxbaton person and put her hands on her hips. "Excuse me? I was sitting there. Would you please move somewhere else?"

The person turned around and stared sharply at her with striking blue eyes. "I thought your headmaster said that every house would be welcoming? You're rather rude to your guests. Oh, and I will not move, but I believe you will; somewhere else. Besides, you weren't physically sitting here at the time, so that technically means you weren't siting here."

She turned back around and glanced around as if nothing happened, just glaring distastefully at the medieval suits of armor and cold stone.

Looking as if she were slapped in the face, Marietta turned to Cho, "Hey! Help me out here!"

The black-haired beauty shrugged her shoulders and grinned, a twinkle in her eye, "What can I say? They are our guests, so if the person wants to sit here, I believe you can do nothing about it."

She turned around and stifled the rising laughter that was choking up in her throat. Marietta let out a snort of indignation and stormed off to the other end of the Ravenclaw table.

The person beneath all of the scarves and shawls removed the articles of clothing. Cho couldn't help but stare as long silvery blonde hair tumbled out and trickled down exquisitely behind her shoulders. She turned her head and stared deeply into Cho's dark black eyes with her clear-cutting blue ones. Her mouth upturned into a smug but friendly smile.

"Hi. Was that girl your friend?" her voice was smooth and sophisticated and Cho suddenly realized she was just staring into those deep blue eyes before she mentally smacked herself.

"Oh…yes, she was, I guess, maybe." She trailed off, suddenly aware of how stupid she must have sounded, and how she felt self-conscious about her actions around this blonde goddess.

She laughed, "You are a funny one. How can you not be sure if she is your friend or not? Oh look, there is food." Dumbledore had already said the introductions of the staff, and so the food had appeared on the table.

Picking up a piece of chicken with a look of disgust, the girl dropped it back on the platter. She spooned some bouillabaisse into a bowl and took a sip of it, her face cringing. "Doesn't your school have anything better than this?"

Cho laughed as she took a sip of it, and then her face also contorted into a look of aversion. This time it was the foreign girl's turn to laugh. "See, you do not like it either."

Black locks slipped over her shoulder as she shook her head, "No… it's not that good. Try some of the pot roast, I believe it should taste a bit more appetizing than these things."

So the blonde stabbed a piece of pot roast with her fork, placing it perfectly in the center of her plate. She sampled a piece, chewed thoughtfully, and then kept eating it, apparently satisfied with its flavor.

Eventually, the girl began eating more of the bouillabaisse, even though she had earlier said she disliked it.

While she sipped, she glared at Cho's smiling face, "What? I am hungry."

Even still, she went to go ask some red-headed Gryffindor for some more. The freckled face nearly exploded as she talked to him.

The Beauxbaton sat back down with the bowl and frowned, "Who was that boy? He acted as if he's never seen a girl before."

Cho shrugged and looked around the room. She realized that many of the boys in the Great Hall were staring at the girl sitting beside her and reacting in the same way. Shaking her head, she responded, "I think his name is Weasley. Well, his last name anyways. He's friends with the Harry Potter boy."

Her eyebrow arched, "Potter? That little boy? Ah, the one whom everyone speaks of, the 'boy who lived.' I do not see anything special in him. He appears to be just as regular as everyone else in this room. Oh, your headmaster has stood up."

Dumbledore clapped his hands together again, which meant he wanted the attention of the students.

"I realize that our guests must be terribly tired from their long trips over here, so I shall make this short. As you all know, the Triwizard Tournament will host three champions, one from each school, but you must enter your name, in our impartial judge."

He tapped his wand on the desk and a wooden old cup appeared on the table for all to see. It looked normal, however, it was very magically powerful.

"The Goblet of Fire shall decide who is right for the tournament. Those who are of seventeen and older may participate in this glorious event. The goblet shall reside near the entrance hall, and all you must do is drop a slip of parchment with your name and school in its flames. I shall also draw an age line, so those who are younger should not even try anything. And with that, I bid you all farewell. May your stay be comfortable and enjoyable."

Cho looked back at where her plate formerly was, but only saw empty table. She stood up and smoothed out her black robes. Looking at the girl who was next to her, she saw her rise up on her two feet, and standing up straight, the girl now seemed much taller than herself.

Flashing her a smile, Cho began walking towards the Ravenclaw group, "It was nice to meet you. I guess I might see you some other time, yes?"

The girl's blue eyes stared straight back at her, and though a grin tugged at her lips, she did not smile, "Perhaps."

And with that, they both walked away. Cho joined up with the rest of Ravenclaw as they went to the west tower. Marietta was fuming.

"How could you possibly let that…that Beauxbaton snob steal my seat? I regularly sit there next to you and you know that! How could you?" her voice sounded mostly anger, but a there was a tinge of hurt behind it.

Cho looked at her before heading into her own dormitory, "I'm not sure. She was a guest though." The other girl threw up her hands in frustration and stomped away. Giggling under her breath as she opened the door, Cho muttered, "I really couldn't tell who was the snob, Marietta or that…girl."

She slapped her hand to her forehead. How could she be so brainless? She forgot to get the name of the girl who sat next to her that evening, and what's worse was she forgot to introduce herself.

"I probably won't see her that much anyways." Cho walked into her empty room and looked out the windows. Nothing but sparkling stars and an illuminated moon in view. She walked over to close the silk curtains.

Pulling off her robe and placing it neatly beside her bed, Cho sat down on the satin sheets and once again stared at the empty bed. True, being a fifth year and having only one other dorm occupant was nicer than the previous three, but it was lonely, especially if one had no company at all.

Reaching into her trunk, Cho pulled out a pair long, solid black pajama bottoms and a matching long sleeve pajama top. She set them on her bed and pulled off her top.

"What I wouldn't give to have a person to room with."

Then the door opened.

Cho practically screamed as she turned her back to the door and scrambled to get a shirt on. It didn't matter which one, the pajama top, the muggle clothing, either one would have worked.

Her face flared red as she struggled to button it up as quickly as possible, but realized that the buttons were off by one, so she had to start all over again. She turned her head around to see what insane person had opened her door at this hour. Stunned, she momentarily forgot her pajama button problem, her mouth agape.

"The girl from the welcoming feast…?"

The girl sauntered in with Madame Maxime behind her, who had to crouch as she walked through the doorway. She was carrying a large suitcase in one arm and a trunk in the other.

Silky blue robes followed the girl as she examined the satin sheets and the silky curtains. She nodded here and there and then turned back to Madame Maxime.

"This dorm is quite nice. I thank you for showing it to me."

The giant lady shook her head, "It wuz zee 'eadmaztaer, Dumbly-dorr. He zaid zat zis wuz zee only room with only one person in it in this Ravenclaw side. I 'ope you like it and," she looked at Cho, who had seemed virtually invisible throughout the whole ordeal, "if zis gerl ever dizturbs you too much, tell me and I shall move you."

And with that, the headmistress of Beauxbaton crouched and walked out of the room, shutting the door firmly behind her.

Cho turned from the door to her new roommate. The blonde girl was already staring back at her with a mocking smile, "You don't need to freak out so much. We are both girls."

Unsure about what she was saying, Cho looked back down and realized her pajama top was not buttoned at all anymore.

"Now how did that happen…?" she blushed and tried to button them up as calmly as possible, despite the deep gaze of the girl's icy blue eyes. Revealing her chest to a stranger on accident wasn't exactly the best situation she could have gotten into.

As soon as she finished them, she looked up and let out a little gasp of surprise, as her roommate was barely a few feet from her.

She had sat next to her on the bed and looked at her. Her face inched closer and closer causing Cho's heartbeat to pound wildly in her chest. Hammering away, she thought that even the girl could hear it. Her face a mere foot away she laughed.

"You are a funny one."

She pulled back and stood up, throwing a mysterious sideways glance back at her, "My name is Fleur Delacour from Beauxbaton." She stuck out her hand.

Cho stared at it and blinked dumbly. The girl's actions were so unpredictable, it was just too odd for her to guess what she'd do next. Her cool composure never let her get a grasp on what she was thinking.

She grasped the hand lightly and shook it, amazed at how delicate and soft it was, "My name is Cho Chang."

Fleur smiled, though it was an empty one. It was the kind of smile that people give to others whom they don't know, or when they're in some sort of parade and they're just waving to strangers.

Cho finished changing and they both got into their own beds. Even though the Fleur girl seemed a bit superficial, she was happy to have a roommate. Appearances could be deceiving anyways. The room didn't feel too lonely and empty anymore.

She smiled contently.