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Summary: It's a nice day in Jump City, and the Titans are just chillin- until Danny and co. drop in for a visit. From there on out, hilarity ensues. Cosmo becomes friends with Beast Boy (and I'm KEEPING that promise this time), there's a food fight (Carnivores vs. Vegetarians vs. Everyone caught in the crossfire), and it's all just happy fun-until Danny and co. accidentaly insult Terra without knowing what they're talking about. They are then launched into avortex of confusion and discovery, which the enitre Ghost Zone could be unsettled by...does that make sense?

Pairings: Danny/Sam as always, slight Rob/Star, BB/Rae and BB/Terra.

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Chapter 1: Lief Erikkson Day

Titans Tower
8 am

It was a relatively early morning for the Titans. It always was at eight AM. It was an early morning until at least ten- unless it was Saturday, as it was today (I think...). Then, it was early morning until nine.

Then again, one Titan got up earlier than everyone else. It was a holiday for her. Every day was a holiday for her, even if she had to make one up.

You can tell it's not Raven.

"Rejoice, for it is LIEF ERIKKSON DAY!"

Starfire jumped out of bed, feet stopping a bare inch from the ground. She was dressed up the way you would for Lief Erikkson Day- her red hair was under a Viking hat, and a fake beard was attached to her chin. She was ready to party- even if the others weren't.

She dashed out of the room and ran up to Robin's. "Friend!" she said cheerfully to the door. "Rise from your sleep! I wish to share with you the delights of the day of Lief!" She held up a worn leather belt.

There was no response from the door. "Robin?" she said nervously. Then she noticed the sign on the door:


I'm thinking. Don't bother me.


"He is thinking?" Starfire wondered out loud, taking off her fake beard. "Why would he put the sign on HIS door? (A/N: 'I'm thinking' is Titan code for 'I'm in the shower'. They pretty much mean the same thing)Oh well, I will see if Beast Boy wishes to participate."

She was running down the hall to his room when she heard some very loud music. She turned off into the training room, and saw something unexpected.

Inside, Cyborg and Beast Boy were slam-dancing to some VERY hard-rock music. The sight made you giddy and sick at the same time.

"Hey, Star!" BB said as her punched Cyborg in the chest. "Whactha doing?"

"I...wished to know if you would take to celebrating the day of Lief Erikkson with me."

"Sorry Star," Cyborg said, "But we gota lot of practice to doif we want to do this for Raven this afternoon."

"Yeah," Beast Boy said. "Us beating each other up? She's going to lap it up."

A tiny lightbulb appeared over Starfire's head. "Aha! I will ask Raven to join me in festivities!"

"Don't try," Beast Boy said. "She's asleep."

"And when has that stopped you?" Cyborg arched an eyebrow.

"Shut up. Anyway, Starfire, go celebrate Lief Erisin or whatever with Robin or something. We're busy." He proceeded to jump repeatedly on Cyborg's head.

"I believe I shall." She walked away dejectedly into the main room-and saw something very odd.

"So, we're here."

Danny looked outside the window. The smoke was very thick.. He couldn't see a thing.

He took a minute to survey his new self. He looked like he had come straight out ofan anime drawer'ssketchbook. Cosmo and Wanda looked a lot taller. Sam's ponytail was once again attached to her head. They all looked pretty cool.

"Ah yeah," Danny said. "This feels good. It's like I can do anything."

"Yeah, except clear all this smoke," Sam said. "Where the heck are we anyway?"

"Somewhere big," Timmy said. "The smoke would need a lot of space to spread out this much."

"Ssh, it's clearing," Tuck said. They all pressed their faces against the glass intently.

The place looked like a very messy, yet oddly immaculate living room. The floor was littered with bread crumbs, donut crombs, cheese crumbs, and pretty much every other crumb imaginable, but the place looked brand-new. The couches looked never sat on, though it was apparent that they were. It was like a furniture store. Very creepy.

But what was REALLY creepy was the person standing in it.

She was tall-very tall. Her skin was this inhuman shade of orange.She was wearing this hot little blue skirt-and-tank outfit, complete with boots and gloves. She had long reddish-auburn hair that came down to her waist, almost. Her eyebrows looked too small for her, and her stunning green eyes looked way too big for her. Maybe it was because she had no whites. She was also floating an inch above the ground.

She was, by their standards, beautiful. Danny felt like his eyes were about to roll out of his head. Tucker was already babbling. Sam looked about ready to kill him.

And right now, those big green eyes were staring at them. All of Danny's puppy love vanished instantly. Because those eyes looked angry.

Ooh, bad place to leave off. -SP