Serge was staring at the eyes of a beast and suspecting he was in for a fight he grabbed a pocket knife from his jacket. The monster started to grin at me and moved his arm straight at me. The monster lunged at me I cart rolled to the left and took aim I started to notice the monster physical anatomy it had a very bony body with thin skin and it's armor where of a peculiar design.

The monster lunged at me once again I started to shoot at him making sure the bullet hit him in he's upper body as the monster fell. "Man I was hired for extra security this was not suppose to happen" I went down the next hallway to find that i couple of civilians where trying to break into a emergency box which held guns I told them to move back and showed the scanner my id. It opened i inspected the weapons to find out that they were rockwells xj9 grabbed one for myself and passed the rest of the weapons out I also taught them how to fire the weapon correctly as fast as I could.

One of the civilians started to scream as I turned around I saw a monster rushing at me before i could react the monster grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into the wall. I kicked and punch as hard as I could but the monster didn't even lose it's grip I started to grab my pocket knife but the monster saw this and kicked me with one of it legs. I started to faint then suddenly the monster suddenly lost it grip and blood started to cascade from it's lips and nose then it fell as i got up one of the civilians said "consider that my thanks for teaching me how to shot" I picked up my pocket knife and said "your welcome" laughing in his mind about how corny that was.

I was a couple corridors away from the escape pods and I was happy about that. When i reached the pod room I looked at the soldiers fighting the monster then a mp turned around and said "get on the escape pods or fight the seekers" I knew this ship was going down so I got on the first pod I could find and waited for it to launch I took one final look as the mp's fought for their lives. And then the pod launch "well I guess "I might as well get some sleep" as I looked for the secret compartment only security knew of. As I started to fall asleep I thought to myself "why didn't I stay and fight."

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