Caliban's Daughters:

A Virtual Buffy "Webisode"

Buffy visits an old friend in Africa, and Giles takes Dawn to meet his grandmother, who has some rather disturbing revelations.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all affiliated characters are the intellectual and copyrighted property of Mutant Enemy and Twentieth Century Fox. Furthermore, the opening chapter includes some material written by Joss Whedon. As this is a work of fan fiction I am, like pretty much everyone else here, using these characters without permission or profit except for my entertainment and hopefully the entertainment of others.

Continuity: This story occurs about six months after the events in "Chosen", and is based on information provided via Andrew during the fifth season of Angel. The rest is stuff I've made up.

Final Comments: This story is written in a present tense format meant to describe the action as it might be seen on a television. I'm not sure how well this will work. This story is being treated as an episode from a "hidden" virtual season, one that I have no intention of writing in its entirety (but I do hope to do selected "webisodes" or stories about this imagined period in the lives and times of "the Scoobies"). If you want to see an absolutely excellent virtual BtVS series, check out Buffy the Chosen by Jet Wolf, Ultrace and Novareinna. This, by the way, is an entirely unsolicited plug.

So, here we go. Warning: The first chapter is a lot longer than most actual episode recaps would be, but I felt it necessary to provide enough background to make the following story coherent.

"Previously, on Buffy the Vampire slayer"

"Oh….my….Goddess!" says Willow. The scythe glows under her hands.

"So here's the part where you can make a choice," says Buffy. "What if you could have that power? Now. In every generation, one slayer is born because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful men. This woman is more powerful than all of them combined."

"Hmmmm" says Willow, looking very uneasy.

"So I say we change the rule." Buffy continues, walking before the ragtag group of potentials standing in her living room. "I say my power, should be our power."

Kennedy feels the power wash over her.

Then Vi, Rona, Amanda, and the other potentials in the Hellmouth feel the power wash over them.

"Tomorrow, Willow will use the essence of the scythe to change our destiny."

The scene switches to Dawn and Xander. Dawn is holding onto her sword like a life preserver when her eyes go wide. She staggers slightly, falling against the wall behind her.

"What?" Dawn says, looking confused.

"What was that, Dawn?" Xander says. He doesn't turn around, but continues to watch the hallway in front of him closely. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm OK," Dawn says, pulling her sword closer to her and holding it tighter. "Just a little uneasy, that's all."

"From now on, every girl who might be a slayer," says Buffy. "Will be a slayer."

As Buffy continues her speech we see a little girl, about ten in a yellow softball outfit coming to the plate. A young woman leans against a locker in a high school locker room. An east Indian girl lying on a mat looks up. A Japanese girl stands up from a family meal. A woman stops a man's hand from striking her face and stands up

"Every girl who could have the power, will have the power. Can stand up, will stand up."

The scene returns to the little girl at bat in the softball game. As the power washes over her, she smiles.

"Make your choice," Buffy says. "Are you ready to be strong?"

Vi, looking at the oncoming Turok-Han hoard, says, "These guys are dust."

Xander is fighting a Turok-Han. It is not going well. Dawn is standing in the background, still holding her sword tightly, but as two more of the Turok-Han arrive, she rushes forward and pulls a rope, unveiling a skylight. The three Turok-Han immediately burn into ash.

"We call it the greenhouse effect, very danger…" Xander says, just as another Turok-Han tackles him. Dawn, her face angry and determined, raises her sword and swings it…

…and slices through the Turok-Han's neck, immediately beheading it.

"Wha…?" says Xander. "How did you…?"

Another Turok-Han runs up behind Dawn.

"Look out!" Xander yells.

Dawn turns and kicks the Turok-Han back into the sunlight underneath the skylight. He bursts into flames before flying out of the sunlight and into a wall, which cracks with a loud impact. Dawn leaps seven feet in the air, following the Turok-Han's trajectory and swinging her sword, beheading the flaming creature as she comes down. Dawn lands on her feet and looks at the sword wonderingly.

"Hey, Xander," Dawn says. "It looks like I'm in the running for Miss Sunnydale of 2003 after all."

Dawn is standing with Karyn McGrath, a blond slayer about her age and one of the survivors of the Battle of the Hellmouth, in the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel. They're watching as two people walk into the building. One of them is a girl of about ten. Indeed, she is the softball player seen earlier. The other is a strikingly attractive woman in her mid-forties.

"That's my sister Caitlyn," Karyn says. "And that's my Mom. Dr. Lyssa McGrath, Veterinarian."

"How did they know you were here?" Dawn says.

"I called them when we got here," says Karyn.

"Karyn," Dawn says. "Giles said we weren't supposed to be telling anyone where we are."

"Well, Giles was OK with it in this case," Karyn says. "Turns out Willow's spell made Caitlyn a slayer too. And my Mom was a potential in the 1970's."

Dawn's eyes widen. "Really?"

"Yeah," Karyn says. "And get this, her watcher thought Mom was going to be next one chosen for sure, but no one anticipated how long Nikki Wood would last. By the time Nikki died, it was too late for my Mom."

"That's a good thing," Dawn says. "By the way, I wouldn't be telling that particular story to Robin."

"Of course not," Karyn says. "But I haven't even told you the best part."

"What's that?" asks Dawn.

"Apparently my Mom wasn't exactly an ex-potential after all."

"No way!"

"Way!" says Karyn. "I probably have both the world's oldest and youngest slayer in my family!"

Dawn and Willow are in a room in Gile's house in Devonshire. They are sitting cross legged on the floor, their eyes closed. Between them, eight pencils are floating in the air and twirling end over end. Buffy walks in.

"Willow," Buffy says. "Are you trying to teach Dawn how to levitate pencils now?"

"Nope!" Willow says.

Dawn holds her hand out and all eight pencils stop their twirling and go one at a time into the palm of her open right hand.

"Lesson's already over," Dawn says.

Giles is holding a sheet of paper and showing it to Willow, Kennedy, and Buffy.

"I hold in my hands the highest admission test score in the history of the Watcher's Academy," Giles says.

"Really?" Willow says. "That's great news, Giles! You need all the new watchers you can get! I mean, we've got more than 550 slayers worldwide and only 7 watchers, of which you are by far the youngest. Kinda overwhelming, huh?"

"Perhaps not such great news in this case," Giles says.

"What do you mean, Giles?" Buffy asks.

"Look at the name on the test sheet," Giles says, pulling it out of a file and handing it to Buffy.

Buffy looks at it, her eyes going wide. Willow looks at it and her eyes go even wider than Buffy's.

"Oh!" Willow says. "Oh, no! This can't be right, Giles!"

"I'm afraid it is," Giles says. "Dawn Summers has the highest entrance examination score in Watcher Academy history. My Grandmother would be quite cross about it, actually."

"Let me guess," Buffy says. "You had the previous high score."

"Of course not," Giles says. "She did."

"OK, Giles," Buffy says. "What the Hell is going on with my little sister?"

"Well," Giles says. "I didn't have any idea, but Dawn has a theory."

Buffy crosses her arms and looks at Giles.

"Dawn has a theory," she says.

"Y..Yes," Giles says. "Dawn suspects that in her case, Willow's spell may have unlocked multiple potentials. Slayer, witch, watcher…


We cut to Dawn in a schoolgirl uniform talking to two other identically dressed girls in fluent Italian.

"It seems that Dawn can literally become anything she wants to become," Giles says.

Giles is talking to six people sitting around a round table, four men and two women, the youngest looking to be in their seventies.

"We are starting Slayer Academies in Cleveland, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Johannesburg, New Delhi, and Tokyo," Giles says.

"Where are you getting the money for all this, Rupert?" asks Roger Wyndham-Price.

"Well, much of the money came from funds recently liberated from the old Council's Swiss Bank accounts," Giles says. "Since then, we have also come into some additional funds for ongoing operational expenses."

Scene switches to Willow sitting in an internet café in Paris. A prosperous looking man walks up to her.

"Miss Rosenberg, we need to talk," he says, speaking with a Swiss accent.

The scene switches to an outdoor café.

"We know that you are the person who closed the accounts for the old Watcher's Council," the man says. "You should know it took more than 300 people to even tentatively determine that it was you, including all our own hackers, numerous security consultants, and a number of techno-pagans. You covered your trail very well."

"Thanks, I think," Willow says. "And I'm ….sorry."

"Don't be," the man says. "We're not calling Interpol or any other authorities. As far as we can determine, you were representing the people with the strongest ethical, if not strictly legal, claim to the old Council's funds."

The man looks intently at Willow.

"Instead of trying to prosecute you with evidence that would not hold up in any court of law, we would prefer to hire you as a consultant."

The scene switches to a huge corner office in downtown Los Angeles. Xander, very well dressed in a black suit, is talking to another, equally well dressed older man.

"The fact is, Mr. Harris," the man says. "In the span of a year, you went from working for Sunnydale's largest contractor as a foreman to becoming Sunnydale's largest contractor. As a result, you now hold most of the contracts for rebuilding Sunnydale."

"People want to rebuild Sunnydale?" Xander asks. "Why?"

"That's not important, Mr. Harris," the man says. "The important thing is that we at Sunset Development want to buy those contracts from you. I think you will find our offer to be very generous."

The scene switches to the new Slayer Academy in Rome. Willow is approaching Buffy and Dawn, who are looking at a sheet of paper held by Xander. Willow has a stunned look on her face, but her three friends don't notice.

"Hey, Willow!" Buffy yells. "Look how much money my Dad's old company is paying Xander to buy his rebuilding Sunnydale contracts."

"They're going to rebuild Sunnydale?" Willow asks in disbelief.

"Yeah," Buffy says, shaking her head. "It does boggle the mind."

Then she smiles brightly.

"But lookie at all the cute little zeros Xander got!"

"Wow," says Willow. "That's a lot of zeros!"

"So did you take that security consulting job?" Dawn asks Willow.

"Yeah," Willow says.

"So how much are they paying you, Will?" Xander says. "I can spring for a loan if they're being too cheap."

Willow sheepishly pulls out her own contract from her purse. Xander looks at it and whistles. Then he scowls.

"Hey! No fair!" Xander says with exaggerated petulance, pointing at Willow. "You got more zeros than I did!"

On a Rome street, three slayers are fighting a very tall vampire. The vampire is clad in a very expensive looking suit and black sunglasses. He wears his long red hair in a pony tail and he is wielding a sword. The slayers are all hard pressed. As we see a close up on the vampire's face, we hear a slicing noise, and the vampire's face is splashed with blood. He smiles.

The scene switches to the Rome Slayer Academy. Buffy is lecturing a group of young slayers, including Dawn, when she suddenly falls to her knees.

"Inga," Buffy rasps as Dawn runs to her side. "I felt her die."

A small army of vampires are dressed like Mongol warriors and riding obviously vampiric horses with yellow eyes and prominent canine teeth. They are riding towards the Tokyo Slayer Academy. In front of the academy stand several young women and girls, armed with swords, crossbows, and axes. One of the Mongol warriors lets fly an arrow, and a slayer falls dead with an arrow in her heart.

Back in Rome, Buffy sits up in bed and screams. Dawn runs in.

"Buffy!" she yells. "It's just a nightmare!"

"No," says Buffy. "Nine more slayers in Japan, including Chao-Ahn! Dawn, I felt them die!"

Dawn looks intently at Buffy's face. Our vantage point is the back of Buffy's head.

"Buffy!" Dawn says. "What's happened to your eyes?"

"My eyes?' says Buffy.

We then see what Dawn sees. The corneas of Buffy's eyes have turned bright yellow, and the whites have turned bright red.