Notes: Standard disclaimers apply. This is just a fun little story I came up with. I'm looking at a maximum of 10 chapters right now, depending on feedback I suppose. It's mostly a light-hearted read with a few comic moments, a sprinkling of fluff and a dash of angst. So sit back and enjoy.

A Cosmic Joke

"Oh, my feet hurt so much…" Quistis complained as she sank heavily onto the soft cushions of her sofa and put her feet on the coffee table.

"Rough day huh?" Her fiancé guessed, forcing a pillow behind her to support her back. "You want something to drink?"

"Yes please." The instructor sighed. "Oh, and could you pass me the phone while you're up Seifer? I need to confirm my appointment."

"Sure thing babe." He replied, tossing her the cordless before heading into the kitchen.

Quistis dialled the doctors' number and pressed the phone to her ear. It rang a few times before being answered by a much too cheerful receptionist. "Good afternoon. Dr. Sands Gynaecologist Clinic, how can I help?"

"Ah, hello, my name is Quistis Trepe, I was just calling to confirm my 11 o'clock tomorrow."

"Certainly, let me just check…. Ah, there you are, that's all set Miss Trepe. See you tomorrow."

With duties dispensed with she hit the speed dial button. It was picked up instantly. "Yes?"

"Rinoa, it's me."

"Oh, hey Quis. What's up?"

"My blood pressure." The blonde deadpanned.

Rinoa laughed down the line. "I know just what you mean; my ankles are now officially the same width as my calves. Squall has ordered me to bed and has been fussing around me all day like a demented mother hen."

"Siefer's the same." Quistis agreed. "It isn't natural."

"What are you saying about me Instructor?" Siefer asked, returning from the kitchen with two cups of coffee and handing one to Quistis.

"I was taking about you Seifer." Quistis retorted, covering the mouthpiece and rolling her eyes dramatically. "Not to you."

"Ouch." Rinoa giggled down the line. "I heard that."

"Never mind. Have you seen Selphie lately?"

"Yeah, she's really irritable right now though."

"I'll bet. I take it she's no more thrilled with our Cosmic Joke than we are."

"Yeah, but it's worse for her I think." Rinoa sounded really concerned. "I mean, she's so small but getting so big. You know she's worried that Irvine won't find her attractive anymore? And she's so emotional right now, she actually cried during repeats of Pokemon."

"You're kidding!"

"I wish I were. Are you coming tonight?"

"Well, I wasn't going to, but it sounds like Selphie needs us tonight. I'll be there at eight."

"Great. I'll see you there. 'Bye Quistis."

"Don't be late Rin. 'Bye."

Laying back on the sofa Quistis took a moment to reflect on the Cosmic Joke the three women shared. "There's something in the water…" Quistis had joked when the three best friends found out they were pregnant within days of each other.

"No way," Rinoa had argued. "It's something to do with SeeD." And then blushed as she realised what she said.

"If you ask me…" Selphie had grumped. "It's one big cosmic joke." And the name had stuck. Of the three, Selphie's pregnancy was the only one that was planned. Or at least planned on her part—discussed and vetoed on Irvines'.

But they didn't talk about that.

Six months on and Seven months pregnant, it seemed ironic that Selphie was the only one truly unhappy.

"Are you going to see her tonight?" Siefer wanted to know. Breaking Quistis out of her reprieve.



"Oh. Yes." Quistis picked up her coffee and brought it to her lips before taking a tentative sip. "YUK!" She spat it back into the cup in disgust. "What's wrong with that coffee it's vile!"

Her fiancé shrugged. "It's decaffeinated." He explained. "Better for your blood pressure and the baby."

She nailed him with an icy glare before shoving the coffee cup into his hand. "Just get me some orange juice…please." She added as an afterthought.

Surprisingly, he complied without a word and retreated back to the safety of the kitchen. Quistis looked down at her sizeable bump and sent a message to her unborn child. I'll put five thousand Gil in a trust fund for you if you'll come a little early.

Notes: So what did you think? Obviously, I already know what's gonna happen, but I must say I'm quite looking forward to taking you guys along for the ride. But here's the thing: I need names for these kids, so any suggestions can be emailed or put in a review. I refuse to release gender info, so if you send both girl and boys names that would be great!