It was deceptive of him, he knew, but he just had to know. There had been too many weeks of lingering looks and accidental brushes, too many restless nights of wondering….

"Here," he said, quickly pressing a vial underneath his apprentice's nose before she could identify it by sight. "What do you smell?" Hermione drew a long, deep breath without hesitation.

"It smells like new parchment, just-cut grass, and…sandalwood?" He withdrew the potion from her reach; he had guessed correctly. "Wait, I've smelled that before. That's Amortentia!" He smiled. So she had noticed his signature sandalwood scent all these years.


Author's notes:

Most likely AU now that HBP is out, after JKR left us guessing what third scent Hermione smelled in chapter 9, I couldn't help but adapt it for my own nefarious HG/SS uses. Of course, I have no idea if he smells like sandalwood, but I've read about him smelling like it in so many fics now, it's almost fanon. But feel free to substitute whatever your favorite scent is in there. :)