Serge Mangus was in his room on board the first ship to have to ever have contact with aliens. "Aliens", I thought it was stupid why would they want to meet with such a primitive race as us. I was crazy but i guess we'll be wiped out anyway thanks to the alien, or not. Serge removed himself from his daydream and looked at his clock. "Shoot I was supposed to meet Roscoe!" Serge ran out of his room and went down to the bar. As he got there he saw a huge crowd. He pushed a couple guys out of the way and then he saw Roscoe getting judo dropped by a local pretty boy Ethan Wyeth and his brother Gideon Wyeth. Serge was about to step into the fight but he decided against it. He used to be a cop, but they were trained to kill. After the fight he went up to the bar and ordered some water. "What was that about?" Serge asked hastily, wanting to get the details. "Oh, you mean with pretty boy and his brother? Some mp got drunk and said that they were just poster boys and would never get into a real battle field" said the bartender. He suddenly turned to the window and said "If you look now you see pretty boy actually flying a ship" the bartender said coyly and I started laughing. 30 minutes later we were just talking about anything and everything and suddenly there was an explosion to my left and I was sent flying out of my chair. Most of the people started to scramble, stepping on everybody that was in there way. Calm and collected Serge went toward the direction of the escape. As I turned the second corner and was about to go around the third, a gun slide at the way to the wall. As I went to pick up the gun I heard a foot step I picked up the gun and examine it. "Hmm, it was a Faust,". He heard another footstep and suddenly realized something. The escape pods where the other way. As I turned I saw a monster looking at me with the most hateful eyes I've seen in years .

Author's note this is the 2 time writing a story the first one had a good start but had a horrible ending if my opionon but i'm hoping since that i'm in 8th grade my writing have gotten better. The reason why i made a story about advent rising it because imo is a great game like resident evil 4 whcih my other was based off of